White Kitchen

The key to renovating a white kitchen is to choose the right colour and material for the apron. This article and the design photos presented are designed to help you decide on this difficult choice.

A white headset can look completely different – it all depends on the parts of the interior surrounding it. In general, it goes well with any colour of the apron – you can choose a shade to your liking. It is a little more challenging to decide on the material.

Popular materials:

  • ceramic tiles ;
  • plastic ;
  • glass ;
  • marble.

Less commonly used are metal, wood, MDF panels, etc.

Below are photos and descriptions of exciting options for inspiration.

From tiles

The most popular material for a classic white kitchen is ceramic tiles.

Ceramic is a durable and aesthetic material that is easy to clean.

1. Glossy rectangular tiles

The laconic design of glossy tiles is suitable for any style, but it will be delicious in a minimalist interior. The white cladding goes well with the wooden countertop.

A contrasting apron in black is a bold and beautiful choice. The elongated brick shape will visually increase the space. When using a black backsplash, you can opt for a plastic kitchen and a metal countertop – the result will be great.

2. Matte rectangular tiles

Matte rectangular tiles have the same advantages as glossy ones, but they are easier to maintain, increasing their popularity. White dull brick can be diluted with other shades – and here we have an item of modern furniture set with a grey countertop, the view of which is beautiful.

3. Neoclassic

A modern take on the classic style will provide you with a unique and contemporary interior design. The grey marble top is in harmony with the embossed patterned white tiles.

The neoclassical style of this interior is attractive with an apron with patterns that match the design of the carpet.

Pay attention to how important an apron plays in the kitchen interior. It would be best to choose it slowly because absolutely any style can be suitable for white furniture. Here, the colour of the tabletop and apron and the material and appearance are of great importance.

4. Provence

For the Provence style, the choice of white furniture with a wood top and a cream apron is typical – natural colours and materials are especially appreciated. In such a house, it is light, warm and cosy.

5. Loft

The loft style is most often associated with spaciousness, brick walls, beams, and unique lamps. To reproduce the kind you like in a city apartment, you can choose a glossy white kitchen and veneer the wall (or walls) like a brick.

Made of plastic

Modern PVC panels are suitable for apartments with non-gas stoves – this material should not be overheated. Otherwise, there are advantages: a vast selection of colours, affordable price, easy maintenance, durability.

6. Orchids

Guests will remember a coloured apron with delicate orchids for a long time – pictures of nature are perfect for this room; they soothe after a hard day’s work and cheer up on an early grey morning.

7. Grapes

Vivid images of vines will bring back your summer holiday carefree, even on a cold February day.

In contrast, the marble top will accentuate the beauty and depth of every detail of the design. Having such a rich colour facing, you should not overload the interior with bright accents – the house already looks harmonious.

8. Game on contrasts

The rich colours of plastic panels will become the central element of the interior design; they will attract the eyes of your guests, causing admiration. Do not overload the room with details, and the minimalist style will do just fine.

White set, stone or white countertop, lack of bright textiles – a tropical sunset or dew on the green morning grass will appear in all its glory!

9. New York

The city’s image is lovingly called the Big Apple for lovers of an active lifestyle and megalopolises. Please note that the wall cabinets are snow-white, and the lower ones are black. A printed apron is a worthy choice.

From glass

This durable material is ideal for a gas stove, and it is not afraid of either heat or steam. Modern technologies make it possible to produce glass panels up to three meters long – there will be a minimum of joints on the wall, which is very convenient to maintain.

10. Delicate blue

A light turquoise apron combined with a snow-white set is a luxurious choice that gives the owners cosiness and serenity.

The kitchen is the central place in a house, and its appearance should cheer up and give strength. If you like this delicate range, it means that you have already found what you have been looking for for a long time.

11. Juicy orange

bright red kitchen will give you a boost of vivacity in the morning. Warm shades are believed to whet the appetite, so if the family has little toddlers, an orange apron is the best choice.

For black countertops

Black is a bold decision that is suitable for owners who follow modern design trends.

12. Boar

This is not a wild forest animal but a popular form of tile that mimics brick. The name “hog” was given due to the peculiarities of production before on the side of each blank, and there were two through holes reminiscent of the piglet of the said animal.

  • Black boar

A white kitchen with a black countertop and an apron-clad in black boar looks stylish and modern. The gloss of the material adds spice and shine to the design.

  • White hog

A white herringbone hog is an excellent choice for a modern home. An exciting pattern, reflected in the dark glossy countertop, sets a perky mood for the design of the entire kitchen. It looks fun and unusual.

13. Grey marble

A white kitchen looks excellent with a marble backsplash, especially if the dark tone of the countertop accentuates the stone pattern. The design will impress your guests, and the pots of herbs will pleasantly dilute the monochrome interior.

14. Scandi style

The Scandinavian (Scandi) style has been gaining more and more popularity in recent years. A tile with a black and white ethnic pattern will become a feature of your interior.

For white countertops

The snow-white colour will give a feeling of spaciousness and light to your favourite place in the house.

15. The original white apron

To add personality to the radiant whiteness of the kitchen, it is necessary to introduce an unusual element into the interior – for example, the original wall cladding, which is difficult to resist the beauty of. Its silver décor will be in harmony with furniture fittings.

16. White brick

White brick, laid classically or with a herringbone, will visually make the room more elongated and light, give the house a modern look. A white countertop with such a neighbourhood will acquire even more shine.

17. Dark grout

Dark grout with light tiles is a sensible and practical step, and it is easier to care for such a coating; a contrasting pattern looks elegant and beautiful. Looks equally good with light and dark countertops (see photo).

18. Grey tile

Gray doesn’t necessarily look boring. Pick the correct pattern in the store, and your kitchen will be transformed. You can also choose a tile in different ways and make a mosaic from it on the wall.

19. Tiles “marbled”

The kitchen looks royal, tiled with light marble tiles. It is especially suitable for rooms decorated in a classic style. Your guests will be enchanted!

20. Bright fragments

Dilute the whiteness of the kitchen with bright details? Choosing a wall cladding with patterns or rich colours couldn’t be easier, and everything will be transformed. Poppies over the sink or orange wall – the choice is yours, and we guarantee a pleasing look.

21. “Sweet Provence”

If you choose the style of Provence, beloved by the hostesses of the whole world, tenderness and beauty will settle in your house. Let a part of the tile be with a delicate floral pattern, combined with wooden furniture and dishes with an elegant shape, and it will look incomparable.

22. “Spanish Passions”

White furniture will contain the indomitable energy of Spanish-style patterns. Fittings and decorative dishes will emphasize the beauty of the way, and the whiteness of other interior elements will be an excellent background for a beautiful design.

For grey countertops

Gray is a practical colour, and it is no secret that many people opt for it because of this property.

23. Gray gloss

Glossy grey tiles accentuate the stone countertop pattern. The interior in such tones is austere and calm, and it is perfect for modern young people: functional and laconic.

24. Grey patterns

Floral patterns on grey tiles will magically transform your home, add cosiness and joy. Add a couple of pots of luscious greens to it, and, despite the fluffy snow falling outside the window, spring will awaken in your soul.

25. Under the “Concrete”

Lovers of modern design will undoubtedly appreciate the stylish design of the spaces shown in these photos.

Such interiors are suitable for young people living in metropolitan areas: high-tech, beautiful, functional. Shades of grey are diluted with rare bright colours of decorative interior details.

26. Coffee theme

The tiles will attract numerous lovers of this drink with coffee-themed drawings. The beige and brown tones of the tiles give the kitchen a cosy and warm feeling. Guests will not want to leave this charming home.

For wooden countertops

Fans of wood in the interior will find in this section good ideas for their home.

27. And again, the grey hog

The grey boar perfectly sets off the light wood and goes well with the whiteness of the kitchen and metallic fittings. The plank floor, painted with grey paint, completes the picture and gives the interior a harmonious look.

28. White square

Square light tiles will match any shade of wood, and bright interior details will make your home even more settled and comfortable.

Notice how beautiful the white square looks with a contrasting black stripe (see photo below).

29. Black and white patterns

If you like contrasts, this interior will not leave you indifferent—Black and white not only the floor but also the apron. The colour of natural wood softens the interior, adding warmth and cosiness.

30. “Honeycomb”

Wall cladding in the form of honeycombs will be an excellent decoration for your kitchen. You can choose one or several colours to match the design of the room. The decorative tiling works well with the natural colour of the countertop.


In our article, we have presented for you many types of kitchen aprons. I hope this will help you in your choice and inspire you to do bold experiments the renovation!