Home Office

Although working from home is becoming an increasingly popular solution, arranging a room for a separate office is not always possible, especially in a small apartment. Therefore, it is worth allocating a comfortable place in your home that will replace an office. Are you wondering how to arrange a workspace in the bedroom? Or maybe you want the desk placed in the living room to be as little visible as possible?

From the text, you will learn:

  • How to design a study corner in a bedroom,
  • How to arrange a home office in the living room.

The lack of a separate office in the apartment does not necessarily mean the absence of a comfortable place to work. All you have to do now is restructure the space you have. We conducted a survey on Dekoria’s Instagram profile, in which 62% responded that they preferred a desk in the living room, while 38% opted for a bedroom. Think about what solution will be the most convenient for you – a desk in the living room or the bedroom? Both options can be equally practical, and with our arrangement tips, you can organize them without any problems. 

Workplace in the bedroom – private space

The bedroom is a space that is associated with relaxation and peace. The organization of a comfortable office in this room is possible if you take care of the appropriate division of the space – into the sleeping and office zones. Pay attention to several vital aspects in arranging such a solution:

  • It is worth having a well-lit work area in the bedroom. Place the desk as close to the window as possible, and if necessary, provide yourself with good artificial light – equip the desk with a lamp.
  • Try not to let the desk stand directly next to the bed, if possible. Place them, for example, against the opposite wall. In this way, you will separate the leisure area from the office area.
  • If you do not have much space, put on a small desk in the bedroom – choose a model with spacious drawers to hide all the necessary office accessories. Another option is a long, narrow desk that you can place, for example, under a window. You will then save a lot of bedroom space, and you can fit all the things needed for work on the counter.
  • Do you have a lot of space? Opt for a corner desk in the bedroom. It is a large piece of furniture, but certainly very practical! Whether you work on a laptop or a desktop computer – it will be perfect – it will even accommodate an additional monitor.

Where to put a desk in the living room? Inspirations

The living room is such a multifunctional place that you can easily organize a home office there. It is enough to have a desk that can accommodate a computer and a few essentials. Are you wondering where to put the desk in the living roomThe arrangements we propose will surely help you. Here are some tricks:

  • Your desk doesn’t have to be conspicuous! During the week, it can be used as a desk for work, while in the evenings and on weekends, it can become a perfect functional decoration after hiding the laptop. The console is also a good solution. The appropriate height and wide tabletop allow you to add a chair to it if necessary.
  • Do you want an actual desk in your living room, so it is not visible in the foreground? Check out our idea on how to hide a desk in the living room. If possible, place them away from the rest area, as far away from the couch and the TV as possible – it will not be eye-catching. In a small space, try to place them near the window, preferably close to the curtains. They will distract attention from the desk.
  • Make sure you separate your work area. Place not only a desk in the living room; the decor of a standard office can be an inspiration. So, separate your workspace with a small bookcase. It will be easier for you to focus on work, even when other household members are in the living room.

Regardless of whether you want your home office to take up a lot of space, or rather you prefer it to remain secluded, The advice will surely help you cope with this space’s arrangement.