Bar Counter

A modern kitchen with a breakfast bar is a detail of the layout of a kitchen or kitchen furniture that is always chic and comfortable. Whether the bar is used for a casual chat with friends, for coffee in the morning, or as a party area, a modern kitchen with a bar is often a good idea. Following is why you need and how a bar counter looks in a small kitchen.

What is a bar counter in the kitchen?

More and more people want a bar counter, also known as a kitchen counter or a bar counter in the kitchen. The reasons for this are apparent: a years ago, for the overwhelming majority of our compatriots, the kitchen in an apartment or house was only a place for preparing and fast food intake. Established family life proceeded in other rooms.

Today the situation has changed dramatically. Today, the kitchen remains the central meeting place for families, and most of the meetings with friends take place here, but more often, such meetings no longer require dining areas. A bar counter with several bar stools is enough for quick breakfasts in the morning and even meeting with friends.

In addition, the classic dining table takes up more space than the counter. The table becomes less critical in smaller kitchens and is often replaced by modern variations of much smaller bar counters. At the same time, the bar counter in the small kitchen creates a cosy place for eating in the kitchen.

So, the bar counter is a versatile piece of furniture that can be conveniently integrated into almost any kitchen. For some situations in life – for example, in small kitchens – the bar counter in a small kitchen is exceptionally well suited due to their small size.

Bar counter in a small kitchen as a piece of furniture

Unfortunately, in our apartments, especially the old ones, the kitchen is relatively small, and there is not enough space for an authentic dining table.

In such cases, an almost ideal dining table is replaced by a small bar counter. It takes up minimal room and may be used in conjunction with other kitchen items.

For example, you can independently enlarge the kitchen countertop, support it on a leg and end up with a simple bar counter in the kitchen.

If the homemade product does not suit you, you need to purchase a kitchen with a bar counter immediately – they are on sale. Such a kitchen not only has an enlarged work surface but creates a dining area with bar stools.

In large and spacious kitchens, the bar often separates different areas of the kitchen from each other. Depending on your preference, you can use this counter to eat with your family, or you can use it as a buffet to make room at the dining table.

The bar counter in a small kitchen is popular because it takes up less space, and standing guests take up less space than at a classic table and chairs.

If you like to invite guests frequently, you can use a counter with a pair of bar stools. This way, you can offer your guests seats without taking extra chairs from neighbours or sitting too crowded at the table. The kitchen bar is suitable for everyone who loves communication.

Bar counter in a small kitchen in size

Kitchen countertops are among the least standardized furniture. Therefore, almost every rack can be designed according to your preferences. She may be:

  • Straight,
  • Curved,
  • Angular,
  • Placed on the kitchen countertop
  • Standing separately,
  • With or without underframe and shelves.

There are almost as many options as there are kitchens. However, before letting your creativity run wild, you should consider some empirical sizing values ‚Äč‚Äčthat have worked well in everyday kitchen life.

Ideal bar counter width

The correct rack width depends primarily on how you intend to use it. If you only plan on snacks or drinks here, 40 centimetres wide is sufficient.

If you plan to have lunch and dinner at the counter regularly and, under certain circumstances, also want to set the table, the counter should be 50 to 60 centimetres.

Correct bar height

The height of the bar table depends on the size of those who will use it every day. Therefore, if your height is different from average, you need an individual rack height, and it is better to consult with professionals here.

The standard height of the bar counter in the kitchen is from 113 to 115 centimetres. This height allows people of average size to rest their forearms on a stand while standing comfortably. In addition, this height corresponds to the height of bar stools, which usually ranges from 60 to 85 centimetres.

Bar stools and bar counter in a small kitchen

It is imperative to choose bar stools with seat height adjustment. Thus, each family member and each guest can independently select the optimal seating position.

On the other hand, the choice of chairs with upholstery and backrest, or even with armrests, depends on the intended use of the stand. The following rule applies here: the more often and longer you sit at the counter, the more comfortable the bar stool should be.


So, why and what for is a bar counter in a small kitchen.

  • Firstly, to save space and space;
  • Secondly, as an additional work area;
  • Thirdly, for communication without a heavy feast;
  • Fourth, it is possible for space zoning.