The Best Way To Decorate A House

Scandinavian style Christmas decorations

The economy characterizes the Scandinavian style, and this rule also applies to Christmas. That is why the Christmas tree is decorated with a small number of baubles; they are in a maximum of three colors or simple in form, e.g., made of wires. The vases are decorated with white painted twigs, white deer, and reindeer stop nearby. If a wreath is made of a Christmas tree and cones in a forest, oversized ornaments, such as paper stars, are best made of gray paper.

Christmas decoration ideas – Danish holidays

Denmark is also Scandinavian, yes, but Stronger and darker tones dominate danish interiors. Holidays will be very Hygge here, that is, cozy, where the light from the fireplace warms soft fabrics and wooden decorations. However, we chose a more sophisticated variety of Danish interiors. Dark navy blue and gray, which took over the walls and furniture, are illuminated by golden and brass accents or colorful decorations made of paper.

Christmas – decorations in French and glamor styles

Here you don’t have to restrain yourself in decorations; on the contrary –  in French, you can even have slight satiation, as long as the decorations fit in with symmetry where it is necessary. On raw linen tablecloths, crystals, silver cutlery, and small figures, for example, the iconic artichoke, will resonate beautifully. The Christmas tree will be decorated not only with shiny baubles but also feathers, angels, and whatever you can think of.

Even more stylish glamor style will make Christmas sparkle with lights and colors. This most effective interior decoration is not afraid of Christmas decorations immersed in silver and gold glitter; it avoids shiny glass and stones and a lot of light. To achieve a more refined effect, you can choose one dominant color, e.g., gold. 

Christmas decorations – folk always in fashion

There are those who, this one time a year, most often refer to local folklore – they will hang baubles on red ribbons, take out a red and white tablecloth and tablecloths, and cutlery from the local factory. Not afraid of kitsch, which is invariably associated with holidays, will combine various colors and patterns without embarrassment. They will place Santa Clauses, reindeers, angels This way, and you create your hygge.

Modern Christmas decorations

But it can also be different. Here, simple in form, preferably geometric Christmas decorations are used as accents. A few pendants on a Christmas tree branch, a brass candlestick on a window or a table, here and there a pine cone – the real or decorative one. It doesn’t take much to get noticed. You can go crazy, for example, by decorating the table on Christmas Eve. There will be golden, glowing cutlery, multicolored plates and napkins, candles, and baubles on the table and attached to lamps.