A glamor-style bedroom

A glamor-style bedroom is feminine and elegant. The colors are based on noble colors and subtle combinations. The glamor interior is also made of suitable quality materials and a bit of gloss. The glamor style nowadays has nothing to do with the one that functioned in trends 20 years ago. The glamor of two decades ago is primarily a duo of white and black, adding red or pink and golden elements.

Today’s glamor style is more noble and subdued. It has a lot of eclecticism – smooth forms combine with the more sophisticated ones, and the gloss with a matte and satin finish of the furniture. 

How to arrange a bedroom in a glamor style?

Start by choosing a color range based on which you will “build” the interior. It should be subtle, without flashy color combinations. It is also worth focusing on soft furniture upholstery, noble, natural materials, and limited accessories.

Velor bed

A velor bed is the most crucial piece of glamor in a bedroom. We recommend a high headboard (the photo below has been arranged on the entire wall!). 

Hotel curtain rods

To create a glamor-style bedroom, you need thick, fleshy curtains hung on hotel-style curtain rods, that is, those attached to the ceiling itself, which cannot be seen from the side of the room.

Crystal chandelier

Although crystal chandeliers are still closely related to the glamor style, their shape and form have entirely changed. They have become more modern, with fewer ornaments

The crystal is not only the chandelier but also the bedside lamps that give a beautiful, intimate light.

Gold or silver accessories

Golden lighting, mirrors, tables, and knick-knacks are something that must appear in any glamor-style interior. The key to success is moderation – let only individual elements of the decor be shiny.

Subdued colors

A glamor bedroom is no longer an abundance of patterns and colors. When arranging the interior, it is worth following a strictly defined color range based on no more than 3-4 colors.

If you decide to go for beige and white, add black and gold to complement it. If you prefer pastels – choose two shades and complete the rest with light wood and white. If you want black to dominate your bedroom glamor, add gray, white, and some shiny elements to it.

Mirrors and stucco

One of the inseparable elements of a glamor-style bedroom is large mirrors. They can be framed in thin gold, silver, or black frames (the richly decorated ones are already passe), or they can be stuck between the bed’s headboard and the wardrobe.

Recently, stucco has gained tremendous popularity. You can buy plaster, wood, or polystyrene elements for your wall decoration in DIY stores for several dozen zlotys.

You can also try to install wooden panels on which various decorations are visible – this version is exquisite.