Rustic Kitchen

The rustic kitchen evokes a holiday in the countryside. The interiors in a rustic style are dominated by natural materials such as wood, stone, cotton, and colors that give coziness. Rustic cuisine is associated with family feasting. It refers to the cozy interiors of country cottages but may include more modern or boho-style elements. The rustic-style kitchen is spacious, warm, and invites you to spend your free time together.

Many people feel great in a rustic kitchen, that is, idyllic, resembling country kitchens, spacious, from years ago. And no wonder, because natural materials dominate here: wood, braids, cotton or linen fabrics, and ceramic dishes with flowers or idyllic pictures. The advantage of a country-style kitchen is that it does not go out of style. 

Characteristics of a rustic kitchen

The rustic kitchen is dominated by wood, natural materials, and warm, pleasant colors. A characteristic feature is that the shelves and cabinets display many accessories – not only the kitchen ones. 

Rustic kitchen furniture

Rustic kitchens are primarily kitchens with wooden fronts. The wood can be light (ash is perfect), dark (e.g., made of oak wood or imitation), or bleached. Such acts are offered by companies dealing with custom-made kitchens and by chain stores, e.g., IKEA.

The rustic kitchen cannot miss a large wooden table, which also functions as a kitchen island – you can prepare meals on it.

The colors 

The primary color that dominates in a rustic kitchen is, of course, the color of the wood. The addition is white, pastels and browns.

If you want to attach a bit more modern expression to your kitchen, you can reach for black and stronger color accents – preferably in the form of accessories.

Patterns for a rustic kitchen

Trellis, floral motifs, braids, everything associated with an idyllic atmosphere will be perfect for a rustic kitchen. Remember to use natural materials such as linen or cotton.

Rustic floor

The most popular one is made of wooden boards – they can be oiled, varnished, or painted with a covering paint. But stoneware and natural stone also go well with a rustic kitchen – it’s best to choose those in neutral colors.

Rustic kitchen walls

The walls are painted smoothly with dirt-resistant paint – usually white or beige, or tiles are laid on them – they can be matte, glazed, smooth, or patterned. The ones with embossed motifs are very fashionable (and fit perfectly into rustic kitchens). 


The highlight of the rustic kitchen is the table. So a large lamp must appear above the table – or several smaller ones. Most often, they are metal and give warm light. 

Accessories for a rustic kitchen

There should be many atmospheric accessories in a rustic kitchen – colorful colanders, spoons, and other kitchen appliances hanging on railings, porcelain cups, mugs and jugs, tin or copper plates hanging on the walls, and exposed stone mortars.

Elements from a blacksmith

In the past, a blacksmith was in every village. He showed horses and forged various practical and decorative ornaments, e.g., cabinet fittings, shelf supports, and hangers. If you find something like this at an antique market, use it in your rustic-style kitchen.

A country sideboard after my grandmother

If you have simple, modern cabinets finished with veneer, in good condition, and you dreamed of a rustic kitchen, you don’t have to throw them away and buy stylized country cabinets. Think how it could be supplemented with a few antiques.

Maybe you can decorate cupboards with an old rustic sideboard or an old cupboard clock? 

Ceramics in a country style

Rustic furniture should complement clay, stoneware, or earthenware jugs, plates, containers, e.g., in the shape of a hen, but also ordinary, simple, referring to those from years ago, fired in pottery ovens.

Utility utensils as decorations

The idyllic nature of the kitchen and its unpretentiousness is often the result of saucepans hanging from the ceiling on a wrought iron hanger or plates and cups displayed on open shelves, decorated with folk motifs or idyllic scenes. It happens that accessories in a rustic style give a modern interior a rustic style.

Rustic kitchen – inspiration

Are you dreaming of a rustic kitchen, but you don’t know how to arrange it? Take a look at some inspirations below – we present three kitchens in entirely different colors.

Rustic kitchen in gray and beige

Gray and beige are the safest colors for the kitchen – they are universal, so they will always fit, even if you change the style slightly.

In this rustic-style kitchen, stone tiles appeared instead of boards on the floor, and instead of some kitchen fronts, a curtain – a very atmospheric (and cheap) solution

Rustic kitchen in color

Green is one of the colors directly created for a rustic kitchen – mint, bottle green, and a genuinely grassy shade will suit you.

Small white square tiles appeared on the walls ( brick tiles would also work well ) and thick, wooden beams on the ceiling. An excellent treatment is the combination of two colors of kitchen fronts.

Black kitchen in a rustic style

The black kitchen can also be arranged in a rustic style. The matt black fronts have been juxtaposed with a wooden floor (painted black) and an old, raw wooden table and chairs in the photo below. The accessory is a boho-style lamp and a few ceramic and stone gadgets.