Balcony Flowers

A balcony and a terrace full of flowers is a dream for many plant lovers. What balcony should flowers be planted in balcony boxes to decorate the patio all season? Here are the most popular flowers for the balcony for packages.

Balcony flowers are easy to grow and bloom beautifully, so balcony plants are the most beautiful decoration of even a small balcony or terrace. Every year, shops and garden centres offer a massive selection of balcony flowers. Among the species and varieties known for a long time – the most liked balcony flowers are, among others, begonias, geraniums, surfinas, fuchsia, pansies, new products that appear on sale every year.

When choosing flowers for a balcony or terrace, it is necessary to consider whether it is sunny or remains in the shade for most of the day.

We plant the purchased plants in various containers: pots, bowls, balcony boxes, hanging baskets. We choose them so that they match the size and habit of the selected flowers. We don’t have to buy new containers every year. Let’s use those from last season. When they are slightly damaged, or their colour does not suit us, we can always repaint them.

Every year, shops and garden centres offer a rich assortment of balcony flowers. Since most of the seasonal plants are thermophilic plants, to buy flowers on the balcony and terrace, we should instead go for the so-called Zimnych Ogrodniki (i.e. after May 15) – plants planted in flower pots and balcony boxes after this date will not suffer from possible frosts.

The most beautiful balcony flowers

The ten most popular balcony flowers recommended for balcony boxes are:

  • Pelargonium

There are several species of pelargonium on sale, among them, hanging geraniums are very popular – excellent for hanging containers,

  • Verbena

Its tiny flowers -depending on the variety – can be pink, blue, purple, white, red; the plant blooms continuously from July to late autumn,

  • Hitch (also called Bidens)

Has intense yellow flowers and delicate, overhanging shoots; varieties with single and semi-double flowers are available for sale; blooms from May to October,

  • Begonia

Both continuously flowering and tuberous begonia; the first is excellent in full sun, the second – needs a slightly shaded position,

  • Fuchsia

Among several thousand hybrids and varieties of fuchsia, you can find plants with a hanging habit and with raised shoots, which can be kept in a stalk form and shaped as miniature trees,

  • Lobelia

It has thin, highly branched shoots, small leaves and delicate flowers, which – depending on the variety, are blue (in different shades), purple, pink or white; the plant blooms profusely from early June to late autumn,

  • Marigold

Depending on the species and variety, they have different heights, and their flowers can have different shades of yellow and orange. An additional advantage of marigolds is that they deter pests with their smell,

  • Impatiens


3 species are grown in containers on balconies and terraces: Impatiens balsamina, Guinean impatiens and Valerian impatiens;

  • Nemesis

Its flowers are most often coloured: from white through various shades of yellow, orange, red, pink, amaranth, blue and purple, and many different combinations.

  • Petunia and surfing (a variety of garden petunia with long, highly branched and hanging shoots) –

Excellent for a sunny balcony. You can choose from many types with flowers of different colours. Surfinas are perfect for growing in hanging containers.