Flowers For Your Balcony

Are you looking for flowers for a balcony or terrace, but you don’t know which ones to choose? Here are 30 ideas for potted decorations for you. See selected species of famous and less known balcony flowers and select the one that suits you.

Get inspired and create a blooming, colourful and, above all, original garden on the balcony that will delight everyone.

Not only for bouquets

Alstromeria, known as the Inca lily, is little known as a balcony plant. It is perennial, but it is more often grown as an annual due to the troublesome wintering of rhizomes. It blooms from June to October.

The star of the end of the season

Novobelgian aster ( Aster Novi-belgii ), also called Marcin, starts flowering at the end of the season but is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful autumn balcony plants. It blooms from August to October.

White haze

Bacopa ( Sutera diffusa ), seemingly small and delicate, but a challenging and profusely flowering plant, ideal for hanging pots, looks excellent in a duet with pelargonium. Its flowers are small, but there are hundreds of them. It blooms from June to October.

It blooms endlessly

Ever flowering begonia ( Begonia semperflorens ) is one of the most popular and easiest to care for balcony plants. Colourful flowers and shiny leaves are the ornaments. It blooms from May to October.


Ivy ( Hedera helix ) does not bloom but is an excellent addition to flowering plants. It can be added to the composition or grown on its own. It is decorative all year round; leaves are evergreen.

A million bells

Calibrachoa ( Calibrachoa ) is a novelty of the last few seasons. This little cousin of petunia is more durable and easier to care for. He loves the sun and frequent fertilization. It blooms from June to October.

Flowering climber

Clematis ( Clematis ) is a plant garden but perfectly suitable for growing potted. It can freeze in winter, so it requires good frost protection. Depending on the variety, it blooms from May to October.

Queen of late summer

Dahlia ( Dahlia ) is a garden bulb, but you can easily buy it in a pot and grow it on a sunny balcony. Dwarf potted dahlias bloom from late June to October.

A cascade of flowers

Diakonia ( Diascia barbera ) is not easy to grow, but it is very original. It has actual flowers (with one larger petal) and slightly hanging shoots. It looks excellent in compositions with lobelia and geraniums.

Ring the bell

The bell ( Campanula ), although it does not ring (or smell), delights with its delicate beauty. Its tiny blue, purple, and sometimes white and pink flowers are perfect for romantic decorations.

Ułańska fantasy

Fuchsia ( Fuchsia ) is fashionable again, although it has been forgotten for years. Older varieties were amaranth (like uhlan uniforms – hence its colloquial name, uhlan), but now you can easily buy fuchsia in other colours, also in two colours. After the season, move it to the apartment because it hibernates well.

The flowers of the sun

Gazania ( Gazania ) loves the sun! Its flowers remain closed on cloudy days. Please don’t keep it in the shade, as it will quickly wane. It can come in different colours: white, pink, red, lilac, but the most popular is the colour of the sun.

Flower of the Polish People’s Republic

Carnation ( Dianthus ) is hardy, but it will repay you with beautiful flowers from June to October in return for careful care. It looks best when accompanied by carnations of other colours.

Chinese rose

Hibiscus ( Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis ) is most often grown on the home windowsill, but it will feel great on the terrace in the season. However, please do not keep it in full sun because its dark green leaves can burn.

Colourful pompoms

Garden hydrangea ( Hydrangea macrophylla ) is gaining more and more popularity, and it is difficult to imagine a garden in a pot without it. She likes frequent watering, so don’t forget about her in hot weather!

Happy clover

Decorative varieties of white clover ( Trifolium repens ) are quite a surprise and an exciting novelty. You will not find happiness among its colourful leaves, but its original beauty can enliven a classic composition, e.g. with geraniums.

Recollection of holidays

French lavender ( Lavandula stoechas ) is the cousin of garden lavender but produces more prominent flowers. Unfortunately, it does not hibernate outside. It blooms all season and smells beautiful, and it also attracts bees and butterflies. Inflorescences can be dried.

Mountain beauty

Lewisia ( Lewisia cotyledon ) is a garden perennial, but it will do well in a pot. Prefers sunny places. You don’t need to water it often because it grows in the mountains in nature and copes quite well with periodic droughts.

Mediterranean trumpets

Mandevilla ( Dipladenia ) produces large trumpet-shaped pink, white or red flowers accompanied by dark green, glossy leaves. He is very fond of sprinkling and frequent watering but cannot stand in the water!

A large daisy

Shrubby Chrysanthemum  ( Argyranthemum frutescens ), sometimes called Daisy, create a natural meadow in the pot. Only in full sun will it bloom profusely until frost. It is not demanding, and even a beginner can handle it.

Charming hybrids

Nemezia ( Nemesia strumosa ) has interesting, original, double-lip flowers. It grows well in the sun. He does not like the lack of water! Two-colour varieties look very interesting. After flowering, it is worth trimming it, and then it will bloom again.

King of the penumbra

The New Guinea Impatiens ( Impatiens hawkeri ) hates cold and drought. They grow best in partial shade, in moist and fertile soil. They form large flowers until the first frost – a light frost will weigh the flowers and leaves.

African daisy

Osteo ( Osteospermum ) blooms long and profusely. She feels best in full sun. It rots quickly when it’s too wet. It comes in many colours: white, pink, purple. It looks nice in the company of multi-coloured osteoarthritis.

Queen of balconies

Bed pelargonium ( Pelargonium hortorum ) is called for a reason. It is the most famous balcony plant in Poland! He loves the sun and frequent fertilization. Pick faded flowers to extend flowering until frost.

English cousin

The English large-flowered geranium ( Pelargonium grandiflorum ) is equally beautiful but more demanding and sensitive. Please place it in a quiet place and protect it from direct sunlight. Take-home for winter because it hibernates well inside.

Everyone has it, and I have it.

Petunia ( Petunia hybrida ), right behind the pelargonium, is one of the most famous balcony plants. It blooms best in full sun, and in return for daily watering and copious fertilization, it will continue to bloom until the end of the season.

Autumn classic

Heather ( Calluna vulgaris ) looks great in a pot but winters poorly in it. Water it frequently, but don’t keep it in the water. You don’t need to fertilize it, but if you neglect it, it will die quickly!

Little suns

Sanvitalia, reptile ( Sanvitalia procumbens ), when it blooms, practically all of it is covered with tiny flowers. There are so many of them that you can hardly see the leaves. It is susceptible to lack of water, and if you forget to water it, it will quickly go to waste.

Flower fans

Scaevola ( Scaevola aemula ) creates white, pink or blue flowers with an interesting structure – they resemble a fan composed of 5 petals. It blooms profusely and grows heavily, which makes it look great in hanging baskets.

Flower tubes

Decorative tobacco ( Nicotiana alata ) has unusual flowers fused into a long tube, the ends of which bend to form a star shape. The flowers smell intensely in the evening, attracting night butterflies, so it is good to plant the plants close to the rest corners.