Terrace Covering

Whether you’ve just walked in or are looking for a change, you’ve given yourself a new goal: creating the perfect terrace. You are lucky enough to own an exterior, so you might as well take advantage of it! The only drawback is that you may find it difficult to choose amongst the numerous material options. Fortunately, to help you in your quest for perfection, we have selected the five most beautiful coverings to put on a terrace. Notice to lovers of beautiful things!

1. Natural wood

Particularly warm, wood is a timeless covering. It matches all styles but also all budgets, which gives it an undeniable advantage. However, it has only one negative point that you should be aware of: it must be treated and maintained regularly to maintain its appearance and not deteriorate.

You can also opt for composite wood slats, which are more resistant and require less maintenance. However, apart from the fact that you will have to lay them on perfectly level ground, they offer much less cachet to a patio than natural wood.

2. Stone slabs

Stone slabs come in many shapes and colors. In short, there is something for all tastes (and all budgets)! Not to mention that it is a coating that is very resistant to bad weather, such as frost or snow. And to clean them, soap and water are enough!

Good to know: be careful; it will be necessary to make paving before laying a terrace in stone slabs.

3. The pavers

Very easy to install and mainly aesthetic, pavers are top-rated for their rustic effect. And if they are made of natural stone, it is even better! In addition, there to the maintenance is minimal since a simple wipe of a cloth soaked in water is enough to clean them.

And little more: it is quite possible to lay your pavers yourself since they only need a bed of sand as a base.

4. The exterior tiling

The advantage of the tiling is that it can take on the appearance of wood, concrete or natural stone while being extremely easy to maintain. And it will take many years before any signs of wear can be detected.

At Jardinerfacile, we have a penchant for terracotta tiling, which offers an authentic effect. Like a little southern air

5. Gravel

Purists will tell us that gravel is a noisy material that creaks underfoot and cannot be walked on with bare feet. Not to mention that it tends to scatter all over the place.

Certainly, but it also has essential qualities, such as the charm it can bring to a terrace when properly installed. And above all, it is an absorbent material; that is, it allows water to flow naturally. Moreover, if you get bored of gravel, you can easily install it over another material, such as a wooden terrace!