Boho-chic Kitchen

Imagine that you are in a bright room, the design of which cannot be compared with anything. There are many things around. It seems like a real mess, but you feel harmony. The clash of contrasting colours, indoor plants and many interesting little things that complement the design is striking.


Boho is genuinely extraordinary. You fall in love with this style at first sight. He wins over with his ability to create a comfortable and cosy atmosphere.

A distinctive feature of the gipsy style is the absence of restrictions. No framework, no prohibitions. This is an excellent opportunity to unleash your creativity and get creative.

The constituents

Primary, let’s take a look at the essential elements of Bohemian design. After reading the article and viewing the photo, you will most likely be haunted by an obsessive desire to make repairs in this style.


This is precisely the case when there are no rules in the choice of colour. Don’t limit yourself. Challenge yourself. Add bright colours, mix colours you can’t imagine combining! Are you an artist? And your kitchen is a canvas that turns into a fantastic picture with every stroke of the brush!


DIY interior items will be a great addition to your bohemian kitchen. Handicrafts, made with love, will emphasize the creative nature of the hostess.

Ethnic motives

Ethnic style in the Gypsy style is a direct reference to the culture and traditions of different countries. This technique in interior design is in perfect harmony with the boho style. Retro ornaments and patterns will add a vintage feel to the room.

Antique furniture

If you think about throwing away old furniture for a long time, believing that it is worthless, you are mistaken. A vintage typeface is the basis of a bohemian style, so do not rush to get rid of the rarity.

See, there is a use for your antique furniture! By the way, you can make a semi-antique table or chairs yourself. All you need is special paint, brushes, sandpaper and craquelure varnish. The process is fascinating!


Remember how in labour lessons, they sewed shreds of fabric so that you got a whole canvas in the end? Now you will know that this technology is called patchwork and not a waste of time. A do-it-yourself blanket or rug looks very interesting.

But this kind of design is not limited to handicrafts. In the patchwork style, you can even decorate the tiles in the kitchen. A variety of colours, rhythms and patterns dilute the minimalistic interior and add dynamism to it.

Environmental friendliness

It is worth giving up the use of artificial materials such as plastic or glass in interior design. Wooden and wicker elements, natural fabrics and ceramics will be a great alternative.

This step certainly means taking care of nature. But it also makes it possible to get as close as possible to the boho style.


In a home improvement store, we usually try to find decor that will match our room. Forget about it! The gipsy style is based on contrasts and non-standard solutions. This applies to both colours and furniture.

You can not be afraid that some detail will not fit into the situation. Now every element in your kitchen is unique and tells its own story.

Open shelves

As you have already noticed, exclusively open shelves are used in any kitchen made in a bohemian style.

Do all the kitchen utensils look like they are on display? Yes, it is. Such storage systems, to some extent, demonstrate a little clutter, which is a distinctive feature of boho.

Textured chandeliers

There are so many options for boho-style lamps that it is complicated to choose. Look for patterns in lace or macramé, textile lampshades, Moroccan and oriental motifs.

Greens in pots

It should be noted that the boho style implies the presence of indoor plants. Yes, a lot of plants! And this is a natural paradise for gardeners and botanists. Greenery perfectly complements the room, and besides, it looks organic.

How to create a boho-chic kitchen interior?

You’ve gotten familiar with the basics, and now it’s time to move on to creating the interior. It is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

We have prepared step-by-step instructions for you. With our help, you can turn an ordinary kitchen into a work of art in just five steps.

Step 1. Decide on furniture

Furniture is the main component of any interior. After all, it is impossible to imagine a room where there is not even a chair,

Therefore, before starting the repair, decide on the furniture. If you read the article correctly, you already know that aged furniture is welcomed in a bohemian style, which adds charm and a touch of nostalgia to the interior.

But different forms and materials will dilute the atmosphere with their originality. The main thing is that it is convenient to use such a headset because boho-rustic means comfort. For example, we attach pictures so that it is clear what we mean.

Step 2. Decorating the walls

The decoration of the room implies a beautiful decoration of the walls of the kitchen. There are several ways to do this in addition to the original painting or decorative plaster of various shapes.


Wallpaper and other elements of the kitchen may be dominated by animal prints, ethnic motives or patterns, even personal photographs. This is an optional condition, so regular bright wallpapers are fine.


See how interesting and original the kitchen apron looks in these photos. Ceramic tiles with ethnic and patchwork patterns you already know will be in perfect harmony with the interior. You can follow the example presented and create the same apron in your kitchen, remembering to add a touch of personality.

Step 3. We select plumbing

Refined and expensive plumbing not only looks sophisticated, but it is also very high quality. Pay attention to gold, copper or bronze fittings. But the shiny chrome is better left to the lovers of modernism.

Step 4. Let there be light!

The role of light is essential in every interior. An overabundance or lack of it can ruin everything. This is why maintaining balance is so important. You are faced with a responsible task – to choose lighting that will not press on your eyes.

We advise you to take a closer look at lamps with fabric lampshades or rice paper. They will create a soft, calm glow. Daylight needs to enter the room in large quantities, which is why large windows are necessary for your kitchen.

Step 5. We connect accessories and decor

It’s time to think about the decor of the room. Choosing kitchen accessories is a great pleasure. It is thanks to the scenery that the atmosphere of warmth and comfort is felt. Let’s look at what attributes will look good in a room decorated in a gipsy style.


Without textiles, your bohemian kitchen will look unfinished – and thoughts will often arise in your head that something is missing. Even if you just thought that materials in the kitchen are practically not used, we hasten to convince you.

Knitted napkins, colourful tablecloths, patchwork bedspreads, ottomans, neat covers for vintage furniture, curtains or curtains, as well as soft carpets – all these accessories should be included in the shopping list.


Collages from your favourite photos or paintings will perfectly demonstrate creativity and a sense of taste. Alternatively, you can paint the drawing on the wall of the room. Such decor will not be left without attention!


Essential stages in the transformation of the kitchen are left behind. The final step is the selection of cookware. Do you remember that boho-rustic means open shelves with household utensils, so special attention should be paid to dishes? It’s all up to you – but plates with decor should be a priority.

This is the end of the instructions. You have received and mastered the most necessary knowledge for remodelling a kitchen. But don’t rush to leave, we still have a bonus for you! Scroll below to master important information and understand 100% bohemian style!

New trend – scandi-boho

The combination of the two styles always looks fresh and stylish. More recently, a variation of the gipsy style has appeared, which designers have called scandi-boho. There are a few essential factors to keep in mind to communicate your message and establish a welcoming environment effectively.

When the white Scandinavian walls get bored, boho comes into play. So, neutral colours are best avoided. Contrasting combinations and bright shades will be an ideal replacement. And accessories will perfectly cope with the task of revitalizing and diversifying minimalism. We, of course, will not leave you without pictures, so take note and be inspired.

Is it possible to make boho-chic in Khrushchev?

Perhaps this is one of the first questions that I want to ask. After all, not everyone has a colossal budget to start a grand renovation. The fear of insufficient money or the apartment is too small can lead to negative thoughts and make you give up without even trying.

Let’s analyze whether it is possible to create a boho kitchen in Khrushchev:

  1. Boho style is based on vintage furniture, so you don’t have to buy a new one.
  2. Accessories and textiles are not challenging to do with your own hands, significantly reducing your expenses for decorating a room.
  3. You can find potted plants and retro items at the flea market instead of buying expensive antiques from the shops.

Hopefully, this is convincing, and we were able to convey that boho chic is not a luxury for the rich but an affordable opportunity for every family. So go for it!


The boho style kitchen is unique and unrepeatable. One gets the opinion that there is a mess around – but no, everything is under control. Relax, it was intended. You may think that this is absolute chaos. Yes, you are right, but you are in control of the environment!