The sofa can perfectly fit into the interior and become a comfortable place for day and night rest, or it can get out of the general style and constantly interfere with the passage. Consider configuration tips and user-tested good-quality sofas to help you choose this essential piece of any home.

Which sofa is better to buy – straight or corner

There is no definite answer to the question of which sofa is better – straight or corner. It all depends on the area of ​​the room, its purpose, the number of users, and the presence of other furniture in the room. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Advantages and disadvantages of corner sofas

First, let’s study the main features of corner structures. As a rule, they are larger and suitable for rooms with an ​​18 m² or more area.

Plenty of room for daytime relaxation

In favor of corner sofas, we can say that they provide unprecedented comfort and space. The L-shaped design allows 3-4 users to sit to watch TV, and 1-2 can lie with their legs extended forward.

The S-shaped configuration is practical in the living room during a party or buffet so that more people can sit and chat.

The U-shaped design allows nine people to sit simultaneously, suitable for spacious rooms in a penthouse.

Great place to sleep

Another advantage of the corner sofa is the increased area for a night’s rest. Such a sleeping place will be significant in width and length, which will be appreciated by people with a height of 180-200 cm. Depending on the model, from 2 to 5 people can simultaneously fit on the corner sofa, which is practical when visiting many relatives with children at once.

Area zoning

For spacious rooms or studio apartments, a corner sofa can act as an element that visually delimits zones according to their intended purpose. Putting it back on the kitchen table will effectively fence off the area for daytime relaxation and watching TV from the dining room. This division is especially emphasized if you put a small coffee table or a massive pot with a houseplant on the side of the sofa.

Additional storage space

The next advantage of corner structures is the presence of spacious linen niches built into such sofas. They fit blankets, pillows, bed linen, rugs, and other things, so you don’t have to allocate space for them in the closet.

Even in corner upholstered furniture, side tables or armrests with small countertops are often installed from the factory, storing books, a TV remote control, and putting cups or plates with sandwiches there.

The disadvantages of corner sofas include:

  • Oversized dimensions that “steal” a lot of space in the room. If the room is not large, nothing else can fit (table, cabinet, etc.).
  • Another disadvantage is the difficulty in transportation. Even delivery from the store to the apartment becomes problematic, and it can only be done disassembled. If you rent or buy a new flat, the following relocation will necessitate deconstructing the construction. Otherwise, it simply will not fit in the doorway and the car.
  • Due to the increased dimensions and the number of materials used for manufacturing, corner sofas are more expensive than straight ones. By design, they have some limitations and are mainly used only in living rooms – such upholstered furniture does not look in the bedroom or the kitchen.

Advantages and disadvantages of straight sofas

Straight sofas are convertible and monolithic. Their dimensions vary from 160-200 cm in length and 80-160 cm in depth. These are the characteristics that can be attributed to the pluses of such furniture.

Versatility at the point of use

Straight sofas can be placed in the living room and the kitchen, in the bedroom, on the veranda, in the study, and even in the corridor. This is a versatile piece of furniture that allows you to relax, sit down for a meal, chat or watch TV.

More design choices

Manufacturers emphasize the development of the exterior of straight models, so in this category, you can find an increased variety in colors and the shape of the backrest, armrests, seat height, pillow design options, etc.

Compactness during the day

Folded straight sofas, as well as non-separable ones, take up little space in the daytime. They are flush against the wall and do not obstruct the path because they have no protruding parts, and the depth indicator is consistent throughout.

Plenty of room for a night’s rest

Some fold-out models provide ample sleeping space. Depending on the configuration and transformation mechanism, sofas can provide an area for night rest from 180×140 to 200×200 cm. This is an ideal option for a bedroom or study so that you can walk freely during the day and have a good rest at night.

Easier to transport

When folded, a straight sofa has a depth or height of 70-90 cm; therefore, it passes through a standard doorway of 90 cm (in some cases, end-to-end). It does not have to be disassembled and assembled at a new place during transportation, saving time.

The disadvantages of straight sofas include:

  • Low seating capacity. Only three of us can watch TV.
  • Small niches for storing linen and other accessories.
  • Lack of tables and built-in bedside tables.
  • If the model is not folding, then only one person can sleep on it at night.

Best straight sofas

Now let’s move on to specific models. The ranking of sofas in terms of quality included the six best models of the straight configuration, which last a long time, have a reliable mechanism, and have a form-retaining filling.

Borovichi-Furniture Lord

In the first place is the classic “book” with a flat back and a seamless seat. The two armrests have a wider area due to the L-shaped overlay on the top, making the design a little more interesting. There are three horizontal stitches on the back. The height of the structure is 90 cm.

When folded, the sofa can accommodate three people. In the unfolded version, a sleeping place of 1270×1850 mm is obtained. The sofa stands on wooden cylindrical legs. It can be upholstered with a homogeneous material or contrasting, where the top is soft and rough, and the bottom is smooth and thin. There is a big storage box under the berth. Unfolding is carried out by simply lifting the nearest half.

Main parameters:

  • Transformation mechanism: book
  • There is a spring block and polyurethane foam filler.
  • Upholstery type: 18 velor or eight eco leather colors.

MOON Dallas 018

The folded Dallas 018 model has dimensions of 193x104x90 cm. The accordion folding mechanism is implemented here, so the berth is formed from three parts. When unfolded, the dimensions of the sofa are 207x193x45 cm. The armrests have two wooden horizontal panels that can be used as coasters. The couch has a linen niche, but it is short and located under the first section.

When unfolded, the model has no back. The frame is filled with foam rubber and upholstered velour with square stitching 20×20 cm, which adds originality to the design. The model is sold with two rectangular cushions that can be used during the day for increased comfort. They are not suitable for a night’s rest.

Main parameters:

  • Transformation mechanism: accordion.
  • There is a spring block and polyurethane foam filler.
  • Velour upholstery in brown or purple.

Pinskdrev Infinity

The third place is taken by a straight sofa, which can be laid out according to the “euro book” or “tick-tock” version. To do this, unfasten the back cushions and pull the lower base towards you. The second half from the back is lowered into the vacant place. There is a linen niche under it. The model is notable for extensive square stitching throughout the entire area, including the sidewalls of the armrests, which makes it massive and cozy.

The sofa rests on rectangular legs and leaves more minor dents on the floor. Wide, drop-down armrests are comfortable for a comfortable hand position. When folded, the sofa can easily accommodate three people. The unfolded berth has dimensions of 2020×1470 mm. During the day, upholstered furniture occupies an area of ​​2530×1060 mm. The sofa weighs 138 kg. In the manufacture, not only chipboard is used, but also solid wood.

Main parameters:

  • Unfolding mechanism: tick-tock.
  • There is a spring block and polyurethane filler.
  • Upholstery type: 19 fabrics or eco-leather.

Chairman Relax

This model has more sophisticated and rich upholstery. The straight construction is equipped with several layers of soft layers and decorative inserts. The sofa has three horizontal Velcro cushions that unfasten during transformation.

The rounded armrests have non-removable soft pads. The backrest with horizontal stitching and convex part always stays in this position, providing gentle support when lying down and seated. During the transformation, a metal frame leaves with an additional mattress from the sinteshar. When folded, the sofa has a size of 2050x950x900 mm. Unfolded dimensions are 1900×1550 mm.

Main parameters:

  • Transformation mechanism: American clamshell.
  • Upholstery: artificial leather in 25 colors or genuine leather in 12 colors.
  • Filling: polyurethane foam/felt / sintepon in pillows and sinteshar in the mattress.

Living sofas Lux

A simple straight sofa that takes up little space in the room. The model can be with two armrests, one or without them at all. The central part consists of two blocks – the lower one moves forward on wheels, and the upper one drops into a free cavity. In the unfolded version, the sofa has no sides and is very comfortable for prominent people. The model is equipped with three sizeable lumbar support cushions. They do not clip-on, and users can stack them at their discretion.

The entire velor surface of the upholstery has fine diamond stitching to enhance the richness of the finish. The dimensions of the bed are 2070x1640x440 mm. When folded, the model has dimensions of 920x2070x1020 mm and can accommodate three people. There is a linen niche under the far half. To prevent the mattress from falling through, two wooden rungs are placed above it.

Main parameters:

  • Transformation mechanism: Eurobook.
  • Filling: spring-loaded polyurethane.
  • Upholstery type: velor, seven colors to choose from.

Hilding Anders Bergen Brera 31

It is a straight sofa with contrasting piping and thin stitching along the contour of the armrests and cushions. The couch unfolds by pulling the near compartment towards itself and lowering the far one down. The decorative pillows are non-clip-on and can be used to enhance comfort.

Half of the inside of the sofa is reserved for storing bedding. To give elasticity to the sleeping area, slats are used on both sections. Inside the soft part, there are three layers of polyurethane foam with alternating hardness.

Main parameters:

  • Mechanism Type: Eurobook.
  • Filling: three layers of polyurethane foam on lamellas.
  • Upholstery type: velor in a variety of colors and contrasting piping.

Best corner sofas

This category contains the best corner sofas that have proven themselves well, as evidenced by positive reviews.

Borovichi-Mebel Premier

Large L-shaped model for four people. When folded, the structure has dimensions of 2850x2100x750 mm. The design of the soft part is always two-colored – the bottom is dark, and the top is lighter, which makes the design more attractive. The model is equipped with five soft pillows that users can unfold as they wish. The construction stands on long stands made of horizontal metal tubes, which leaves fewer marks on the floor.

There is a linen drawer under one of the sitting units. The originality of the corner sofa is that it can be transformed to organize a joint or separate sleeping place. One of the halves is rotated 90 degrees and is parallel to the other. They can be moved close to each other or left at a distance, so both family and non-relatives can sleep on the sofa. The width of each half is 750 mm, and the length is 2100 mm.

Main parameters:

  • Transformation mechanism: rotary.
  • Filling: polyurethane foam.
  • Upholstery type: 18 color options and eight eco leather colors.

Living Sofas Luxury

Corner sofa with ottoman. Created on a metal frame with an independent spring block and covered with polyurethane. Top coated with below. The design contains wide armrests with heat-resistant wooden pads, on which it is allowed to put hot cups. The set includes two removable decorative cushions. The ottoman is stationary, and the central part moves forward and consists of three sections. There is a linen box.

The unfolded dimensions of the corner sofa are 2070×2480 mm, which allows three users to sleep on it at once, for example, a family with a child. Velour upholstery is made with extensive square stitching, which prevents the fabric from moving out of place. A lifting mechanism is also implemented under the ottoman, allowing access to the second compartment to store bedding. When folded, the sofa has dimensions of 1400×2000 mm.

Main parameters:

  • Unfolding mechanism: accordion.
  • Filling: polyurethane foam on an independent spring block.
  • Upholstery type: 5 colors of below.

Pinskdrev Lorenzo

The corner sofa of this model can be upholstered in velour with various textures, both with one and several tones. Thanks to this, it is possible to manufacture according to the style: modern, neoclassic, modern, and loft. The structure consists of solid wood, chipboard, and plywood inserts. Inside is a Bonnell spring block.

The model is equipped with three large and two small pillows, positioned as you wish. There is a laundry box under the ottoman. The central block has a folding mechanism “dolphin” and “emerges” to the surface, forming a considerable sleeping place 2200×1500 mm. The back of the sofa is 970 mm high and weighs 142 kg. In a sitting position, it can accommodate three people.

Main parameters:

  • Transformation mechanism: dolphin.
  • Filling: polyurethane foam + soft.
  • Upholstery type: 10 colors of velour or “suede.”


The corner sofa for four people completes the rating category. The model has a hardback and armrest on one side. The ottoman is made with its own back, so you can not only lie on it with your legs outstretched but also sit. The sofa is equipped with three large and three small pillows.

Fabric upholstery can be either plain or with diamond stitching. By design, the upholstered furniture belongs to the Scandinavian style with minimalism and functionality. The manufacturer placed a linen drawer under the ottoman. The central part unfolds according to the principle of the top extension. The wide padded armrest allows you to lean your head on it or put your feet on it.

Main parameters:

  • Transformation mechanism: dolphin.
  • Upholstery type: fabric in several colors.
  • Filling: polyurethane in several layers without spring block.