Indeed, you will not meet another such in any store – a handmade candle encased in porcelain is a work of art in and of itself. Soy candles can cost several dozen zlotys. You can save money – make them yourself without even buying a container: use the cup. This idea is trendy, practical, and very economical. 

If you like all DIY challenges, create an original, beautiful, vegan candle, as if taken out of a fairy tale about Alice in Wonderland.  Handmade soy candles have numerous advantages :

  • soy wax is easy to remove, and, e.g., paraffin wax stains are challenging to clean,
  • they burn longer than classic paraffin candles,
  • do not emit harmful substances,
  • they smell beautiful,
  • are easy to make.

Using a cup as a candle holder is a great idea: such a candle will look elegant and luxurious. If you like the glamor style, you will surely enjoy the set of glasses with a golden rim from Gomla.

To make a soybean candle in a cup, you will need:

  • Approx. 100-120 g of soy wax per 100 ml candle,
  • cotton wick,
  • essential oil,
  • two long toothpicks,
  • a cup (preferably with a saucer),
  • A pot to warm the wax.

DIY cup candle:

  1. Heat the soy wax in a water bath (max 50 ° C).
  2. Glue the wicks on the bottom of a cup of glass candle dishes. Use wax for this. Hold the ends of the wicks between the toothpicks to prevent them from sinking into the wax.
  3. R ozpuszczony wax, pour into a cup, and add approx—10 drops of essential oil. Wait for the wax to solidify.