Pastel coloured children rooms

The time had passed when gender division at birth was carried out very simply: a blue ribbon for boys, a pink ribbon for girls. Modern interior design in children’s rooms uses the entire palette but still prefers its muted options. The fashion for pastel shades nowhere looks so organic as in children’s rooms.

Let’s see what exciting things the homify designers have prepared besides an amazingly delicate pastel palette.

Incredibly cozy children’s room! And the pastel color scheme makes the pro-classic interior even more beautiful.

Lamp in the style of “artichoke” + bed with drawers in the children’s room

A bedroom with such a fashionable interior is suitable not only for younger children but also for teenagers.

Spacious wardrobe module with mirror finish

By giving part of the wall (or even all!) To the wardrobe module from floor to ceiling, you will be relieved of the need to pile up furniture for storage in all parts of the room.

Magic drawings on the walls of the children’s room

By ordering an art painting or simply pasting wallpaper with an interesting pattern in pastel colors, you will create a fabulous mood in the room.

Paintings in openwork frames above the bed

The children’s room also needs beautiful decor that matches the style of the interior.

The spectacular decor on the walls of the nursery

In addition to the beautiful walls, this nursery is pleased with a conveniently equipped place for games on the floor. 

Knitted pouf for the nursery

Trending items in the children’s room also cannot be brought in any coloring. And since you have relied on the most delicate pastels, follow the concept in every detail.

Convenient open storage organization

It is not enough to put on an open rack with many shelves. Equip this design with suitable boxes of various sizes.

Luxurious canopy for a princess

The most delicate veil around the bed will turn even the most ordinary bed into a fabulous one!

Brazilian luxury in a children’s room for two

The Brazilian variation of contemporary style is always surprising. Even though most Brazilian-style interiors are designed for an above-average budget, many techniques can be copied with an investment of only 10-15% more.

Swedish wall for a children’s room

A growing body needs adequate physical activity; therefore, a sports corner (or at least a Swedish wall with a horizontal bar) will not be superfluous in the nursery.

Magic house with a slide in the children’s room

Many companies specializing in children’s furniture can offer you several options for such beautiful furniture that combines a lock, a slide, a crib, a sofa, and a playpen.

Tent-wigwam for your baby

A cozy house for a child can be obtained even easier. Buy or make yourself a wigwam like this. We are sure your kid will be delighted.

Classic luxury in the nursery

Suitable for a children’s room in pastel colors and classic style with an elegant crystal chandelier, luxurious furniture, and exquisite textiles.

Scandinavian minimalism in pastel colors

The pastel range is suitable for almost any interior style, including the Scandinavian one with eco-notes.

The ergonomic arrangement of furniture in the nursery for a newborn

Choosing the right palette for the interior is, of course, important, but even more important is to arrange the furniture itself correctly so that you do not have to carry the diaper across the room.

Children’s room with unusual geometry

For furnishing a room of an unusual shape, there are the same rules for the arrangement of elements. For example, something that needs more lighting is placed closer to the window.

Trendy furniture for a children’s room

Famous designers also do not ignore children’s rooms. Further, their creative finds are replicated by furniture studios, and then they end up in houses and quite ordinary people.

Baby’s bedroom in pastel colors

A baby’s bedroom needs not only a crib but also a comfortable sofa. Here, the pastel range works more to relax the mother and through her – and the baby.

Magic butterflies on the walls and an exquisite chandelier

The voluminous decor will effectively decorate the painted walls.

Incredible tenderness with classic elements

Do not be afraid to make an overly complex interior design in the children’s room. The child focuses on the little things.

Royal bedroom for a beloved daughter

Reference classic bedroom. Bravo!

Play area for your children

If it is possible to allocate an entire room for the playroom, make it similar.

Plush tenderness for a children’s bedroom

It is impossible to imagine a child who does not want to cuddle such a lovely plush. Just clean and wash it more often, and it will not be an allergenic dust collector.

Eco-minimalism in three tiers

Not only do cats love to climb as high as possible! If the height of the ceilings allows (for example, in a room in the attic), make the play area higher and fence off with a safety net.

Pastel range for a nursery in a marine style

The traditional marine-style nursery palette can also be softened by choosing lighter shades of blue.

Functional convenience for a workplace in the nursery

Pay attention to the unusual shape of the writing desk. Do you want the same?

Quality textiles in a wide variety of variations

Stuffed animals are not the only ones to enjoy this comfortable place.

Attic for a princess

A cozy attic bedroom is perfect for your child, don’t cover it with ginger wood! Choose white with a variety of pastels.

Pastel geometry for a children’s room

The mirror finish for the facades of dimensional wardrobes will increase not only the space of the room but also the total amount of beauty.