Christmas Table Decorations

The whole family meets at the festively decorated table. To make this time together truly magical, explore the beauty of Christmas decorations. You can decorate the table for Christmas in many ways, using more or less traditional decorations. 

Following are the ideas and take care of a unique Christmas setting.

Christmas table setting – which color should you choose?

Traditionally, the Christmas Eve table is associated with white. It is an exquisite color that emphasizes the uniqueness of Christmas. It is best to choose a white linen tablecloth – the most classic, made of white cotton or silk, with a distinct texture. It will be an excellent base for creating decorations in both traditional, Scandinavian, and glamor styles. What instead of a tablecloth for the table? On a beautiful, wooden table, all you need is a white table runner or tablecloths or decorative pads on which you can place plates for guests.

White tableware for Christmas

Christmas Eve is a traditional and family holiday; it is worth choosing classic porcelain tableware, preferably white. You can play eclecticism by sticking to one shade and arranging the dishes in different styles, combining plain with patterned. Festive porcelain is also a set of white plates decorated with shimmering gold or pearl snowflakes, red holly fruit, and green coniferous twigs.

Christmas Eve table in red and green

In addition to white, red, which is associated with prosperity and success, and green – the color of life and rebirth, must not be missing on the festive table. Decorations and accessories in these shades will beautifully complement the decor of tables prepared for Christmas. But red and green can also be the base colors of our Christmas arrangements – red and green tablecloths will perfectly match silver tableware or golden plates.

A table for Christmas – golden and silver arrangements

The colors that perfectly match Christmas decorations are gold and silver. The gold will light up the festive table. It will look beautiful in white, red, green and even pink. The silver shines on the table and creates magical decorations with white, navy blue, or green, fashionable this year. Shimmering decorations, shiny plates, cups, crystal glasses, and glasses will add sparkle and elegance to festive tables, emphasizing the festive mood.

Christmas table decorations – ecologically and in a natural style

 A “Christmas tree in a vase” will be a beautiful decoration for the festive table. It is enough to get resin-scented spruce twigs or graceful fir twigs – a bit more durable over time. Such a decoration in a vase will be a beautiful, natural accent on a Christmas table or even its main character when you put it in the center on a wooden stump. How to prepare it? Place a few branches in a tall vase and adorn them according to custom – with jewels, straw decorations, or a handmade paper chain. You can also give up decorations and hang LED Christmas tree lights on twigs.

To decorate a festive table naturally, cones, wooden ornaments, and twigs (for example, rosehip) will suffice. Natural materials will add warmth to the interior and coziness to the interior. Combine them with simple stoneware tableware and soft, pleasant-to-touch materials such as linen and cotton.

How to decorate a table for Christmas?

Another idea for decorating a table that is indispensably associated with Christmas is fruit. Oranges are best suited for decoration – stuffed with cloves, in addition to their beautiful appearance, they will charm the household and guests with a fantastic fragrance that will evoke the Christmas atmosphere. Three oranges on white plates are enough to achieve an interesting effect.

The table decorations can also be gingerbread cookies, cinnamon sticks, or dried cookies. Fruit or gingerbread can decorate the decorations for the guests. Attach them with name cards. A romantic glow will be created by candles that cannot be missing in Christmas decorations.

What to put on the Christmas table?

The star of Bethlehem is a lovely plant that will bring the festive nature of the table decorations to life. It does not necessarily have to be red. Pink, white and apricot Christmas stars placed in a vase look just as beautiful. A vase or vase filled with baubles is another excellent idea for a Christmas ornament. However, above the table, you can hang the mistletoe, which symbolizes Christmas. It will be a subtle decoration, adorned with a delicate golden ribbon, red chain, or small baubles.

Table decorations for Christmas – table decorations for children

It is said that children enjoy the holidays the most. For them or even better – with them, you can prepare simple decorations and table cards made of colored paper. It’s best to stick to a set of three colors, green, red, and gold. You can use ready-made templates and cut out shapes of elves or reindeer.

Both children and adults can enjoy the most beautiful decorations for the Christmas Eve table. Therefore, it will be an exciting idea to decorate each place setting individually. Let children’s plates be decorated with gingerbread Santas and animals, and adults with Christmas trees, small gifts with sweets, or cards with greetings written on the back.

How to fold Christmas napkins for the festive table?

The decorations of the holiday table are also napkins folded in stars or Christmas trees. See how to fold napkins into a Christmas tree. You can roll a linen napkin into a roll and tie it with a decorative string on which to hang a shortbread. You can make Christmas napkin rings yourself. All you need is a soft wire, red berries, and a few leaves. Such a simple decoration placed right next to the plate will surely attract the guests’ attention.