During Christmas preparations, we change our home into fairy-tale scenery. After all, Christmas must have a unique setting. When the first star in the sky seems, the deers in the chest of drawers begin to trim with their ears, the porcelain cones start to smell like a forest, and ballerinas gently construct an assemblé belt among the Christmas tree branches.

The most beautiful decorations that will conjure up a Christmas atmosphere at home

The selection of Christmas decorations in Milo Home is enormous! And what colors of Christmas decorations are fashionable this year? Deep red, calming green, spectacular gold, and intriguing purple. Which one to choose and what style to choose – traditional and natural or maybe glossy glamor? It depends only on you. The most significant thing is to create a beautiful, celebratory atmosphere in every room. Let the table and the Christmas tree sparkle, and the stairs, chests of drawers, consoles, window sills, windows, and the fireplace surround.

Forest inspirations, i.e., Christmas decorations in the spirit of Organic Living

Choose Christmas decorations from the Living Green collection if you think the most beautiful view is a herd of deer in a clearing. As you can guess, Milo Home has prepared many forest themes in it. There is, of course, a deer. And it’s not one. You can choose between a vintage glazed ceramic, two tall and slim (42 cm and 56 cm) in the color of old gold, and a red one with shiny horns.

The collection also includes cones, baubles with a motif of feathers, forest mosses and lichens, and an owl that looks beautiful when hung on a Christmas tree branch. Holidays in the spirit of Organic Living are green with elements in shades of old gold and brown. That is why Milo Home stylists recommend decorations from the Living Green collection for Scandinavian-style interiors, those with a rustic atmosphere, or, of course, for country-style interiors dominated by natural wood.

Dark Ocean – an exquisite Milo Home Christmas collection

The second, entirely new collection that Milo Home designers have created with this year’s Christmas in mind is the mysterious and very elegant  Dark Ocean. This is a unique line because it features colors that are usually not found in Christmas decorations. It is dominated by navy blue and burgundy, illuminated with silver and gold details, crystals, and glitter.

Elegant decorations will perfectly emphasize the atmosphere of an apartment in a pre-war tenement house or a grand house with spiral stairs and marble floors. The Dark Ocean collection also includes Dream artificial flowers, which stylists suggest weaving between Christmas tree branches or arranged in bouquets for a festive table, chest of drawers, or windowsill. This unusual line is complemented by mirrored vessels – glass tubes in two heights, a plate, and a tray.

Christmas tree decorations – a gift for a Christmas tree

Christmas balls and sparkling decorations that we hang on the tree for years arouse admiration not only among the youngest. Glass baubles available in the Milo Home Christmas offer are made by Polish manufacture with many years of experience. Blown with the traditional method, hand-decorated, they are an excellent gift idea. Children love pendants! Boys will appreciate the animals from the Living Green collection or the bomb cars. Girls will choose charming ballerinas, fairies, or houses that shine with glitter particles in the light of winter candles.

With nature protection in mind

If we do not want to contribute to cutting down thousands of trees, let’s choose an artificial, almost two-meter Christmas tree from the Dark Ocean collection. This decoration is of really excellent quality – it will spend many holidays with us. The Christmas tree looks real and comes with energy-saving LED lighting. On the other hand, in the Living Greenline, we will discover a wide selection of Christmas wreaths of various diameters. The large ones hung on the door will bring the atmosphere of the upcoming holidays into your home right from the doorstep. Wreaths of smaller diameter, decorated with baubles and figurines, will successfully play the role of Christmas decorations.

Hand-decorated baubles and floor pillows – complement the Christmas arrangements.

And if we dream of a real stylish and magical Christmas, the Milo Home brand has prepared something special this year! An exclusive line of glass, hand-decorated baubles, which were created in cooperation with the designer duo Paprocki & Brzozowski, and a unique series of velour pillows with Christmas motifs, the concept of which was created by the famous designer Maja Laptops.