Linen Curtains

Airy, quick-drying, ecological, and at the same time not requiring ironing – doesn’t that sound like a description of an ideal material? This is what linen is like, which we are gradually beginning to appreciate more and more and more willingly introducing into our living rooms or bedrooms.

From the text, you will learn:

  • Why is it worth choosing linen fabrics,
  • What are the advantages of linen curtains and what to combine them with,
  • How else is it worth using linen in the bedroom?

Curtains are one of the fundamental elements of bedroom decoration – they protect against excessive light during the day and protect against the light of street lamps in the evening. One of the more and more often chosen solutions are linen curtains

Linen materials – why is it worth reaching for them?

Linen materials are associated with ecology, elegance and timelessness. They have one more feature in common – they are almost indestructible. You probably know linen napkins, curtains or tablecloths from your mother’s and grandma’s homes, which twenty years ago looked as good as they do now. No wonder – linen is a highly durable material that, if properly cared for, can serve for many years. Its strength is said to be up to twice that of high-quality wool.

However, durability is not the only advantage of linen. It is worth remembering that linen materials are entirely natural and do not contain any allergens. They do not irritate and have antibacterial and antistatic properties. Therefore, they are perfect bedding for the bedrooms of allergy sufferers and children. Additionally, linen is a material that does not fade, which is especially important if you dream of multi-coloured linen curtains.

Linen curtain – high quality and timeless elegance

One of the most significant advantages of linen curtains is their incredible versatility in terms of the arrangement. Although most of us associate linen with coarse, grey-grey material, it has long ceased to be used exclusively in this form. Yes, the natural shade of linen will work well in a Scandinavian, boho or eco-style bedroom. Still, nothing prevents you from using linen, even if you are a fan of more modern arrangements, because linen curtains and blinds are available in many colours, even as distinctive as dark green or graphite.

The undoubted advantage of using ready-made linen curtains is the possibility of aesthetic combination with blinds and curtains. If you opt for linen blackout curtains, pair them with delicate curtains or voile blinds. Such a combination during the day will diffuse the light and provide you with privacy. However, at night – it will thoroughly darken the interior of the bedroom, protecting you from the dawn of street lamps, which could make it difficult to fall asleep. A veil curtain will also look great with a thinner, translucent linen curtain. This combination is perfect for dark, small rooms that you would like to enlarge optically. Diffused sunlight will make them look cosier and visually add volume to them.

Linen fabrics – do they only work for curtains?

Linen curtains are quite a strong linen accent in your bedroom. However, if there is never enough linen in your opinion, think about other accessories made of this material. A fairly obvious choice here would be linen sheets. It is a perfect solution for both summer heat and winter cold – in summer, it allows the skin to breathe and effectively cools it, and in winter, it helps to maintain the proper body temperature. Decorative pillows and rollers in linen pillowcases will also work well in a bedroom enriched with linen accents. They will be not only an excellent decoration but also comfortable back support during evening reading. If you also like to support your feet in addition to your back, opt for a footrest or an ankle pouffe covered with linen material.