Loft-style curtains

Many loft lovers planning kitchen renovations wonder which curtains are suitable for decorating a window opening and whether they are needed there. Here are all the intricacies of choosing curtains for the kitchen in an industrial style, colour schemes, and the combination of a loft with textiles of other interior kinds.

Characteristic features of the direction

The loft originated in the United States in the middle of the 20th century, when old premises and abandoned enterprises were being renovated. The atmosphere of style is emphasized by:

  • industrialism – the presence of brickwork, rough plaster, concrete walls, pipes, wires in the interior;
  • free planning – there are no partitions in the room, and furniture performs the zoning function;
  • natural materials ;
  • panoramic windows and high ceiling height – visually make the room spacious and bright;
  • discreet colours and minimal use of accessories.

An essential element of the decor of a loft-style room is textiles. Next, we will talk about the colour palette of curtains for a brutal kitchen interior.


Before buying or sewing curtains, you need to decide on their shade. The decor’s colour scheme depends on the finish of the walls and floor, furniture and accessories. To decorate a loft-style room, curtains of the following shades are suitable:


Gray is a versatile colour that is widely used in interior design. Such textiles will be combined with any shades and materials. Therefore it is the primary shade of the loft-style.


White is the basis of almost every interior design, and the loft is no exception. Against the white background, the rest of the decor and furniture look harmonious. In addition, such curtains will visually make the kitchen clean and spacious.


Those who like the dark atmosphere of the room can decorate the room with dark curtains. A popular design solution is the design of the kitchen in black and white. If you like this idea, then the white decoration of the room and dark curtains will create a spectacular contrasting combination.


Red is a very intense colour that immediately grabs attention. It is permissible to use it in a loft kitchen, but we recommend buying curtains in deep shades (burgundy, ruby, tomato). Against the background of bright red curtains, another decor will lose its peculiarity.


This colour goes well with different types of wood – a material characteristic of the loft style. The most successful shades for the kitchen are light and copper brown, chocolate, coffee, terracotta.


Curtains in a cream shade will come in handy if the kitchen sets and accessories are made in a dark colour. Beige dilutes the atmosphere and has a calming effect on the human psyche. The advantage of cream is also that it can be successfully combined with bright accents in the interior.


The colour of the sun can also become accent, just like red. If you like this colour, but there are already bright details in the room, choose light yellow (lemon, pale) or close to brown (curry, mustard), and opt for more transparent fabrics.

With pattern

It is not at all necessary to limit yourself to plain textiles. Pop art drawings characterize the loft style, so you can look for curtains with such a print or make them yourself. An original solution would be to introduce patterns from other interior directions into the kitchen and combine the loft with any style you like. The room will acquire a unique atmosphere and uniqueness.


When picking curtains for the kitchen, it is essential to consider several criteria:

  • fire safety;
  • material density;
  • protection of the room from sunlight;
  • features of care.

Loft-style kitchen curtains can be made from the following materials:

Curtain fabrics

Curtains include high-density fabrics. Initially, they occupied a place in the doorway, but in the middle of the 15th century, they began to hang the windows with curtain fabrics to hide the room from prying eyes and the rays of the sun.

Below are several types of dense fabrics that are often used when decorating a loft-style kitchen.


Growing flax is a long and challenging process. The plant requires special care and frequent watering. Linen fabric is good because :

  • has thermal conductivity – due to this, it is not so hot in the room;
  • absorbs excess moisture;
  • has a long service life;
  • does not require frequent washing.


A feature of the fabric is the staggered weave of threads. For the first time, they began to use it to create various types of bags or bags. Matting is often used in interior design because it:

  • not subject to deformation;
  • does not wrinkle;
  • does not absorb room odours;
  • has a low cost.


Cotton fabric is a natural material obtained from the processing of cotton. Such textiles have a low price, so they are often used in interior design. The advantages of cotton are:

  • high hygroscopicity – the fabric absorbs moisture well;
  • excellent strength and environmental friendliness;
  • resistance to high temperatures;
  • hypoallergenic – textiles do not cause an allergic reaction;
  • ease of care – stains are quickly removed with organic solvents.


The fabric is known for its glossy sheen and is reminiscent of royal textiles. Taffeta is not often used in the loft-style, but you can try introducing it into the kitchen, experimenting with different interior directions. We advise you to choose taffeta curtains if you want the material to be additional:

  • durability;
  • density;
  • kept its shape and draped beautifully.


The canvas is characterized by gloss and smoothness. The fabric drapes very nicely, so it looks expensive and luxurious. Its main advantages are:

  • dries quickly;
  • absorbs moisture;
  • wear resistance.


Curtains made from this fabric are considered one of the thickest. Due to the presence of polyester threads in the composition, they absorb the sun’s rays, which is the main advantage of this material. In addition to protecting the premises from light, blackout also:

  • does not pass sound waves and street noise;
  • keeps warm air in the room.

Tulle (curtains)

This category includes thin, transparent and airy fabrics. Designers recommend combining tulle with denser curtain fabrics to create a layering effect.


The French were the first to start sewing curtains from veils. The fabric has a mesh structure. Touching it, there is a feeling of tenderness and airiness. Despite the need for frequent maintenance, the cover has significant advantages:

  • it smooths out the imperfections of the walls and window sill, making them less noticeable;
  • softly draped;
  • excellent air permeability.


Organza has established itself as a lightweight material that easily lets light into a room. Depending on the type of fabric, an ornament, glitter or gradient is often applied to its surface. Organza is characterized by:

  • wear resistance;
  • decorativeness;
  • resistance to deformation.


Kaseya is the most original type of fabric from our selection. These curtains are composed of a large number of threads that resemble a long fringe. Kaseya is hung not only on the windows but also in the doorway, thereby serving as an element of the zoning of the room. The material has gained popularity due to:

  • lightness and aesthetic design;
  • no need for ironing;
  • the ability to quickly cut the length of the product.

The size

Textiles can be roughly divided into two categories:


Short curtains are most often used in the kitchen, where the window is located above the work surface. Curtains of this length do not collect dust on the floor. If you want to make your textiles, you will need less material to sew this type of curtain.


Tall curtains are used in spacious rooms with panoramic windows. By the way, long curtains create a luxurious effect when spread across the floor. This option is not to everyone’s liking because, in this form, textiles are prone to dirt. We advise you to tie it up beautifully, and you will learn how to do it right a little later.


This section will talk about what kind of curtain design would look appropriate in a loft-style kitchen.


Classics always look expensive, so curtains in this style will bring sophistication and luxury to the interior. Classic curtains are successfully combined with light fabrics: muslin and organza.


For Roman, blinds are characterized by brevity and simplicity. Textiles form various types of flowing folds that look very decorative. Roller shutters are lowered and raised due to a particular mechanism – a cornice, which is attached to the window frame.


In modern style, roller blinds are trendy because of their functionality. Plain roller shutters can look a little boring, so we suggest combining them with more elegant curtains.


Knitted textiles look extraordinary and bold. It is made by knotted weaving from special threads. This is a very detailed but exciting process, during which you forget about worries and problems. You can make macrame curtains with your own hands, but choose the lighter weaving techniques if you are a beginner.


The composition of such curtains is based on a combination of two types of their design. Designers love to use this technique in the kitchen’s interior because here, you can experiment with textures and ornaments, creating something new.


Surprisingly, the French word for “blinds” means jealousy. There is even a legend that their creator was an insecure man who was so afraid of his wife’s infidelity that he hung blinds on all the windows and forbade her to raise them. Blinds hide the room from the glances of passers-by and also let less light into the room.

Kitchen type

The dimensions and layout of each room are significantly different. The kitchen can be tiny in Khrushchev, complemented by a balcony door, or combined with the living room. All this must be taken into record when choosing curtains in the loft style.

With balcony door

The balcony is always an additional space enclosure and a source of illumination. A kitchen with this type of layout is an overview for prying eyes, so curtains are necessary here. To prevent the curtains from interfering with the door’s opening, they can be fixed with hooks or installed with unique holders.

From the living room

With this type of layout, you can zone the room using thick curtains. The curtain will separate the kitchen from the living room and replace the doors.

In Khrushchev

In a small apartment, the design of a kitchen window can be complex because it is difficult to place long curtains or double-layer curtains there. After all, every centimetre counts. Blinds will be a good solution in this case – they will save space and will not get very dirty.

Loft-style window decoration

To hang curtains in the kitchen, you need unique holders. You can order them online or make your own.


First, you need to install the cornice. It can be of different shapes and colours, made of wood, metal or plastic. The rod is attached to the wall above the window opening, and then accessories are threaded onto it to hold the curtains securely.

Mount type

The ease of use of curtains depends on how they are installed on the window and what attributes are selected. Mounts are divided into:


To hang the curtain on the window using eyelets, plastic or metal rings must be inserted into the fabric itself and then threaded together with the canvas into the bar. An even number of parts is needed, and the distance between them should be the same; since then, the folds on the textiles will turn out to be beautiful and even.


Velcro curtains are easy to remove for washing and just as easy to hang back. You can prepare several Velcro curtains to swap them when you want variety in the interior.


The advantage of fabric hinges is that they glide gently along the bar without generating unnecessary noise. Such fasteners are easily made at home. You need to prepare a strip of fabric, sew one end to the curtain and tie a knot, forming a loop.


Drawstring curtains do not require additional support in the form of rings or hooks. If you want to sew these curtains yourself, choose light, flowing fabrics to make the drapery look elegant.


The braid is a fabric tape to which plastic hooks are attached on the back. Elastic bands are threaded inside, forming regular wavy folds along the entire length of the strip. The assembly looks elegant. Therefore it is suitable for combining a loft with classic motives.


Easy to install and operate, withstand the weight of heavy fabrics. They are put on the bar and move freely along it. Metal rings are in perfect harmony with the loft-style interior.


Below are some examples of decorative elements that are suitable for decorating curtains and their grip.


They are used for fastening curtains made of lightweight fabric or cotton curtains. Due to their small size, the clamps are not able to support heavy fabrics.


It can be created from fabric or rope. You can make similar hooks with your own hands, for example, using the macrame technique.


The metal curtain mounts are very convenient to use. Since metal structures characterize a loft, the holders look beautiful in a loft setting.

What curtains are not suitable for a loft?

The loft is good because it combines many design directions. However, there are a few styles that will fit into an industrial setting. We do not recommend hanging curtains in the kitchen:

  • Patchwork 

Such textiles involve combining scraps of bright fabrics with an abundance of decor into a single composition. Patch curtains should not be added to the loft atmosphere because they will look too colourful;

  • Provence

A cute and romantic style cannot be combined with a rough and brutal loft. In this case, a collision of opposite directions will not bring a positive result;

  • Boho

The abundance of textures and decorations is hard to imagine next to a brick wall, metal elements and bare pipes, so you should not combine them.

Useful Tips

Finally, we want to give you some tips to help you avoid mistakes when choosing textiles and adding them to the interior:

  • To correctly calculate the width of the curtain, multiply the assembly factor by the length of the curtain. This will create beautiful folds of the same size and shape on the fabric

  • Curtains perform not only a decorative function. They also need to be easy to use and maintain. No matter how beautiful the curtains look, if it is difficult to care for them, they will give you more trouble than pleasure

  • Remember that the curtains’ colour and ornament should overlap with the design idea and be combined with the rest of the components in the room. Otherwise, they will look superfluous in this setting.


This article talked about what colour, size, type, and design of curtains organically fit into a brutal loft-style kitchen.