Rustic Country House

Nature and natural materials attract whole and morally mature people like a magnet. The desire to live outside the city is most often due to precisely these reasons, and the apartment cannot give this feeling to its owner.

It is in vain that it is believed that this is only a direction in design; such an interior is a lifestyle. And he is so diverse and rich that he conquers from the first moment and for life.

Country housing in a rustic style: design features

A village house, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, is the dream of true gourmets of inner peace and connoisseurs of the surrounding beauty. To emphasize the charisma of your home, to instill in it the warm spirit of the village, to burden it with comfort, it is necessary to create the interior correctly and observe certain conditions:

  • in any case, do not allow mixing styles;
  • do not overload the space with variegated interior details;
  • place maximum emphasis on natural materials;
  • the room should be light and voluminous;
  • the entrance hall, kitchen, and living room should be designed in the same style;
  • household appliances and modern comfort should not conflict with the general surroundings.

The design of a country-style house should continue the structure itself, saturate it. The interior presupposes a mixture of modern comfort with the coziness of a country estate or a village hut. And it should be as harmonious as possible. This can be achieved by avoiding extremes. First of all, it is worth deciding on the depth of immersion in the topic.

If the whole country house is decorated in the same style, you will not have any problems transitioning from one room to another. If you decide to give this style a part of the house, or the kitchen, combine classic or minimalism. You should not choose the extremes and make the house decoration for a film about a village in the 18th century – you will quickly get tired of such immersion, and everyday things will look ridiculous.

The golden mean – furniture and textiles of discreet, natural colors, wood, stone, simplicity of forms, household appliances, and dishes in a retro style. The interior will only benefit from this.

The decor with which the house takes on a soul

A small cozy wooden house, or family estate, is where the family reaches at any time, where guests like to gather. His soul is hospitable hosts and little things dear to all hearts. Thanks to the decor, the house acquires its features; the hand-applied by the owner makes it animate.

Rustic interiors, for the majority, are associated with motley and motley rugs, embroidered curtains and towels, walls “like a log.” But this is far from the case. Having begun to understand more profound, you will find that you can choose a country interior of Provence, but they still have the same essence – a country estate, where each room is a continuation of the previous one.

Features of textiles

The house’s interior in a rustic style needs soft fabrics, delicate drapery lines of curtains, starched tablecloths, and napkins. Textiles are a mandatory attribute, and the living room is its territory. Everything should be subordinated to the general surroundings: curtains, bedspreads, sofas, soft chair pillows, napkins.

Choose linen, cotton, wool – materials that your hand clings to. Colors that are close to nature create a calm and warm atmosphere.

Do not forget about the tablecloth, and it must undoubtedly be, and be combined with the curtains. A wooden table covered with a snow-white tablecloth is a symbol of gracious hospitality. Cushions in patchwork style, like blankets or with embroidered pillowcases, will only enhance the atmosphere of softness and comfort.

Kitchen and bath towels in pastel shades will add warmth to the kitchen and bathroom. Textile rugs laid out on the wooden floor will perfectly highlight the interior. Avoid juicy, contemporary-style colors, and when choosing, start from natural, natural shades that continue the natural ones. Modern textiles are pretty suitable for these purposes.

Wood in the interior

The interior needs to be emphasized with wooden elements. From the ceiling to photo frames and mirrors, wood can be subtle and graceful, or it can be a rough, brutal element of your design.

Natural and straightforward furniture will fit into the rustic interior to create the spirit of a chalet, country, rustic Russian style, a high ceiling with exposed beams, or imitation of beams over a painted ceiling. A rough finish of doorways with wood cracked from time to time, a floorboard, or a laminate under a wiped floor, a wooden table, will create a feeling of antiquity, good quality. The village outside the walls should be felt inside too.

Lighter directions, such as Provence, Peisan style, include wood decor, but in an elegant design:

  • The wood is covered with paint.
  • The lines are thin and more graceful.
  • There are no rough and significant details in the design.

The interior plays with cute trinkets.

Frames for mirrors, photos, framing windows, and paintings should be kept in the same style. Correctly selected natural wood furniture will only enhance the overall mood and end the creation of a harmonious interior.

Rustic motives in basic styles

A house in nature, decently decorated for life and relaxation, can be so individual that you will never find a second such interior, even slightly reminiscent of it. Creating your own, understandable only to the owner of the rustic style, perhaps the main thing is to determine the direction. The interior, built coherently, step by step, will not allow you to break the general line.

Country direction

American farmers have made tremendous contributions to this style and interior design. The simplicity and authenticity of the design can bring the spirit of American shepherds’ housing even to the house of a Russian banker. Most importantly, the room will look decent, albeit simple.

Large windows, leather, wood, and stone, rough as a cowboy’s hand. Textiles in indigo shades with a hint of denim, and of course, bright interior details. It could be seemingly inappropriate, flashy appliances, sofa cushions, a mirror, or bathroom drawers.

Furniture in such a house must be chosen exclusively natural. The main thing is to choose one object that will catch your eye. The combination of three colors, or a tonal transition from dark to light, will add some intrigue to the room’s design. Rustic chic was provided to the owner of the interior with a photo.

Russian country style

If you think it is easiest to repeat the Russian style at home, you are deeply mistaken. Houses in a rustic Russian style are some of the most exciting projects. Rough wooden decor and linen tablecloths will not cope with the entourage if you do not take into account the primary conditions:

  1. it is necessary to decorate the whole house in the Russian style or use only free-standing structures, for example, a gazebo;
  2. a house with an interior in the Russian style will look deliberately fabulous if you overload the design with authentic details;
  3. minimalism is the best friend of a house in the style of a Russian village;

Minimal wood processing, textiles with a rough weave, deliberately simple lines, retro-style furniture – this will bring the village house closer to the desired, and the Russian style will sparkle with all colors.

Chalet style

A hunting lodge is a place where the feeling of unity with nature is maximized. A rustic chalet-style country house speaks of remoteness from the city, a relaxed lifestyle, regularity, and stability.

The chalet can be executed both in a wooden and in a brick house. The main lines are rustic, easy to combine with modern furniture in a classic or minimalist style.

Here you can combine a wooden table and a stone countertop without fear, but you need to be careful with an emphasis on bright details – they are always superfluous in this direction. The house will breathe freshness if you do not load it with heavy and sophisticated furniture.

Provence direction

Sun glare on the walls, pastel colors, cute knick-knacks, and a floral print. The rustic interior in the Provence style deserves to be one of the priorities in choosing the setting of suburban housing.

The rustic motif of the French hinterland is quite tricky to disperse in the interior properly – you can get carried away and get a rural underground, or, on the contrary, get an insufficiently complete rustic image.

In Provence, white dominates, and delicate shades, natural wood Delicate fabrics coexist with coarse iron forging, wool.

Small colored tiles, glazed bricks, bleached beams, rustic painted floors. Curtains and napkins frame all this with floral print. A gentle union of rudeness with grace.

Rustic style in the general interior of a country house

Suppose the entire interior of a country house is strictly maintained in one stylistic direction. In that case, the owners will not have dissonance when moving from one room to another, and it will be easier to choose decor items and correctly furnish the rooms. The house will only benefit from this. You choose the Russian style of Provence – you will not be the loser; the main thing is not to introduce the design of one style into another.

Hallway decor

The rustic interior design style even touched the threshold from which the visitor receives information about the owner. Such a house is an open book, and the hallway is a visiting card. The house is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.

The simplicity of design, geometric lines, light, and spacious room – all that is necessary for a complete immersion in the rustic style. Bright details such as rugs, shelves, and upholstered chairs will add to the simplicity.

Kitchen and utensils as decorative elements

The kitchen is the concentration of style and its fusion with the comfort of modernity. The kitchen’s interior in a rustic style must be thought out so that household appliances, of which there are many in this room, easily fit into the overall picture. Here, built-in appliances will come to the rescue, which will hide the kitchen’s facades and interior; thanks to this, it will not suffer.

The slab should be the center, and its choice is the beginning of building the environment. Natural wood, stone, textured fabrics, taps, and furniture elements in copper and bronze. Chrome parts should be avoided here.

Cookware, which is best placed on open or glazed shelves, should continue the quality and stability of the entire kitchen. Cast iron and copper will perfectly fit into the rustic surroundings.

It is better to take out napkins and tablecloths when setting the table, which is better to keep open during the primary time. A wooden countertop, or a painted version, is a worthy choice. The sizeable hospitable table clearly emphasizes the Russian rural style.

How to equip a living room

The room where the family spends time together should have a center. The house grants this right to the living room. This is either a large rustic table or a hearth – a fireplace. The center of the room must be highlighted. Woolen carpets of calm colors and comfortably spaced sofas are ideal for this.

Creating a rustic-style living room interior is the second item after the hallway, as these are usually adjacent rooms. Please do not skimp on light shades, raise the ceiling, or decorate it with false timber. Simple and comfortable furniture, wooden frames for paintings and mirrors, soft shades of curtains will add the desired effect to the rustic surroundings.

For the interior of a living room in a rustic style, a combined living room with a similarly decorated kitchen is sometimes enough. Many do just that, allowing other rooms to obey the styles chosen by the owners of the bedrooms.

Bedroom decoration

Many, imagining the interior of a rustic bedroom, see quilts, matryoshka pillows, embroidered curtains. It could be so. But there are many options, and now, it is pretty easy to implement rustic minimalism for a bedroom in a rather colorful design.

The simplicity of a wooden bed accommodates a high-quality orthopedic mattress, warm shades of curtains, other curtains, wooden elements on the walls or blockhouse, walls painted in beige tones. The room and furniture are both functional.

A rustic bathroom interior complements the bedroom.

Children’s room

The interior in the style of a village house will allow you to create a nursery, ideal for a child’s living. In this room, maximum light and space are the fundamental ideas. Natural materials and clean country air are what parents can give a child. The simplicity of design, light decor, the creation of which, most likely, the child will take upon himself. A rustic-style children’s room does not need plastic furniture or artificial coverings – everything inside should breathe nature, like the house itself.

Fireplace – comfort, and warmth

A rustic wooden house with a living fire has a soul. The family will always strive to the hearth in the evening, and the children will always return to the village parental roof.

The fireplace in the living room or bedroom is a frequent owner of the rustic style, around which the overall decoration is formed. The room with him becomes authentic.

A wood-burning fireplace, an electric fireplace, or a false fireplace – the choice is vast. When a blizzard howls outside, inside, you will not just be warm, but you will feel all the charm of living fire.

When to use this style

People who appreciate the smell of natural wood, living with open windows and open curtains, sooner or later come to choose a rustic style. The apartment becomes irrelevant.

Unity with nature, a return to the origins, rural flavor will be appreciated by people who have inner harmony or strive for it.

Friends will always be drawn into your home, and an evening with your family in the living room will be genuinely rejuvenating, just like sleeping in your lovingly furnished bedroom.