Summer Terrace

Lighting a balcony in a block of flats or a backyard terrace is an essential element in the arrangement of these spaces. Combine lanterns and candles with other decorations from our store, and in a few moments, you will create your new favorite place to spend warm evenings!

Balcony lighting without electricity – how to solve it?

The outdoor lamp for the terrace is to illuminate the space and create a pleasant atmosphere of relaxation. Are you wondering what lighting equipment to choose?

You can put on modern terrace lighting on the floor or stylish outdoor hanging lamps on the terrace. There are plenty of possibilities! It would be best if you chose a light bulb that will shine with a burst of soft, warm sunshine with a slightly yellow, red, or orange shade – such a glow relaxes, calms, and gives you a respite after a hard day.

However, if your terrace is already decorated and you only need delicate lighting, do not worry – you do not have to invest in connecting a lamp. A good alternative will be cotton ball lamps for batteries, lanterns, and candlesticks, which have been fashionable for several seasons. There are still plenty of supporters of such solutions! Delicate point light sources will create a wonderful, cozy atmosphere – without complicated power connections.

Terrace lighting – inspirations of our stylists

Warm nights are a rarity in our climate, so do not think about the possibilities, do not analyze for too long, and put on the lights on the balcony or terrace, which do not require electricity, yet create a warm atmosphere and change the evening face of your patio or balcony. Our stylists especially recommend decorations that can be easily adapted to any style of arrangement:

  • lanterns and lanterns – pay attention, for example, to the Meadow model, whose openwork pattern perfectly diffuses the light, creating a unique atmosphere; the lantern has a handy handle, thanks to which you can quickly move it to any place,
  • Candlesticks – placing “bare” candles on the balcony is not a good idea, but a candle in a durable cover will work perfectly well; Choose, for example, Cati’s model – an original and practical bamboo decoration.

Terrace – lighting and other decorations

Is it the greatest pleasure for you to sit on the balcony or terrace for many hours? In that case, in addition to lighting, you should also take care of a few accessories that will make your time pleasant, for example:

  • curtains – on the balcony in the block of flats, they will separate you from your neighbors, and on the terrace, they will be an effective, romantic decoration blowing in the wind,
  • pillows – they will warm up any terrace or balcony and create a cozy home atmosphere,
  • Sitting bags – comfortable places to relax outdoors.