Towels take up a lot of room, and finding a way to organize them can be challenging. Here are some simple and original ideas for ordering towels

How to order towels

Towels are elements that take up the most space in the house but are impossible to give up. Especially if our family is large, we will indeed be inundated with bathroom linen of all sizes that we do not know where to store.

In most cases, we are used to arranging towels in extraordinary bathroom cabinets or in the closet we have in the room, taking away precious space for our clothes.

Know that there are several solutions to sort the towels in the bathroom, optimizing space. It is possible to take advantage of some unused corners or focus on creativity and originality by adopting, for example, the principle of showing them rather than hiding them.

Here are 10 ideas for arranging the towels in the bathroom that we hope will be of help or inspiration.

Shelves for stacking towels

One of the solutions, perhaps not very original but undoubtedly functional for arranging towels in the bathroom, is to fix shelves on the wall and store the linen.

When folded correctly, the towels won’t take up too much space, and you can stack several, making them ready to use.

This is an idea particularly suitable for small bathrooms, where space reserved for furniture is scarce.

A chair in the bathroom

If you love to order but don’t know how to give up style, the fascinating idea is to place a nice chair in the bathroom where you can order the towels. The advice is not to choose a standard seat but an ad hoc product designed to support everything.

An example is the beautiful chair towel to IKEA with an exceptionally high backrest and various pieces to arrange the towels. On the seat, we can store other valuable objects, optimizing space.

DIY ideas for arranging towels in the bathroom

If we don’t have modern towel warmers, we can do our best and vent our creativity by stealing some ideas from Martha Stewart.

For example, fixing ring hooks above the radiator, inside which a nice resistant rope is passed: this is where we will hang our towels.

A functional yet stylish solution that will give our bathroom a touch of originality that will surprise everyone.

Creative reuse for towel racks

Often the best ideas are the unusual ones, which arise from the intuition of using an object with a purpose other than that for which it was designed.

Here, the bottle holders can be transformed into towel racks to be placed in the bathroom.

Would you ever have thought about it?

On the other hand, if rolled up, the towels can have the same shape as a bottle, and then in a few steps, the game is done!

In addition to being extremely functional, this idea is original, and your bathroom will become unique.

Rolled towels to take up less space

The best solution is to roll up the towels instead of folding them into the classic square shape to optimize space. How to do it? Just fold them in half and wrap them on the long side.

In addition to helping to tidy up the bathroom, this solution makes the towels much easier to grab without running the risk of dropping the entire pile in an attempt to pull one out.

To see them doesn’t seem like it, but the space that can be gained by making rolls is a lot. Seeing is believing.

Another idea to fold towels and optimize space, this time reserved for substantial bath towels, those for the shower to be clear, is to spread it on a flat surface and, staying on the long side, take two corners of the towel and bring them towards the center, repeating the operation on the other side as well.

Then move to the short side, which will be halved at this point, grab the two ends and bring them to the center, repeating the same thing on the other side. Finally, fold the towel in half, and you will see that it will be much less bulky than usual.

Door hanger for tidying up the bathroom

In small bathrooms, you always have to strive and find a way to take advantage of all the unused corners. One way to optimize space is to also use the door with hooks on which, for example, to place the towels.

It is an efficient and also economical solution that can allow us to tidy up the bathroom.

On the market, we can find books of all types that can be used for this purpose.

The Sudden door hanger proposed by Ikea is particularly suitable because it is equipped with a coated back that protects the door from scratches.

Just attach it to the upper edge of the door, and that’s it: we will have plenty of valuable space to place towels and bathrobes, and any other valuable items in the bathroom.

Hooks with the hanging basket for storing towels

To optimize space and at the same time to furnish the bathroom initially, an exciting idea is to apply hooks to the wall, from which to hang a handy basket that turns into a towel holder.

Just choose the basket that we like best and in style with our bathroom to surely get an impact solution and tidy up the bathroom, adding a touch of class that never hurts.

A basket for sorting towels

One of the most exciting solutions for arranging towels is to use baskets that we can comfortably place on any surface, even on the floor.

If we have a sufficiently large sink surface, we can use it to base our basket. Otherwise, we can take advantage of the corners of the tub, the surface of the washing machine, or we can place a small stool in the bathroom on which to place the towel rack.

The towels should be folded by rolling them to optimize the capacity, as we have explained to you before. In this way, many of them will enter, and it will also be straightforward to take them out if necessary. And if we have colored linen, the aesthetic effect will also be charming.

Hallway coat hangers in the bathroom

As we have already pointed out, the best ideas often come when you have the intuition of using an object with a different function than the usual one.

A classic coat rack and hat rack structure designed for the entrance can be revisited to tidy up the bathroom.

The hooks are transformed into convenient attachments on which to place towels and bathrobes, while on the top shelf, we can similarly fold the towels or store comfortable laundry boxes.

Boxes for sorting towels

The boxes for the linens are a real salvation for those who love the order and want to maximize the space available.

When the shelves inside the wardrobes are scarce, the best way to organize the space is to use stackable boxes.

So if we are looking for an idea to arrange towels efficiently, let’s think about buying some containers to store the linen in an orderly way.

The advice is to divide it by type to find what we are looking for easily. That of the boxes is also a very economical solution if we think of using some elements proposed by Ikea.

How to arrange guest towels

Finally, we want to spend a few lines on how to arrange guest towels.

Very often, the welcome and the ability to make our guests feel welcome goes through the small details. An example?

Instead of simply hanging the towels we have prepared for the people who will be spending time in our house on a hook, why not fold them into a lovely basket, adorning it with colorful soaps, bath salts, and essences?

It is a straightforward but effective way to make our guests feel comfortable and at the center of our attention. Sometimes it takes very little to cuddle and show affection.