Window Sill

A window sill is usually not perceived as interior detail. Often it simply serves as an additional shelf for things, a place for growing flowers. 


It’s good when the kitchen is spacious, and the layout allows the hostess to stay comfortably. The window seat can be decorated. But in small apartments, for example, in the Khrushchevs, the window sill involved is nothing more than a solution to an acute issue with a lack of space.

Window sill below the countertop

Large windows have their advantages. The room is generously lit, and you can build several valuable things from the windowsill.

Sofa, seat

Due to the difference in heights, it will be impractical to arrange a working area by the window, but putting a table and taking a seat out of a low window sill will work. 

Alternatively, you can use a wide window sill in the kitchen as a place to relax and read. If you cover it with a soft mattress and throw in a couple of cute pillows, you get a cosy sofa.


A dining table can be placed by a window sill that fits under a bench. To be comfortable, he should have a chair height of 45-50 cm.

Continuation of the countertop

A small kitchen will only benefit from using a window sill as an extension of the working area. The surface can be decorated in the same tone as the tabletop or leave an individual design. Household appliances and dishes will be placed here.

Mini vegetable garden

Plants feel good in a sunny place. A small greenhouse of your favourite flowers will delight the eye, cheer you up in endless household chores. Don’t you have time to follow the flowers? Plant picky succulents or cacti.

Practical housewives plant herbs and herbs. In the kitchen’s interior, they look organic; as a seasoning, they increase the delectable of dishes.

Bed for pets

It is clear that not every dog ​​will jump on the windowsills, but the cat will like a bed with a good view, and he will not spin under his feet.

Window sill above the tabletop

This option is more common and more convenient for arrangement.

Bar counter, cafe-bar

With a difference in the height of 20-30 cm with the working area, the idea of ​​arranging a bar counter suggests itself. It will be pleasant to have breakfast and make plans for the day, admiring the surroundings. 

Do not overload the window with crockery shelves or glass hanging structures. Sunlight will cease to enter the room, and the window will lose its functionality.

On the other hand, a showcase of several original glass bottles, wine glasses or decorative figurines on display will replace curtains.

Dinner table

Creating a dining area instead of a window sill is possible in combination with kitchen furniture or as a separate design element.

This technique has several advantages:

  • space is freed up in a small room for free movement;
  • the view from the window serves as a pleasant bonus to a delicious lunch;
  • natural light helps to save on electricity;

A dining table is essential when household members are accustomed to eating together. A tabletop that turns into a table by the window will be an equivalent replacement for one or two people. In a studio apartment, such a technique will improve the zoning of the space.

Tabletop, work surface

The use of a window sill as a tabletop implies alignment in height with the rest of the furniture. Another trick is to play up the difference in size as a kind of advantage.

The winning moments of the countertop instead of the window sill:

  • a single line of the desktop will emphasize the laconicism of the situation;
  • Multilevel countertops use each one according to the principle of convenience. On the lower level, it is convenient to knead the dough, on the upper level – to make slices, decorate dishes;
  • The area under the window, highlighted in a bright colour or an original form, can become an exciting accent in the kitchen’s interior.

Place for washing

The idea of ​​equipping a sink instead of a window sill is not new. In an apartment, due to strict sanitary requirements, it is not always possible to implement it. But in a private house, no one bothers to experiment.

It should be borne in mind that the area around the sink is constantly damp. A wooden frame will quickly damp. It is better to hang curtains from an easily washable material, such as blinds or roller blinds.

A heating radiator traditionally occupies the place under the window. If you install a sink or a closed table, it is necessary to ensure free air movement with perforations.

Bedroom, living room, balcony

The principle of rationality is suitable for decorating all rooms, but it is indispensable in small spaces. Let’s consider using a window sill in a nursery, on a balcony or in a bedroom.


Window decoration with shelves is done from below, and if there is enough space next to it on the wall, then from the side. The books are insulated from the battery with a wall. 

Reading corner

If you beat the wide window sill, you can arrange a bright and cosy corner for a reading lover. All you require to add is a pillow and a blanket for comfort.


In the city, the hostesses manage to grow a whole garden under the window. In the spring, seedlings are added for summer cottages. So that all the plants have enough sun, you can expand the area with a table built into the windowsill. If the countertop decoration is not enough, you can hang indoor flowers in pots.

For lovers of exotic, additional space will allow you to breed an actual jungle or make something similar to a Japanese garden from dwarf plant varieties.

Fireplace shelf

The heating battery can be decorated under a false fireplace. At the same time, the window sill will play the role of a mantelpiece, on which little things pleasant to the eye are displayed: figurines, glass products, festive paraphernalia.


Sometimes it can be not easy to allocate space for a work area. The area does not allow or does not want to put another table. If you use the window sill as a table, then you can thus arrange a working area by the window in the nursery, living room.

When the area is limited, it is almost impossible to retire for individual lessons. The window sill table on the balcony is one of the good exits in such a situation. In addition, the window sill by the terrace can be played like a library with shelves around the perimeter.

Rest zone

As a recreation area, you can only define a low soft window sill, no higher than 50 cm, as it befits a sitting place. You can lie down without fear of falling with a width of at least 60 cm. Not too soft mattress, several sofa cushions of different sizes, and now there is a place to relax.

Pet corner

Despite the seeming attractiveness of the place, not every pet can be placed on the windowsill. The cat will use the bed with pleasure. The dog will be more comfortable on the floor. 

Small rocks climb to the window if the height is on the shoulder. Animals such as hamsters, rats or caged birds can overheat in the sun, and the aquarium can become covered in algae.

Creative workshop

Children love to tinker, draw, sculpt from plasticine. A window sill table in a nursery can serve as a creative workshop. Solve the puzzle of clutter on the desktop when entertainment side by side with school assignments.

Storage space

On the windowsill, you can not only store things but also do them right. Instead of random storage, hanging shelves, cabinets and drawers are organized, taking up free space at the window opening.

Makeup table

There is always not enough space for cosmetics, this is a hypothesis, and if there is no dressing table, it is generally a disaster. You can get out of the situation in a small apartment by using the bedroom window or even a balcony with a high windowsill.


The seat sill can serve as a substitute for a sofa if it turns out to be wide enough. To lie down for an adult, the window frame must be at least 1.8 m wide and preferably all 2 m. 

Shelf for souvenirs

Can’t find a place for your collection? On the window, you can present it in a particularly favourable light and at the same time show it to guests. Souvenirs brought from a long trip donated gizmos, and lovely little things look great in the sun. Glass shelves will accommodate new purchases and will not interfere with the lighting.

Designer accents

Design professionals offer, along with practical use, to create beautiful compositions. It can be:

  • collection of indoor flowers,
  • dry autumn bouquets,
  • decorative tableware,
  • crafts and souvenirs,
  • candles and LED garlands,
  • photos of close people and photographic landscapes.

The sill itself is made of material, which also brings its note to the interior:

  • plastic,
  • steel,
  • natural and artificial stone,
  • wood.

Marble and solid wood are very effective.

What to do under the windowsill

Unclaimed space is constantly left under the window. In the best case, lockers are installed there for storing things, dishes.

Here are a few more versions of the niche design:

  • hang shelves for books, for household appliances, conservation;

  • use a place by the bed for a bedside table;

  • replace stationary storage by storing things in original containers – baskets, boxes;

  • building a house for a pet;

  • They change the traditional external attributes of the cabinet – they make a transparent box, illuminate from the inside, decorate the finish, paint the doors.

As you can see, a window seat, with a certain amount of effort and imagination, can be turned into anything. So that fantasy does not carry you too far from the ground, take into account the need for air circulation near the heating devices, high humidity near the window frame in the winter season and the off-season, as well as dry air under the windowsill. Take action and create your home different from others.