Kitchen Door

It is not always possible to give a simple answer to simple questions. Even if it seems to you that choosing a door to the kitchen is as easy as shelling pears, read the article to the end. Your opinion will change. If you have an understanding of what you need, you are on the Zadvermi door website.

Why choose a kitchen door?

The question is somewhat different. Do you need a kitchen door at all? In my opinion, if the kitchen is small and there is an electric stove in the apartment, then the entrance to the kitchen is not needed, and the question of choosing the door to the kitchen is not worth it.

However, under the same conditions, a small kitchen and electrolyte, but with intensive cooking, a door to the kitchen is needed, and you have to choose the right door to the kitchen.

If you have a gas stove, then the option “remove the kitchen door” cannot be discussed in principle. According to existing standards, a door in the kitchen is required in apartments with a gas stove.

Which door to choose for the kitchen?

Let’s start the selection from the very basics. The door to the kitchen is an interior door. That is a door that separates the premises of this room from the rest of the apartment space for sound and visual isolation. In the case of a kitchen, the interior door also prevents odours from spreading through the apartment.

It is precisely the obstacle to the spread of odours that will serve as an essential criterion for us in the future when choosing a door to the kitchen.

By the way, in the context of soundproofing and the spread of food odours around the apartment, we will immediately remove the so-called accordion doors from the selection. They cannot isolate anything.

Choose a door to the kitchen according to the design of the apartment.

The classic option for choosing a door to the kitchen, “by the leftover principle.” A collection of entries is selected for all apartment rooms, and a similar door is chosen for the kitchen, traditionally with glass (stained glass).

This option for choosing a door is precisely suitable for spacious apartments. The doors to the rooms and the kitchen are visible from a general perspective, such as the corridor. That is, we choose the entries by their appearance outside the rooms.

If the kitchen is removed from the rest of the apartment rooms, you can choose the design of the door to the kitchen, according to the creation of the kitchen itself, from a completely different collection.

Choose a kitchen door by size.

Standard interior doors have standard sizes. The size of its leaf indicates the size of the door. These are 550, 600, 700, 800, 900 mm. The standard blade height is 2000 mm (two meters).

To independently choose the right door to the kitchen in size, you need to tell the seller the width and height of your doorway or call a measurer from the door seller. He will professionally measure the door and eliminate errors.

If your apartment is non-standard, that is, large, with a free layout or huge doorways and ceilings, then the door size choice will be slightly different.

For wide doorways, the following types of doors are chosen:

  • The doors to the kitchen are double-leaf: they consist of two identical leaves 600, 700 or 800 mm wide. The total width of the entries (across the leaves) is 1200, 1400, 1600 mm. For apartment execution, such entries are often chosen with glass.
  • Sliding doors: the now fashionable option for large apartments, houses and wide openings. The canvases of such a door do not swing open but move apart to the sides. To choose the right sliding door to the kitchen, pay attention to the particular mechanism for the symmetrical opening of the doors.
  • In the ultra-modern version, the sliding doors are retractable into the wall (partition). There are such models for both single and double doors.
  • Partition doors: If your kitchen opening is more significant than more extensive, the doors can be replaced with sliding partitions. The number of leaves of this type of insulation can be from two to four.

Choose a door to the kitchen according to technical parameters.

Of the technical parameters, I recommend paying special attention:

  • For the presence of a seal around the perimeter of the door frame: for a kitchen where they cook (or smoke) a lot, the seal is especially relevant;
  • The door frame material must be solid wood or MDF. The chipboard box option should not be considered at all;
  • Door cladding should not be afraid of wet cleaning;
  • If the sun constantly falls on the door from the window, the door covering should be UV resistant (should not fade).

Choose a kitchen door by quality.

The choice for quality coincides with the option for the price. Here the list is roughly from “bad” to “good” as follows:

The simplest and cheapest doors are laminated doors with foil and a frame sheet filled with honeycomb filler. Options for such doors may differ in the quality of the frame and stuffing, the prospect of the finishing film, the presence of glass and MDF elements. These doors are simple, lightweight but not durable.

A variety of middle-class doors: here, the choice is much more comprehensive. You can choose doors painted or covered with veneer, PVC film, kraft paper, eco-veneer, side doors or textured doors made of MDF panels.

Chic doors: in this group, all entries are made of solid precious woods and variants of fashionable collections of high-quality doors.


There is no need to rush. You need to calmly choose the door to the kitchen from all possible options and read all possible tips on this issue.