Cheerful And Welcome Environment

In these long days of quarantine, it’s more crucial than ever to make your home a welcome and cheerful place. Habitissimo’s experts give some helpful advice to find our corner of serenity even in such a difficult moment.

Always have a tidy house.

Having a tidy house is essential to convey a sense of lightness, well-being, and positivity. Loading the dishes in the dishwasher, making the beds, hanging clothes in the closet is enough to make your home a healthier place.

Doing decluttering at home.

Tastes and fashions change, so this is the right time to throw away all the things you don’t like or no longer use. In addition, some objects can remind us of moments or people that belong to the past. All to make room for the things we genuinely love.

It is essential to do decluttering to keep only those things that make us remember who we have become, what experiences we have accumulated, what mood we want for ourselves and our home.

Add the splash of color.

Adding a touch of color is essential to make your home express its full potential. It is not just about giving color to the walls, but also the accessories, the curtains, the upholstery of the sofas, or the bed linen. In general, the color that makes us happy is the one we love most in its many shades. It can be used with different colors or used to hold up furniture. And the rule always applies that you have to follow your instincts.

One positive thought a day

One thing that makes human beings the happiest is expressing their ideas and thoughts in total freedom, especially in moments like this of great emotion. The home is par excellence in which to indulge in such manifestations of expressive freedom, above all because thoughts can be written down in many ways: by keeping a notebook scattered around, writing notes for family members, or leaving more or fewer messages. Deep on the slates on a portion of the wall (thanks to blackboard painting) can be entirely dedicated to giving voice to your most creative and profound ideas. A #tuttoandrabene written on the blackboard in the kitchen can help in moments of despair.

Indulge in little luxuries, like breakfast in bed

Quoting a famous comedy from the 1950s, “bread, love and fantasy” should be the main ingredients of any awakening! As soon as you wake up, there is nothing better than a good dose of sweet and savory pampering. Even better if served directly in bed! Bringing coffee is already a romantic gesture, let alone a full breakfast prepared with love and served in bed, full of all your favorite delicacies

by the person to whom it is intended. Chocolate cakes, doughnuts, hot croissants, fruit salads, cereals, toast, freshly squeezed orange juice: happiness also comes with a surprising start to the day!

The charm of candles

Among the things that make us happy when we are at home, there are also scented candles. Some essences, such as lavender or rose, are particularly relaxing and regenerating, especially if they are lit when we need them most: for example, think of a nice hot bath enriched by the presence of one or more scented and aromatic candles. The dim light of the flame and the essence released into the air helps us immediately to (re) make contact with the mind and body, freeing us from the tensions and negative energies accumulated during the day. In an instant, the atmosphere is filled with magic and intimacy. Even if they are beautiful even when they are turned off, given the variety of shapes and colors in which we find them and the refinement of lanterns and candelabra with which they are generally accompanied, let’s not neglect them and let’s not reduce them to (albeit beautiful) furnishing objects for the living room, entrance or terrace. Let’s light them up, create various combinations, mix perfumes and shapes, compose original plays of light. And we conclude, why not, with a candlelit dinner.

Create your happy corner

In the economy of our home happiness, a home space just for us cannot be missed. Not necessarily a room, just a corner, a desk, a wall where you can hang your most beautiful photos, a corkboard for your memories or children’s drawings, an intimate and secret space where you can collect the objects you love most.

Be jealous of your space and only fill it with what puts you in a good mood. Cultivate your favorite hobby, create creations, daydream, play the piano, collect paintings, let’s do DIY. Sometimes a window with a beautiful view, an armchair with your books to read, a table on which to cook, draw, write or do whatever gives you joy and desire to live is enough. Let’s create our corner and make it happy!