Interior Metamorphosis

Are you looking at your apartment, and you feel it’s time to change? Whether you want to refresh the decor slightly or plan a significant renovation, it is worth getting some inspiration. Sometimes it is enough to change the colours of the walls or buy new accessories to make your home look unique! Here are suggestions for the metamorphosis of apartments prepared for you by our stylists!

From the text, you will learn:

  • How to make an interior metamorphosis in a living room,
  • How to plan a quick renovation of a bedroom,
  • How to easily and quickly create a new dining room.

If you have been living in the same house for many years, you will undoubtedly realize that the apartment needs to be renovated from time to time. The needs of the household members and the fashion are changing – what once seemed to be the hit of the season for you, with time, only causes a nostalgic smile. We advise on how to carry out a quick and inexpensive interior metamorphosis.

Repair of apartments? Start with the salon!

The living room is a representative part and the heart of the house, which is used to relax and receive guests. It is often the room with the most significant area. Therefore, the renovation of an apartment in a block of flats or a single-family house should start with a quick metamorphosis of the living room. It is he who will set the arrangement direction, which you will also follow in other rooms.

In the beginning, think about what renovation inspirations will accompany you – do you like luxurious glamour, holiday Hampton or maybe crazy boho? Also, remember that the style should be consistent with the character of the furniture you already have and that you do not want to replace it with new ones (for example, an antique chest of drawers from your grandmother).

Whether renovating a living room in a block of flats or at home, sometimes a colour change is enough to achieve the desired effect. The colours have a significant impact on the style and atmosphere of the interior. They are often the ones that make the most crucial difference in the metamorphosis of apartments. Next, you will choose the shades and patterns of other decor elements, such as fabrics, to match the colour of the walls or accessories. For example – intense colours add energy and bring a breath of freshness to the interior. However, so they are not overwhelming, it is worth breaking them with patterned or smooth accessories in lighter shades. In turn, pastel colours on the walls soothe and optically enlarge the interior, and at the same time, are the most universal. They blend well with most colours so that you can combine them with both plain and patterned accessories in various shades.

Metamorphosis of an apartment? It’s time for the bedroom!

Another room worth considering when renovating a house or transforming a block of flats is a bedroom. This is where you rest after the day, and the room’s appearance has a significant impact on the quality of your sleep.

When renovating a bedroom, pay special attention to the quality and colour of the fabrics – after all, this is the interior with the most of them!

Well-chosen fabrics can completely change the character of a bedroom. To maintain harmony in the interior, choose the colour that will dominate it – it can be bold and non-standard. Ensure that the essential textiles – such as a soft carpet, new blinds or window curtains, bedding or bedspread – are in the chosen shade. Also, do not forget about more miniature decorations in other colours that will catch the eye, e.g. decorative pillows – now you can buy them cheaper thanks to the promotion for accessories and textiles that will help you change your home.

To make the bedroom look even more interesting, it is worth trying a unique accessory, for example, a glass vase or a fashionable painting. Renovating the room in which you sleep can bring astonishing results and make your rest comfort significantly better.

The dining room is as new, i.e. a quick metamorphosis of apartments.

When renovating the apartment, remember about the kitchen and dining room. As in the case of other interiors, the colours used are also of great importance here. That is why it is worth starting to renovate these rooms by repainting the walls and then matching them with furniture and accessories.

Furniture plays a significant role in the dining room – so it is worth trying to buy a new table and chairs that will be prettier and more comfortable than the old ones. What to do if you have to carry out a significant renovation of your apartment and you want to save on buying new furniture? To give your dining room a unique character quickly and at a low cost, use a stylish table runner or tablecloth or new covers and seats for chairs. Such small decorations will change the interior beyond recognition.