A Welcoming Balcony

A balcony or a terrace are a scarce commodity these days. It is worth creating a cosy oasis of green there.

Small or large – each balcony can be nicely arranged. All you need is a good idea and a handful of inspiration. It is a good idea for a cosy corner under the open sky to give you maximum comfort and to please your eyes. On the balcony, we can grow flowers, herbs or even vegetables in containers. When we arrange a cosy place to rest, we will be happy to drink a coffee in the morning, eat dinner, or even work to change the environment and breathe fresh air! If you are looking for an idea for arranging a small balcony, choose natural materials – wood, rattan, wicker, earth colours – white, beige and vivid green – this is the stylistic basis for a successful balcony arrangement.

Balcony arrangement: where to start?

First of all, if you want to create a green and cosy corner on the balcony, it should be easy to maintain. It is best to use plants that do not require too much care and furniture and accessories that are easy to clean.

Prepare a small sketch with the dimensions of the balcony and what you want to put in it. This will help you plan everything wisely. Also, specify a budget that will facilitate the implementation of the entire project and will not make you spend a lot on the balcony equipment.

Recipe for a cosy balcony:

  • Choose lightweight folding garden furniture.
  • Place the plants in decorative baskets, casings and boxes.
  • Take care of accessories and textiles that will add cosiness.
  • Bet on atmospheric lighting, e.g. decorative lanterns or light garlands.
  • If you want to cover yourself, you can make screens from climbing plants or plant classic thujas tall and dense enough to protect the balcony from the street.

Balcony arrangement and the sides of the world

How we arrange our balcony and what plants we choose depends on its location. With this in mind, let’s try to select plants and furniture, and even the type of flooring. It also influences whether the space is covered, whether we have awnings or other covers, or whether we live on the top floor. It is worth considering sun and wind protection if we do not have it because spring and summer can be capricious (e.g. garden umbrellas – we can choose the right one for the balcony, so-called sails, etc.).

The direction of the balcony is also crucial in terms of plant selection. The higher the apartment is located, the more the conditions change there. It is windy, and the dry and hot wind will not affect the plants well. In this case, it is worth installing balcony covers and thinking about providing water to the plants during possible trips regularly. Their selection should be considered in terms of how much we want to be involved in their maintenance. Will we be doing it regularly, or rather “jumpy”?

The choice of flooring for the balcony

Porcelain tiles are the best solution for a balcony. We have to choose anti-slip and frost-resistant porcelain stoneware that is resistant to abrasion and weather conditions. Lighter colours of tiles or imitating wood look nice, but of course, it all depends on our taste and arrangement.

Balcony space: choice of furniture and lighting

The choice of furniture for the balcony in stores is wide. A small patio is not a limitation here. Most of the garden furniture is foldable so that it will fit any size.

The choice of a table, small bench, armchairs or chairs is a must. Folding tables that can be attached to a railing, for example, will work well on small balconies. In addition, it is worth having a chest of drawers, a cabinet or a garden chest, which will also become a seat (we can store pots and other balcony gadgets in it and decorate the outside with a lovely bedspread and pillows). The choice of lighting is also significant here. In addition to, for example, wall lamps, which are often found on balconies, it is worth decorating this space with a light garland, candles in decorative lanterns, lanterns or solar lamps.

How we arrange the balcony depends on our preferences and taste. We should consider its dimensions and whether the maintenance of certain plant species will be a pleasure for us or a burden. After all, not everyone has to be a gardener!