Suspended Plant Stand

Invite the summer and the conservatory atmosphere into your home – all you need is slats, hot glue, and bunches of herbs to feel like in a restaurant in your kitchen. Plants in the interior should be displayed ingeniously. Instead of putting the herbs in a pot, put them on a handy wooden rack.  Do you love plants and love to be surrounded by them? Lovers of flowers and herbs sometimes compete in ideas for their arrangement in the interior. If you have a small kitchen and, for example, a lot of herbs that you use to prepare aromatic dishes, create a wooden stand for them that can be effectively hung over a kitchen island

Such a rack will be great for herbs such as basil or mint. It is also worth having at hand, for example, a stylish PEPCO plant stand.

To make the frame, you need: 

  • Two wooden strips approx. 250 x 10 x 20 mm,
  • Two wooden strips approx. 500 x 10 x 20 mm,
  •  Three wooden sticks 490.5 mm x 4 mm,
  • wood glue,
  • cordless drill,
  • jute twine,
  • possibly wooden beads for decoration,
  • curtain ring for hanging,
  • Four screw hooks,
  • screws (optional, because you need to stick the frame),
  • wooden clothespins.

How to make a Scandinavian-style herb rack:

1. In the shorter slats, make a total of 6 holes for the rods. PS. If you use an old photo frame, you will skip creating a structure for the rack. 

2. Place the bars in the holes, adjust the slats and glue with wood glue or hot melt glue. 

3. Attach a suspension hook to each corner (you need four bolts).

4. Prepare a strong string and, if necessary, decorate it with wooden beads. Attach a line to the hooks and the other ends of the clips to a curtain ring that will hang from the ceiling hook.

5.  Use paper clips to attach the bunches of herbs or flowers you want to dry to the bars. Ready.