Teenager's Room In The Attic

Arranging a youth room in the attic with slants is a real challenge, especially if its resident is a rebellious teenager. The young man will want to emphasize his individuality in the interior, so give him the right to do so. Do not make decisions about the decor for him; give him your ideas and suggestions for specific solutions. Perhaps together, you will manage to work out a compromise to create a space that corresponds to your child’s character and is functional at the same time.

From the text, you will learn:

  • How to separate zones in a room for a teenager,
  • What elements to take care of when arranging space for a girl,
  • What decor a teenager will be happy with.

You find it hard to believe that your little troublemaker has exchanged shafts for a guitar, and the charming princess, who until recently wore frilly dresses, begins to disappear behind the closed door of the room for long hours. Children are growing way too fast, and we can’t help that. However, we can support them in this challenging time, among other things, by creating appropriate conditions for them to rest and study. In this text, we suggest arranging a youth room with a slant using decorations from the Dekoria store. Remember that when buying from PLN 499 until the end of July, we guarantee free delivery!

Youth rooms in the attic – how to furnish them?

Your child is still learning, so the basis for furnishing a youth room in the attic should still be a chair and a desk that match the height of your teenager. If the room’s construction cannot stand by the window, make sure that the youth room in the attic is adequately illuminated. A well-chosen table lamp, placed on the right side of the desk (left if the child is right-handed, and right – if the child is left-handed), will provide the right amount of light and take care of the older student’s eyesight.

When planning a room for a teenager, also think about a comfortable bed. Together, choose a piece of furniture for adults: you will never know when your son or daughter grows out of the children’s model. Also, make sure the bed doesn’t have a too high headboard. In attic rooms, beds are often placed at an angle, and those with a tall headboard might not fit in the space where you intend to place them.

Also, do not forget about bookshelves or various types of compartments, e.g. woven baskets. They will be an excellent place to store, and in the event of an unexpected visit by colleagues, they will help clean the room of any remaining clothes quickly.

Your child’s life is no longer focused only on learning, resting and having fun. Friends play an increasingly important role in his everyday life, which is why the design of a youth room in the attic should include – next to a study area and a sleeping area – also a space for receiving guests. For this purpose, pouffes and sitting bags will be perfect, as they can be easily moved diagonally so that they do not take up space in the “full-size” part of the room when no one is visiting your teenager.

Youth rooms for girls in the attic – how to arrange them?

The teenage period is a time when girls grow out of ubiquitous pink and princess motifs. However, they still want to remain girly. Therefore, offer your daughter an arrangement in subdued colours with the addition of pink. Pastel pillowcases, graphics on the walls of the so-called cotton balls – small lamps giving atmospheric light – will complete the arrangement and add girlishness to it. Such colours will perfectly brighten up a room in an attic, which may lack light despite the skylights. 

Even the most modern youth room in the attic cannot do without proper window decoration. Due to the specificity of the attic and the windows used in this space, it is worth considering roller blinds. It is an efficient solution that will be perfect for both roof and bay windows, where there is no place to hang a curtain rod. The blind adjacent to the window will protect against the too harsh sun during the day and the light of street lamps at night. It will also not reduce the room visually. Remember that in Dekoria, roller blinds are available in many variants – if you decide, for example, on Roman blinds, you can be tempted by blackout, translucent (voile) models or their combinations. Choose this window decoration with your daughter: her task will be to choose the colour and pattern of the roller blind that suits her; you make sure that it is as practical as possible.

A youth room for a boy in the attic – what elements should it have?

A youth room for a boy in the attic changes with the child’s age as much as it does for a girl. Especially if so far its walls were covered with images of fairy-tale heroes, which have ceased to be the favourites some time ago. When planning to change the colour of the walls, take into account with your son that attic rooms are usually darker and – due to the sloping walls – may appear smaller than they are. So let’s choose a colour that will not overwhelm the room. It can be, for example, traditional white or light blue or green. Your teen will be able to go crazy with the extras for this. Bet on, for example, metal ornaments and lamps and pillowcases and blankets in solid colours. A perfect complement to the arrangement will be bedding with the teenager’s favourite motif, as well as graphics reflecting its character.

The choice of colours, accessories and furniture for a youth room is a real challenge, primarily if it is located in the attic. Together with your teenage child, think about what their dream room should look like, and then order the selected decorations online and delivered them to your home.