Decorate The Interior By Painting Furniture

Painting furniture is an excellent idea for refreshing home furnishings and accessories for years and those we managed to buy at the flea market. How to paint your furniture? It is worth getting to know a few simple ways that will make them an interior decoration again.

How to paint furniture – where to start?

Before you paint the furniture, you should research and see if it is suitable for painting. If your side table or chest of drawers has sentimental value or is antique, consider renovating it first. In such a situation, it is worth keeping the original look of the furniture. Painting is spectacular but radical, so think about what you want to achieve before grabbing your brush.

What paint to paint the furniture with?

The choice of paint depends on what piece of furniture you want to paint and what effect to get. Acrylic paints are popular paints for painting furniture. They are diluted with water, and they are environmentally friendly and dry quickly. If we want to obtain an extremely abrasion-resistant surface, it is worth considering enamel. The downside of this paint was the smell and the long drying time. But today, manufacturers offer water-based enamels for painting furniture that do not emit unpleasant odors and are entirely safe for people prone to allergies. 

 Chalk paints have significant effects. They will refresh time-worn appliances and give them a beautiful, matte finish. They dry rapidly and are simple to apply; no priming or sanding of the surface is required. And if you lack a decorative flair, reach for ready-made templates that will allow you to decorate your favorite items with beautiful patterns. You can paint cabinet doors, furniture fronts, and small home accessories with blackboard paints. They create a matte surface on the furniture that can withstand repeated wiping.

How to paint a wardrobe, a cupboard and a chest of drawers?

Contemporary furniture with smooth surfaces is perfect for painting. Older cabinets and chests of drawers made of wood are also grateful because they are even slightly worn and still seem noble. Virtually every manufacturer offers paints intended for painting furniture, so there is a lot to choose from. The colors dry quickly and have a neutral odor, which is especially important for shelves and drawers store kitchen textiles, towels, linen, or bedding.

If you want to refresh the interior design quickly, you can only paint the fronts of the cabinet or chests of drawers. It will be more enjoyable when you decide to use two or three colors on one piece of furniture. You can choose the colors based on contrast: light-dark, warm-cold, or you can choose two shades of the same color, e.g., fashionable green. Remember that the lighter, optically lighter color is on the top and darker on the bottom. An attractive, slightly surprising idea will also be to paint the doors of the wardrobe and internal shelves in different colors  – as shown in the photo on the right.

The wardrobe, painted in one color, will be decorated with elegant brass handles and the cabinet with colorful knobs. You can use the aforementioned ready-made templates to make effective decorations on furniture. You only need paints and brushes, and the possibilities of creating beautiful patterns are almost endless. However, if you want to give a piece of furniture a rustic character, you can cover its surface with a thin layer of paint and decorate it with the so-called cloth.

How to paint a table and chairs?

Paint the chairs in a uniform, subtle hue in a high-traffic living room or dining area. Make them a backdrop for other furniture and decorations. If you want to risk, and add some imagination into your house, try a vibrant color like red, yellow, or pink, or paint the back and seat of the chair a different color than the legs. Such a colorful chair can be a beautiful accent in an interior.

In addition to beautiful, fresh colors, water-soluble enamels also have functional advantages – the chairs will be scratch-resistant and detergent-resistant. If the furniture is upholstered, remember to protect it well before grabbing the brush. Items such as braids will look good even without painting. 

When painting the table and chairs, it is worth choosing one color or a set of several shades that look good together, e.g., gray and turquoise. Thanks to this procedure, you will get the impression of consistency, and the furniture will look like a set, significantly if the chairs differ in style or form. Painting the table in the same way, will unify it perfectly. 

Painting the table white

A large table in the dining room and a small coffee table in the living room can be painted white. It is an excellent solution for interiors in the Provencal, Scandinavian, and boho styles. You can paint the entire table, the top itself, or the legs themselves white. In the latter case, a wooden worktop will additionally warm the interior and make it cozier. When choosing paint for painting a table, pay attention to quality – it must be durable.  

How to paint furniture – what should you remember?

  • Applying layers at appropriate intervals is the most crucial rule to follow. Allow each coat of paint to dry well before applying the next one.
  • How to paint lacquered furniture? It will be required to sand the surface before applying the paint. It will increase the adhesion of the color and prevent it from chipping in the future.
  • How to change the color of pine furniture? If you need a radical change, think about saturated colors. Dark green, brick red, navy blue, or blue will be fashionable colors that work well in almost any interior. For balance, dark colors should be combined with a light shade of the walls.
  • How to start painting brown furniture? After cleaning their surface, cover them with a layer of primer, the so-called base if they are dark. It will make the first layer of color opaque and the painted surface smooth. 
  • With patterns from ready-made templates, you can decorate countertops and furniture fronts and walls, doors, and accessories at home.
  • Extras have power. Even a simple hanger can bring a breath of freshness into the interior. All you have to do now is apply it in vibrant colors, such as gold.
  • You can also refresh other home furnishings searching for a new style, such as radiators or heaters.
  • According to the US Pantone Institute, Ultimate Gray and exhilarating Illuminating Yellow are the shades of 2021, an oracle in the field of colors. The first symbolizes peace, the second – hope. Maybe right now, you dare to introduce yellow and gray accents in your apartment?