A Gazebo With A Barbecue

A suburban area or cottage will perfectly complement a gazebo equipped with a barbecue. It is simply irreplaceable for lovers of outdoor recreation and food cooked on an open fire.

The mangal area inside the pavilion can be equipped with: 

  • a stone stove with a cast-iron cauldron; 
  • portable or stationary barbecue, grill or barbecue; 
  • fireplace, which, as a rule, is fitted with a glazed terrace. 

The choice of the type of gazebo depends on the material of manufacture, the landscape design of the site, and the owner’s preferences. Structures should harmoniously fit into the overall style of the home and garden. The most commonly used materials for building gazebos with barbecue or barbecue are: 

  • stone or brick; 
  • wood (timber, log, board); 
  • rolled metal products.

Types of gazebos equipped with barbecue 

Made of wood 

This natural material fits organically into any exterior. An attractive appearance distinguishes such buildings, and the addition of garden furniture and a stove in the Russian style will make covered pavilions with barbecue a functional structure. Due to the natural characteristics of wood, buildings are warm. And if the system is glazed, then the room is suitable for use in the cold season.

Wooden gazebos are made of round logs, profiled beams, boards. Rectangular or square grates on the walls will be an excellent decoration and protection from the sun.

When working with wood, remember that this material is highly flammable. Therefore, such a gazebo with a barbecue must comply with the fire safety standards of buildings with a stove or fireplace. An open fire is arranged at a distance of at least a meter from pieces of furniture or decor. The distance between the sidewalls and the stove should be at least 50 cm. The building elements are treated with a fire retardant – a special impregnation that prevents the spread of fire.

Also, do not forget that the tree is highly susceptible to rotting. The following rules will help protect the structure from moisture : 

  • before concreting, enclose the supports in metal glasses; 
  • soak structural elements with an antiseptic or paint; 
  • sprinkle gravel or rubble around a building with a fireplace to improve drainage.

With metal frame

Due to the simplicity of manufacture and long service life, pavilions with a metal hearth are also famous. Such structures are: 

  • forged; 
  • with a frame made of a profile. 

Forging elements will decorate any gazebo, add airiness and lightness to the building.

However, not everyone can make such decorative details. It is much easier to assemble a frame from a metal profile and sheathe it inside and out with finishing material. If a layer of insulation is laid in the wall, then such a gazebo is suitable for use at any point of the year. A glazed wall or roof section and large windows will visually lighten the structure and fill the interior space with light. And installing a fireplace or stove will allow you to cook and warm at the same time.

Made of stone or brick 

Brick or stone gazebos with barbecue are the most durable but costly structures. When developing a project for such a structure, the enormous weight of the material is taken into account, and a strip reinforced foundation is provided. Under the stone stove, a separate base is made of a 200 mm concrete layer with a reinforced frame. This applies to any barbecue gazebo. The material is selected depending on what the main building is made of. So, brick houses are complemented by a brick pavilion, and wild, raw stone is more suitable for facilities located away from home, closer to nature.

A wall (or several walls), glazed with stained-glass windows, trimmed with transparent polycarbonate or wooden lattice, will make the gloomy stone gazebo more elegant and lighter.

With Tandoor

The tandoor design provides for a stationary and portable version. The 2nd is more minor, mobile, therefore more preferable for a small pavilion.

Grill House

The grill-gazebo usually has a closed structure and is equipped inside with a grill, not a barbecue.

Which hearth to choose for outdoor cooking

Each family prefers one or another dish: some like barbecue, others prefer grilled vegetables and meat, and still, others equip the pavilion with a stove with a large cauldron for aromatic pilaf. Devices for cooking in nature are divided into the following types: 

1. Barbecue grill on skewers. 

2. Oven for fried and boiled dishes. 

3. Barbecue is a type of barbecue. Vegetables or meat are cooked on the wire rack. 

4. Grill – brazier with a lid. A distinctive feature is that the products are fried from all sides simultaneously, and thanks to the top, a constant temperature is maintained inside. 

5. A gazebo equipped with a fireplace is intended more for heating than for cooking.

Where to install a stove and build a gazebo 

Before choosing a place to place these structures, decide on the type of structure. Stationary barbecue ovens are erected together with a gazebo. But there are also projects where the brazier is located separately. Both the one and the other methods of installing the stove are justified.

When setting up a fireplace, remember that fire provides the heat necessary for cooking and creates smoke that can interfere with rest or irritate neighbors. It is better to install a gazebo equipped with a stove away from the house, especially if the wind often blows towards the home. The same applies to the nearby territories so that kebabs do not become a cause of discord with people living nearby.

If it is planned to build an open or semi-open structure, choose drawings of a pavilion with fences on the north side. Cold winds blow from there, so it is better to protect yourself from them in advance. A practical solution is to equip the structure with removable walls or blackout curtains to close the openings in lousy weather.

The hearth itself in the pavilion is also generally installed at the northern wall. The stationary oven is laid according to the rules. First, it is necessary to correctly design the flue gas system to provide a good draft for fuel combustion. On this issue, it is better to consult with an experienced stove-maker. Original and functional barbecues can be bought ready-made and then modified for a specific project. For example, make the brazier portable on high legs or install it permanently on a stone base.

Fuels for garden stoves

For kindling the hearth in nature, coal, firewood, gas, briquettes are used. Not all species give the same heat, and the decay time is also different. The fuel is selected based on the technical characteristics of the furnace. Particular attention should be paid to environmentally friendly energy that does not emit smoke when heated. These are stones of volcanic origin, which are heated by an electric spiral. As a result, the heat from the rocks is no worse than from wood firewood, and there is no smoke. This option is indispensable for a small suburban area, where a residential building and neighbors are in ” dangerous proximity.” Regardless of what drawings, materials, and interior arrangements are selected, a gazebo with a barbecue will undoubtedly become a favorite place in the country. After all, it is so pleasant to spend time with family and friends near the hearth!