Attic bathroom

An attic bathroom can be challenging to arrange, especially if it is small. A lot depends on the height of the knee wall. An attic bathroom is more challenging to design than a bathroom where all the walls are straight. Start arranging the attic bathroom by measuring the knee wall (the one on which the roof structure is based) – the higher it is, the greater the arrangement possibilities. The arrangement of appliances and furniture also determines the angle of the roof. 

1. Attic bathroom with bathtub

If your attic bathroom has a large area, it is worth trying to install a bathtub. Freestanding bathtubs are a hit, bringing a SPA atmosphere ( SPA-style bathroom is one of the leading trends in interior design).

The minimum height of the knee wall that allows the bathtub to be placed underneath it is about 130 cm. If the wall is lower, you can move the bathtub slightly away from it and arrange cabinets or shelves right next to the wall.

A great solution that allows you to use any free space is to attach storage compartments under the bathtub (as in the photo below). This is an additional storage space that eliminates unnecessary furniture from the room.

2. Attic bathroom with shower

The perfect solution for small bathrooms. Remember to locate the shower where the ceiling is highest, and it improves the comfort of bathing. 

The shower should be separated from the rest of the bathroom with a glass wall – matte or transparent, especially if there is a skylight in the room – there will also be daylight in the shower (patterned, plastic, and sliding ones are already out of fashion).

A shower in an attic bathroom may have a low shower tray, but the visual benefit is better when a battery without it is much better.

3. Attic bathroom with bathtub and shower

The large size of the bathroom in the attic also allows you to install a bathtub and shower. In the arrangement below, the battery with a low shower tray has been enclosed with transparent glass, thanks to which the room has not been visually reduced.

There is a freestanding bathtub in front of the shower and just below the skylight. The bathing area is separated with tiles that imitate wood, and the rest of the floor is covered with gray stoneware. 

4. Small bathroom in the attic

If your attic bathroom is small, carefully plan everything that needs to be in it. Do you dream about a bathtub? A corner bathtub will be a good solution, as it is much easier to integrate into the whole than a classic bathtub. 

It is worth reaching for bright colors; in the bathroom in the photo below, white is chosen – not only the tiles are white (additionally, they have a glazed surface that reflects the light), and the walls and all fittings. Even a radiator and a bidet can fit into this small area.

5. Attic bathroom – inspiration

Here are three different loft bathrooms in 3 different styles. Each of them is unique!

Bathroom in the attic in a rural atmosphere

The wooden ceiling with visible beams (the whole is painted white) begs to arrange the bathroom in the atmosphere of a country cottage. The central point of the room is a freestanding bathtub in a retro style. 

Next to it, there are small furniture and accessories that emphasize the character of the interior. Ladder-style towel rail, wooden stool, vintage lamp on metal legs, and a few candles and plants

A glamor-style attic bathroom

The glamor style is created for large loft bathrooms. There is a wooden floor in the arrangement below, white fittings – a simple bathtub and a washbasin on a frame, and a dark wood cabinet. The addition is black and silver elements and a mirror with a pane divided into squares.

Attic bathroom with marble

Marble in the bathroom or tiles that imitate it look extremely elegant. No wonder that it is one of the most chosen solutions for large rooms.

The following arrangement of the attic bathroom uses a sensational trick – the bathtub and shower are placed in the first zone with a window, and a brick partition wall separates the toilet and bidet.