Potted Arrangements

Heathers are plants associated mainly with the end of summer and autumn. Although they are most often planted on moors, there are no contraindications for decorating them and growing them in pots on balconies, terraces, or at the house’s front door.
Blooming from mid-August to October-November, heathers thrive best in a sunny, warm place. Thanks to the work of breeders, we can enjoy not only typical lilac flowers but also heathers with white, purple or even yellow flowers. Individual cultivars also differ in the colour of the leaves and the height achieved.

If you want your plants to look good for a long time, remember to plant them in an acidic substrate (suitable for heather plants ) and do not forget to water them regularly. The specimens grown in large pots may survive until the following season.

Heather varieties of different colours look good in a dark brown woven basket. If we have too overgrown seedlings, their twigs can be used to decorate the garland. It is worth displaying small heather flowers against a light green background. They also blend in nicely with red fruit and moss.

Late summer flower bouquets can be decorated with heather. An attractive solution is to put the plants in old metal cups or jugs. The blue colour enlivens this fall decoration and gives it lightness.

One-tone combinations are always elegant and up-to-date. Remember that woven baskets must be lined with foil on the inside so that water does not seep through after watering.

Eco-friendly use for jute bags. If, for example, the bulbs of spring flowering plants were stored in it, dry scales should be shaken out of them. We wrap a clay or plastic pot in such a way as to cover all its edges well. Then we tie it, at our discretion, with a string or a coloured ribbon.

Ceramic casings not only look aesthetically but are also more stable and durable than woven baskets. The pastel colours look natural and do not compete with the beauty of the plants.
New baking trays and cans can be used to create an autumn decoration.

A small heather pot with miniature pumpkins between twigs is a lovely gift material.

A basket full of blooming heathers can attract bees to a balcony or patio in the fall.

In broad and deep pots, heathers can survive even to the next season, provided that they are regularly watered, even in winter, during the thaw.