Gray Bathroom

A gray bathroom offers great arrangement possibilities. Gray goes well with wood, white, and black and with the most solid colors and patterns. Gray bathrooms are trendy. They are incredibly versatile – almost all other colors and finishes match the gray. There is also no risk that the shade will get bored quickly, as it can be in the case of bathrooms in intense colors. This is an important fact because the general renovation of this room has been carried out once in many years.

1. Gray bathroom with wood

Grays are more and more often combined with wood. In bathrooms, i.e., rooms with high humidity, exotic wood works best, and native oak and larch. 

The same tiles were placed on the floor and ceiling in the arrangement below – gray porcelain stoneware. The varieties are boards under the bathtub and wooden cabinets with drawers under the sinks. The whole is complemented by a round mirror, matt black taps, and minor lighting points. 

Gray and wood warm the plants that can be seen through the large window – in a bathroom without a window, they can be planted in a row or on hanging shelves, creating a green “wall.”

2. Gray bathroom with white

White is the perfect addition to gray. It makes it brighter, more relaxed, and even more subdued. 

In this bathroom, gray concrete walls are juxtaposed with a white floor (stoneware), white fittings, and a countertop on the cabinet. The whole thing looks fresh and modern.

In bathrooms with darker walls, lighting is crucial – this arrangement uses minor points of light, which are evenly distributed over the entire ceiling surface.

3. Gray bathroom with black

When a small bathroom is decorated in darker shades of gray, you need to be careful not to let the room become too gloomy. A large mirror is essential – it will visually enlarge the space.

In this loft-style bathroom, instead of stoneware, glazed gray tiles in the shape of bricks would also work great.

4. Gray bathroom in a modern style

Gray doesn’t have to mean boredom. Bathroom tiles in this color can have various textures and patterns.

The bathroom in the photo below uses square,  shaded and raw tiles. An excellent treatment is combining the shower with the bathtub and separating this space with transparent glass, which does not reduce the length.

5. Gray retro bathroom

A gray bathroom does not always have to be modern and minimalist. Just take a look at the arrangement below – the grays fit beautifully into the interior in a classic style.

Gray bathroom furniture (now very fashionable) with flat fronts and cutters is combined with a marble top, golden tap, and lighting. At first, a glance is more associated with a living room or a bedroom than a bathroom. The central point is also a rectangular mirror in a decorative frame, which optically enlarges the space.