During the holiday season, we often give our friends poinsettia seedlings. If we want to provide a gift for a person who is a lover of natural materials, it is worth reaching for a jute sack instead of paper or foil. Accessories straight from the garden will fit it perfectly! See how easy it is!

Jute is a grateful reusable material that is associated with a Santa’s gift bag. Therefore, a plant in a pack of such material can become a pleasant surprise for a loved one.

To make this decoration, you will need:

  • Poinsettia seedling 12-13 cm in diameter
  • Burlap sack
  • Velvet ribbon
  • Pot cover
  • Larch twig with cones
  • Scissors

Step 1

Place the pot cover in a burlap bag and let the bag drop down a bit; it will then look natural. Then tie the bag with a velvet ribbon.

Step 2

Pass the larch twig with cones under the ribbon and then place the seedling with the poinsettias in the casing.