DIY Christmas Decorations

Vases with colorful Bethlehem stars, green Christmas tree branches, and shiny Christmas decorations look very elegant. They will decorate both the festive table and the chest of drawers or windowsill at home. The suggestion is how to make simple Christmas decorations in vases yourself.

Christmas decorations in a vase – baubles not only for the Christmas tree

We can use colorful baubles not only as a Christmas tree decoration. They look beautiful when arranged in vases. How to create an eye-catching table centerpiece or Christmas composition? Let’s put two types of baubles in the vase. Let’s contrast smooth ornaments with gold-plated ones, matt ones with shiny ones, bigger ones with smaller ones, or use color contrasts: combine red baubles with gold ones, golden ones with green ones, navy blue ones with silver ones, and silver ones with pink ones. Simple and effective decoration, right?

Christmas decorations in vases – a vase with lamps

A vase with lamps is a straightforward Christmas decoration. Put colorful or single-color LED lights in the vase. If we want, we can add baubles or other decorations. Then we put them in layers, alternating with lamps. The twinkling lights will add a cozy atmosphere to the interior, decorate the table, console, chest of drawers, or dressing table during winter evenings.

Ideas for Christmas decorations – candles in vases

A candle in a vase is a decoration that looks not only great but also smells beautiful. For fans of minimalism, we recommend a decoration consisting of a simple vase and a candle with a favorite Christmas scent. We can decorate the vase with lace or a colorful ribbon and put it inside sprigs of holly, cinnamon sticks, and anise stars.

DIY Christmas decorations – arrangements with the star of Bethlehem

Poinsettias, or Bethlehem stars, come in various sizes and colors: shades of red, pink, peach, orange, beige, and white. Let’s choose our favorite colors. They will add charm to the reeds and present themselves beautifully in vases placed on the festive table.

We can put bouquets with the star of Bethlehem on the table, but single flowers in narrow, small vases arranged in a row will also be a great decoration. Let’s put poinsettias in pots in even larger glass vases. Then cover the pot with moss, decorate it with a ribbon and baubles. In this way, we will create a beautiful Christmas decoration ( you can see a photo of it in the gallery). And if we prefer more ornate decorations, because we associate Christmas with an abundance of colors, add cones, holly twigs, cinnamon sticks, dried lemons and oranges, anise stars, cloves, nuts, and Christmas tree branches to the composition.

Miniature Bethlehem stars look great in glass baubles. Take the plants out of the pots, cover them with moss, and put them in the baubles. Fill the remaining space with moss so that the poinsettias do not fall out. We should tie such decorations with colorful ribbons. Now we can let down on the Christmas tree or over the fireplace.

DIY Christmas decorations – candy vase

We need two vases of different sizes and colorful sweets (we can also use small pine cones or small baubles). Put the smaller vase in the bigger one. Fill the space between them with sweets, for example, colorful candies. Fill the smaller vase with water and put a Christmas bouquet of poinsettias in it.

Christmas decorations – what instead of a vase?

What to replace a vase with? Cups, vases, bowls, platters (we can put baubles on them), plates, and even jars and bottles in various colors and shapes will be suitable for Christmas decorations. Let’s surrender to the magic of Christmas and our fantasy; this year, let’s make Christmas decorations ourselves!