We think about Christmas long before it comes. We go through the decorations, buy new ones, and sometimes we make them ourselves. We advise you how to arrange a house for the holidays in several of the most popular styles.

Scandinavian style Christmas decorations

We usually associate Christmas with the colors green and red, with the glitter of gold and silver. How about this year’s Christmas from a different, Scandinavian perspective? Let’s try to introduce more materials and colors taken from nature into the apartments – let’s look for decorations made of wood, rattan braids, trinkets in shades of white and neutral beige. Although it will be different from usual, a house decorated in this way will not lose its Christmas magic.

Admittedly, we are used to the tablecloth on the festive table, but in a Scandinavian-style arrangement, we can give it up – provided that our table is made of wood. If it is wood in a natural color, the tableware can be white, and if the table is bleached, the plates and platters can be gray, brown, or even black. Due to the small number of decorations, so characteristic of this style, let’s go a step further – let each place setting consist of three plates, one of which will be white, the other gray, and the third black. The whole thing is placed on a rootstock cut from a tree trunk.

Fur cushions on the chairs – and if we are going to seat our guests on the benches – put fur rugs or ecological leather on them. The Scandinavian character of the arrangement will be perfectly emphasized by paper stars (in the form of decorations or lamps) hung in the windows or over the festive table. We should also remember proper lighting for the holidays – the Scandinavian style means bright interiors in which many lamps are lit after dark. For these few days, we will provide additional lighting using LED lamps, light chains not only on the Christmas tree (where cotton ball chains will also be used), and lanterns. And if the arrangement with a predominance of white and gray turns out to be too gloomy, add one intense color – e.g., red – in the form of napkins on the table, blankets, and baubles on the Christmas tree.

Christmas in an elegant edition

The elegant interior is characterized by a limited color palette, suitable quality materials, and sophisticated decorations. We often associate this style with gloss – chrome lamp bases, furniture knobs, and a metal plate on the table shine. And how to arrange a modern, elegant interior on the occasion of Christmas? An arrangement that could seem austere and cool daily should be warmed with fur cushions and blankets (on the sofa and armchairs). Metal, glass, or plastic should be used for Christmas decorations, but they must have a gleaming surface, ideally silver. Beads resembling pearls will also work great – in the form of Christmas tree chains, woven into a wreath on a window or door, or placed on a conical structure resembling a Christmas tree.

On the festive table, satin napkins in rings resembling authentic jewelry, minimalist metal candlesticks, and transparent empty glass baubles that we will place at different points on the table (we can pour beads into them) will be helpful. Large lanterns in chrome frames with candles or chains of battery-operated LED lights will also look extremely elegant. Little silver Christmas trees and white angels will also look attractive in such an arrangement – the decoration of these elements is placed on the exposed window sill, chest of drawers, and fireplace casing.

Holidays in the style of folk: Christmas on a folk note

Attachment to tradition during Christmas is for some a screening of “Kevin alone at home,” for others, drawing inspiration from the habits of our grandparents. Indeed, many of us will reach for proven recipes that are passed down from generation to generation and only taken out of the drawer once a year. But we understand folk style holidays primarily as a stylized arrangement of the house that will evoke the spirit of past centuries. So what are “folk holidays”?

First and foremost, it is a living tree with a great deal of wood (furniture and accessories) and vibrant colors. Folk patterns should be seen on tablecloths, cushions, rugs, solitary tableware, and gift wraps, among other things. The plates on the festive table can be decorated with hay (spreading them around the place setting), and linen napkins can be trimmed with a lace ribbon for a better effect. The central decoration of the table should be a wooden nativity scene (instead of on the table, it can be placed on a chest of drawers). The Christmas tree should be decorated with straw, crochet stars, and angels.

Holidays in eco style

Eco-style decorations for the holidays give us a lot of scope for creativity. We can boldly use almost everything we bring from the forest or garden, i.e., cones, branches, nuts, chestnuts (collected a bit earlier), dried leaves, tree bark, moss, hay. It is also worth visiting the pantry – fruit (both fresh and dried), cinnamon bark, gingerbread (as Christmas decorations), the pasta will work great.

Some of the proposals may seem surprising, so we suggest how to use them to prepare Christmas decorations:

  • Christmas decorations – pine cones, gingerbread cookies, and pasta compositions on strings or ribbons
  • decoration in a vase – branches + Christmas decorations
  • a wreath (star) for a door or wall-nuts, cones, leaves, twigs; as a combination of these materials or just one of them
  • table decoration – pieces of moss spread between the covers; green branches arranged along with the table (in the middle) decorated with pine cones; oranges in various places with slit skin and cloves stuck in (for a pleasant scent)
  • lantern decoration – tree bark and cinnamon sticks (we attach them around the lantern with glue or string)
  • Dried orange slices are connected with a thick thread to make a decorative chain for the Christmas tree (edges).

Christmas: boho style decorations

The boho style is characterized by a wealth of patterns and colors, often of oriental origin. Such a fantasy patchwork arrangement will be perfect for Christmas, which has a bit of magic in itself. The boho style is a mix of elements, the combination of which seems random at first glance. After a while, however, it grows clear that they have been selected according to a strictly defined key: intense colors, rich decorations, often hand-made. There is room for gilded candlesticks, a burgundy suede pouf decorated with fringes, and grandma’s tapestries – and all these elements will work together because this is the style – like a Gypsy woman with an artistic flair.

And how to arrange Christmas in a boho style? Let’s start with dark colors with which we will create the starting base. Bottle green, burgundy, navy blue, indigo, and purple will bring a somewhat mysterious atmosphere to the interior. Let them appear on textiles that can be replaced when the colors get bored – pillowcases, covers, or curtains are more accessible to replace with new ones than, for example, a sofa. We can put (apart from bright baubles) bows, pompoms, tassels, feather ornaments, and artificial flowers on the Christmas tree. Wherever we can – on chests of drawers, table, window sills, and even in several places on the floor (if we do not have small children), we place lanterns and candlesticks (gold or silver) – we do not have to light them all, every second is enough to create a unique atmosphere in the evening. Tableware for Christmas Eve should also be decorative – and if we have white, let’s take care of a colorful tablecloth, gilded cutlery, and maroon water glasses. Artificial gemstones can be spread between the covers, and purple organza bows (pieces of which can also be used for wrapping gifts) tie bows on the backs of the chairs.

Christmas decorations: praise of tradition

One could speak for a long time about the uniqueness and artistic value of BolesÅ‚awiec porcelain. Hand-decorated tableware has been pleasing our eyes for many years and decorating tables – now it’s time for ceramic Christmas decorations. Patterns that have been associated with plates or jugs so far can now be used to decorate the Christmas tree – with the help of baubles and bells, which have also been painted by hand.

Christmas is not only about decorations – don’t forget gifts!

Holidays wouldn’t be what they are without the gifts. For many people (even adults), unwrapping gifts from loved ones (and giving them) is the culminating moment they wait for more than for a gala dinner. Every year, however, we face the problem of choosing not only the right gift but also it’s the packaging. We can always, of course, use ready-made bags available in almost all stores before Christmas. However, since we decide to prepare a Christmas arrangement in a specific style, why not similarly wrap gifts?

Here are our gift wrapping ideas to match each style:

  • Scandinavian style – brown paper + string + green branch + stamp with wishes or name
  • elegance and modernity – a silver-colored handbag, into which we put a gift wrapped in black crumpled paper + the first letter of the name pasted with self-adhesive artificial stones (rhinestones)
  • eco style – linen cloth with an attractive decorative pattern + string (the recipient can then use the cloth in the kitchen)
  • on a folk note – wrapping paper with a folk pattern + lace ribbon
  • Boho style – purple paper + black organza + gold ribbon + black and gold baubles (very small, can be plastic) to stick on top.