Cottage Cleaning

Cleaning of cottages with your own hands or a professional company

Serious cleaning, like everything else, requires particular skills to get the correct result. Of course, you can randomly vacuum the floor and fold everything without any strategy. But all you end up doing is creating more clutter.

That is why we have developed a list of services provided by professional cleaners. For them, cleaning the cottage is a daily chore. After reading these tips, you can understand whether you can clean your place with your own hands or not without an invitation from a cleaning company.

Cleaning the cottage in several stages

Cleaning the dust in the cottage

Do not randomly remove dust from surfaces. Professionals remove dust from left to right and top to bottom. This way, they get the job done in one go and quickly.

Water removes dust by 90%. However, the use of unique products for surfaces removes 100% of dust and disinfects surfaces. In this case, cleaning agents should be selected according to the type of surface to be cleaned. Remember that most cleaning products do not disinfect instantly, so they need to be applied and allowed to sit for a few minutes. During this time, they will kill germs and decompose dirt.

Cleaning the walls of the cottage

The walls are cleaned (washed, wiped, vacuumed) from top to bottom—first, dust off ceilings and walls. Try to work on all corners and hard-to-reach places. Professionals clean walls with special tools, but a mop, for example, made of microfiber, will work for you.

Professional cleaning of cottage baseboards

Keeping your baseboards dirty will make your cottage look dirty. After repair, the skirting board is cleaned with a damp mop or microfiber cloth. An alternative to microfiber is a vacuum cleaner. In case of severe dirt, a vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning.

Cottage floor cleaning

Construction dust after renovation is quite heavy and settles mainly on horizontal surfaces. It will be extremely difficult or very long to remove all construction dust from the floor with a traditional mop and a rag or a mop with a nozzle.

Professionals clean the floor with special floor cleaning devices reminiscent of a washing vacuum cleaner. This allows a professional cleaner to thoroughly clean the floor in a large cottage in two hours. By the way, general cleaning of the cottage by Mactailor in the “premium” class takes 6-9 hours and is carried out by three employees.

If you have the means of mechanization, there is one room where you will have to wash the floors by hand. This is the bathroom. Everything here will have to be washed by hand, as there are too many hidden corners and hard-to-reach places in the bathroom.

Hard-to-reach places, such as the space behind the toilet, home on the sides of the sink, the floor under the bathtub, niches and shelves, if any, require special inspection.

Cleaning of furniture and interior items of the cottage

No matter how you close the furniture during the repair, it will need to be cleaned.

There is no single piece of advice here. Each upholstery material for upholstered furniture and each type of furniture requires its approach to cleaning. Furniture cleaning professionals have special tools, attachments and cleaning agents.

By the way, Mactailor has all certified cleaning products. In complex cases of furniture contamination, the company will offer you dry cleaning of furniture.

If you have fabric lampshades, you need to vacuum them. All interior items must be taken in hands and dust off from them. What can be washed must be washed.

Cleaning the kitchen of the cottage

Using a vacuum cleaner to clean kitchen floors is obvious. However, if you want your home to look professionally clean, you should also use a vacuum cleaner to clean your drawers, refrigerator, cabinets, cutlery drawer, bread bin, toaster, and stove. In the kitchen, you will have to clean all your household appliances thoroughly.

One-time general cleaning of the cottage kitchen by Mactailor will cost you only 20.64 USD.

Cleaning the sink and under the sink in the kitchen

Your kitchen sink is likely to have more bacteria than your toilet. Take time to clean and sanitize your sink. To do this, you can fill it with a solution of bleach and water, let it soak, and then drain it down the drain.

It’s too easy to neglect cleaning under the sink. However, this little-used place is very heavily polluted. If you store your trash elsewhere, be sure to pay special attention to that area.

Cleaning the toilet in the cottage

To make sure your toilet is spotless, sit in the bathroom and look around. From this perspective, you should see all the missing spots that could have been removed more neatly.

Cleaning of windows in the cottage

Professionals clean windows with special cleaning agents. Means are used both for glasses and frames. Before spraying cleaning agents, the windows are washed with a sponge and a small amount of dishwashing liquid or soap. Then, using a special squeegee, the water is driven from the glass from top to bottom. For large windows, the squeegee moves in an S-shaped path.

Washing doors and lamps

You’ve cleaned ceilings, walls, baseboards and floors, but forgetting about doors, doorframes, and lighting fixtures will make your home look like it was swept by a professional.

  • Doors, doors and trims are cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth.
  • If necessary, the lamps are cleaned, the shades are removed from them, and they are washed separately under running water.

If you have not had a refurbishment but neglected your lighting fixtures, they are probably filled with the corpses of long-dead insects. Cleaning up these hard-to-reach areas is what sets the pros apart from the rest.


Cleaning the cottage, especially after renovation, is scary in its volume. More often than not, the enthusiasm for self-cleaning soon fades, and the quality of cleaning drops to zero. No need to suffer; invite specialists, and they will clean your cottage in 2-4 / 3-6 / 6-9 hours, depending on the pollution.