Trendy Kitchen

There are endless inspirations for a kitchen arrangement. The most popular are those in Scandinavian style, but industrial and rustic kitchens are also fashionable. It is worth drawing inspiration from furniture catalogs, arrangement photos on the Internet, or friends’ apartments when designing a kitchen.

Above all, it should be remembered that the kitchen is a room where aesthetics must go hand in hand with functionality. Of course, the excellent appearance of the kitchen also matters, but the most important thing is that cooking in it is an absolute pleasure. The arrangement of each element must be well thought out, especially if you do not have too much space.

1. What to remember when designing a kitchen?

The overriding rule that applies when planning a kitchen design is the triangle rule. Professional designers use it. What does it mean?

The triangle tops are the essential kitchen appliances, i.e., a refrigerator, a stove, and a sink. The sides of the triangle are the routes that the room user must move to use these devices.

Therefore, it should be arranged that there is no more than 260-280 cm between the refrigerator and the stove and no more than 210 cm between the sink and the stove and the sink and the fridge. If the kitchen is enormous, you can draw more functional triangles.

For the preparation of meals not to be hampered, the sum of the lengths of the kitchen worktops should be more than 190 cm.

How do you plan the length of the countertops in more detail? The leading worktop should be at least 70 cm. Worktop at the stove 40 cm. Also, directly next to the refrigerator, there must be at least 40 cm of a worktop to store purchases on it.

It is believed that the refrigerator should not be adjacent to the oven, and the sink should not be adjacent to the stove. First of all – for convenience. It is also uneconomical to place a refrigerator near a radiator.

If the kitchen is to have double-row cabinets, the distance between the rows must be at least 120 cm. The dishwasher should not be placed in a corner – then it will not be possible to open it and open cabinets at the same time. 

The distance between the top and the hanging cabinets should be at least 55-60 cm. The proper placement of the hood is also important. If the cooker is electric or induction, keep a distance of approx—65 cm. If the equipment has gas burners, the hood must be placed at least 75 cm above the stove.

2. Scandinavian style kitchen – inspiration

The Scandinavian-style kitchen is the one in bright colors. It is dominated by white, light wood, and grays. The room is spacious and well-lit.

Instead of the wooden or canvas blinds, we will not find curtains or curtains (or white, almost transparent, e.g., made of fine mesh).

In a Scandinavian-style kitchen, you won’t find any knick-knacks and decorations – the less visible items on the countertops and shelves, the better. It is often combined with the Japanese style, which is also fashionable in recent years – we call this mixture of styles japan.

3. Industrial cuisine – inspirations

An industrial-style or a loft kitchen is sparing in expression – smooth materials and simple-shaped furniture dominate it. Most often, it is based on dark colors – black and various grays appear.

Loft kitchens are dominated by wood, stone, and metal. Most often, they are open to the living room and style closely related to it.

4. A tiny kitchen in a block of flats – inspirations

Even a small kitchen can be arranged functionally and comfortably. Start by identifying what needs to be in it. The most important thing is the hob and fridge (if there is enough space, you can also install a dishwasher and microwave).

How to arrange a small kitchen?  Consider built-in cabinets to the ceiling, and this will increase the amount of storage space. It is a great idea to combine the kitchen with the living room in small areas – it optically enlarges the space.

In the small kitchen in the photo below, white is chosen – a white kitchen with a wooden worktop is one of the most desired solutions. A great solution is combining cabinets with fully covered fronts with the glazed ones – the room gains lightness

5. Kitchen with a living room – inspirations

The kitchen combined with the living room is more spacious but a bit more challenging to design. This solution means that there are fewer walls in the room on which cabinets can be hung.

The kitchen with the living room combines a relaxing function with a practical one. It works well not only in small apartments but also in large single-family houses. 

For the kitchen to pass easily into the living room, it is worth placing an island or a table with chairs between the zones.

6. Kitchen with an island – inspirations

The island kitchen has no disadvantages. It is very convenient and permits you to cook with family or friends. Additionally, a stove or a sink can be placed on a large worktop. 

Remember to plan a lot of free space around the island on all sides – at least 100 cm, especially if there is also a dining area. 

7. Colors in the kitchen

The kitchen is most often designed in light colors. The basis is white, gray, and beige – these colors optically enlarge the interior but are also universal – they match all other colors and styles.

If you want a bit of extravagance and you know that you never get bored with solid colors, choose dark green or navy blue fronts – it is a hit of interior design trends.

If you love pastels, you will love a blue or pink kitchen  – these two shades go well with wood, gray, and white.

Sometimes changing the color of just one piece of furniture in the kitchen completely changes the interior. Take a look at the arrangement below – the focal point is a blue island that blends beautifully with Moroccan-style tiles.

8. More inspiration for your kitchen design

Below are some photos that may inspire you to create your dream kitchen.

A kitchen with a brick wall

Brick is one of those materials that go well with the kitchen – they create a unique atmosphere. It can be a brick in traditional orange color or painted – black or white.

Green kitchen

If you are not afraid of colors, choose fashionable green – dark green fronts that are suitable not only for rustic kitchens. Green goes well with grays, whites, and black.

Gray kitchen

Fans of white and subdued shades should consider a gray kitchen. In this arrangement, matte, milled fronts were used, which were combined with a patterned floor, a wooden top, and white.

White kitchen with wood and pastels

The matt white fronts are perfectly matched with light wood, preferably ash or beech, and pastel accents – in this case, two mint lamps above the island.