Comfortable Bedroom

Are you looking for inspiration to arrange your bedroom? Bet on one of the most fashionable styles in interior design – Scandinavian, boho, glamor, or industrial style. The bedroom is the most important place in our house or apartment (after all, we sleep 1/3 of our lives). This is where you rest after a hard day at work, relax and read books. 

There are endless inspirations for decorating a bedroom, but it is worth following a few generally accepted principles in its arrangement

1. Where to start a bedroom design?

It’s best to start your bedroom design with a bed. It defines what the room will look like – what colors it will have and its style.

The double bed with standard dimensions is 160 cm x 200 cm. Check if this size is suitable for your bedroom – if the length allows, you can choose a 200 cm x 200 cm bed, and perhaps for the benefit of space (and without compromising on comfort), a 20 cm narrower bed will be better.

Now consider whether the bed should have a headboard, and if so, what – if you are arranging a bedroom in the attic and the bed is to be at an angle, verify whether the piece of furniture will fit there.

Consider what the bedside tables/tables are supposed to be. If the room is relatively narrow and long, maybe it is better to use a more massive headboard that will play their role? 

There should also be a place for storage in the bedroom (if it is not connected to the wardrobe, all clothes are kept here). Remember that cabinets can have tilt or sliding doors (this is a perfect solution for small areas). It is worth choosing furniture built almost to the ceiling, thanks to which it will be more spacious.

2. What colors for the bedroom?

It’s on what colors you choose in your bedroom, is an individual matter – you have an excellent feel to them. For the best colors for the bedroom walls are considered all subdued blues and purples

But in the bedrooms, of course, white works great, all pastel shades, as well as subdued dark colors.

White bedroom

Traditional white walls optically enlarge the room. This is one of the most frequently chosen options – white is universal, and all other colors and styles go well.

In the arrangement below, white is combined with beige and gray and wood. The whole thing looks very cozy and fresh. 

Bedroom in beige

It is similar to beige and pastels. They do not optically reduce the space but allow you to give it an individual character.

Cream-colored walls juxtaposed with wood, braided lines, and lots of shades in earth tones are a great solution not only for small spaces.

Green bedroom

A green bedroom is a dream place for those of you who dream of soothing and calming down. It can be dark, bottle green, which goes perfectly with powder pink, white, and browns, but any dim and pastel shades will work just as well.

Gray bedroom

Grays are perfect for modern interiors. They have the advantage that both pastels and stronger colors are suitable for them.

In interior design, there is often a theme of combining several different grays at once – this makes the whole thing elegant and chic, mainly if we use noble materials and stucco in decorating the bedroom.

Dark bedroom

Dark colors make the room a bit smaller but make it more secluded and intimate. Graphite, navy blue, chocolate brown, and even black will work well.

It is best to paint a maximum of two walls for small bedrooms, and for large rooms, all four can be dark.

3. Bedrooms – inspirations in the Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style has been conquering interior design trends for several years. What is the characteristic of a bedroom in this style? Simplicity, functionality, and coziness at the same time.

The essential material is wood in the arrangement below, but in several shades – the floor is wood, furniture, accessories, and decorative panels on the wall. 

The Scandinavian style is dominated by earth tones – gray, white, and brown with black. One of the essential elements of the decor is perfectly designed furniture and objects – lamps, coffee tables, and armchairs. 

4. Bedrooms – inspirations in a glamor style

A glamor-style bedroom is often a duo of white and black or dark gray combined with shiny, richly decorated accessories.

This is where upholstered velour beds, crystal chandeliers, and golden mirrors can appear. 

5.Bedrooms – boho style inspirations 

The boho style, like the Scandinavian style, is based on earth tones. The dominant colors are white, beige, and brown with mustard yellow, brick tones, and green. Boho also includes natural materials such as wood, cotton, and linen

How does it differ from others? First of all, the presence of woven accessories and furniture, e.g., made of seagrass or straw – armchairs, lamps, or baskets. One of the hallmarks is large round mirrors, Aztec pillows, and thick plaited rugs and carpets.

In the second arrangement in the boho style, gray-green walls and wooden accessories were used. Beautiful vases complement the whole with bouquets and twigs.

6. Bedrooms – inspirations in an industrial style

The loft bedroom is hugely atmospheric. What to do to achieve this effect? It is worth choosing raw-looking walls – structural plaster that imitates concrete, concrete slabs, or natural brick (it can be painted white). 

An industrial-style bedroom also includes metal lamps and furniture (inexpensive furniture made of pallets will be perfect ) as well as subdued, cool colors.

7. Small bedroom inspiration

A small bedroom is one with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 8-10 m2. It can accommodate a bed, bedside tables, and a wardrobe with sliding doors.

An excellent procedure that brilliantly enlarges the interior is to hang a mirror just above the bed. It is worth focusing on furniture with shiny fronts that reflect the light and light curtains that will not overwhelm the interior.

In small bedrooms, a bed with a bedding container or a slightly higher one, with drawers in which you can hide not only duvets and pillows but a few other small things, works well. 

We usually choose light colors for small spaces – white, beige, and pastels, but the arrangement below is the best example that you should not be afraid of intense or even dark colors!

The sea-green wall makes the interior more atmospheric and intimate. Patterned wallpaper would also work great in this room.

In the arrangement below, a concrete wall is combined with brick and white, brightening the interior. It was also good to use a hardwood floor – a dark carpet would overwhelm the interior.

8. Bedroom in the attic – inspiration

The attic bedroom is usually very charming and romantic. The slants make the interior optically slightly smaller and thus make it cozier.

In such small spaces, white and light colors work best – the walls with skylights must be white. In the bedroom below, warm beige and wood were also used.

The attic does not have to mean a shallow knee wall (the one on which the roof structure rests). In the bedroom below, the slant is very high, which gives greater arrangement possibilities.