Set Up A Tiny Hall

A small hall can be functional and comfortable. All you have to do is choose bright colors, choose the right size furniture and hang a large mirror. A small hall – a tough nut to crack. After all, it is a space to leave outer garments, but also to welcome guests – it should be practical and arranged as carefully as the living room or kitchen because it is proof of the whole apartment. 

What should be in every hall? A place for a hanger, a small seat (in small hallways, the ideal solution is a seat mounted to the wall, unfolding only when needed), and a mirror. Check out the tricks that will make your small hall optically more spacious and brighter than it is!

1. Choose the right colors

Colors do have power. Opt for bright walls in a small hall. Paint them, e.g., white or cream – fashionable pastels will also work great.

If you dream of a wallpaper, choose a veneer in the most delicate pattern or lay it only from a certain height (combining, for example, with wooden paneling) – it will optically increase the interior.

Avoid graphic patterns because they optically reduce the space of a small hall. If you have paneling from years ago, you don’t have to pick it off – paint it white.

2. Choose a floor

Interior designers often propose to lay the same floor in a small hall as in other rooms. Due to the lack of divisions, the interior seems more significant and more spacious. 

As with the colors of the walls, the floor should be light. Also, remember that it should be durable and easy to keep clean because it needs to be washed frequently.

3. Don’t clutter the small hall

Avoid excess furniture, but also make sure that your shoes do not stand on the floor, and that small items (such as a bunch of keys) are not on the shelf. Also, do not hang a lot of clothes on open hangers. If possible, hide in the wardrobe and buy a wall cabinet for keys – in interior design stores, you will find a lot of designer cabinets, which are practical and emphasize the character of the interior.

If there is a wardrobe in your small hall, choose the one built right up to the ceiling – every free space is worth its weight in gold.

4. Choose the size of the furniture

If you have a small and narrow hall, opt for a shallow piece of furniture, such as a shoe cabinet 18 cm deep instead of 40 cm. You will gain 22 cm, which is quite a lot in a small area.

You can also get a hanging piece of furniture. When you relieve the floor, the room will feel much more spacious.

We advise against dark furniture because it can overwhelm the space. However, those with glass or mirrored doors or a high-gloss lacquered board that reflects light are recommended.

5. Take care of plenty of light

Don’t limit yourself to the chandelier hanging in the hall. Try to place a few points of light. These can be spotlights in the ceiling or wall or wall lamps. Thanks to the fact that the room will be brighter, it will seem larger and cozier.

6. Hang a large mirror

Ideally, it should be a mirror sheet without massive frames because it optically enlarges the interior the most.

Thin metal frames – gold, silver, or black, which will emphasize the character of the interior, will also work great.

7. Think about demolishing partition walls

If your hall is tiny, think about giving up partition walls and opening them to the living room. This will allow you to look at this space differently and arrange it.