A compact kitchen brings many difficulties during renovation, and a small kitchen combined with a living room or bedroom entails even more significant problems. Fortunately, mistakes in kitchen design in a studio can be avoided: here are some of the most common ones.

1. Weak draft

The big mistake that studio owners often make is to refuse to use a hood or buy an insufficiently robust device. The unpleasant odor of cooking food can be bothersome, causing discomfort to those in the living area. Unfortunately, an open window cannot replace forced ventilation.

2. Lack of space

The cooking area is often overloaded with various utensils and household appliances. The room’s location is not too large in the studio, so the storage of items should be thought out in advance. It would be best to give up household appliances that you do not use and reduce the number of dishes for starters. Perhaps you can quickly ditch the oven and replace the hob with a compact two-burner hob? Or a small refrigerator that fits in a cabinet is enough for you? Custom built-in furniture is ideal. But even from a modular kitchen, you can create a beautiful and comfortable set by combining the elements with a solid worktop. 

3. Lack of zoning

Dividing the studio into functional zones is the primary task when renovating an apartment. It is essential to distinguish between the cooking area and the bedroom to ensure a harmonious interior. Ignoring this rule will lead to a lack of personal space if there are two living in the studio, as well as the feeling that you “live in the kitchen.”

Zoning is possible in several ways:

  • Partition. It is not the best option because it “eats up” the space with insufficient space.
  • Bar counter. Suitable for young, dynamic people, it serves as an additional work surface. It can be light and almost invisible or protrude as a peninsula with a place to store kitchen utensils.
  • Different wall or floor coverings. The technique allows you to divide the area for cooking and rest visually.
  • Multilevel floor. The delimitation of the two functional zones with a step will look entirely organic.
  • Curtain. A budget way to create a mobile “partition” that will add comfort to the interior.
  • Table and chairs. The dining group will become a mini-dining room and divide the room into zones.

4. Style mismatch

When arranging a kitchen in a studio apartment, do not forget about design. An interior designed in a particular style will look more expensive and distract attention from the room’s imperfections.

The room should look harmonious: for this, stop at one of the modern styles and, if possible, follow it. Do not be afraid of a too precise repetition of design techniques or photographs from the Internet: personal preferences, furniture, and decor already purchased will make their adjustments. Scandinavian style, contemporary, minimalism is well suited for small studios.

5. Cheap kitchen apron

When the budget for finishing the kitchen is limited, the apron is chosen as inexpensive as possible. This mistake leads to the fact that the entire interior looks cheap, even if hundreds of dollars are given for the headset. In the studio, the problem aggravated because the kitchen is constantly in sight: over time, an ugly work area will become annoying.

After the walls are covered with streaks and stains, saving on an apron (wallpaper or paint instead of tiles or glass) becomes an additional cost. We recommend choosing a discreet but stylish apron to your liking so that it becomes a decoration of the situation or, conversely, does not attract too much attention.

6. Materials that are difficult to care for

The cooking area gets dirty every day and too quickly, so choose materials that are easy to clean.

  • Avoid dark glossy finishes that show fingerprints.
  • Choose large tiles with a smooth matte texture and minimal seams instead of embossed tiles or backsplash mosaics. An alternative option is a glass.
  • To decorate the floor of a bedroom or living room in a studio, use warm coatings (wood, laminate), and practical ceramic tiles or linoleum for the kitchen.
  • When hanging open shelves, remember that items on them quickly become covered with dust.
  • Do not put a rug in the kitchen area: you will have to wash it too often if you cook a lot.

7. Artificial narrowing of space

Sometimes we do not notice what exactly hides the area and makes the kitchen closer. How can we avoid this error? First, remove unnecessary items from horizontal surfaces by hiding them behind facades. The more visual noise, the more cluttered the kitchen seems, so wallpaper with patterns, tiles, and textiles with prints are best left for spacious rooms. Unloaded the room – pay attention to the light. Do not block the studio windows with thick curtains with multilevel folds and lambrequins: give preference to translucent curtains or roller blinds. Provide good illumination for each functional area.

Avoid these mistakes to make your studio kitchen as attractive, comfortable, and practical as possible.