Living Room In An Eclectic Manner

The living room in an eclectic style combines color contrasts, seemingly mismatched patterns, and designs from different eras. A living room in an eclectic style will appeal to all individualists. What is eclecticism? It is a combination of patterns, forms, and designs from different eras.  There is no single picture or sentence that describes what an eclectic style should look like. Each eclectic interior is wholly different and characteristic of the person who arranged it.  It is worth remembering to keep moderation in mixing the elements – eclecticism does not mean a mess – the whole thing only seemingly does not fit together. Still, it creates a harmonious, though crazy composition. 

How to create an interior in an eclectic style? It is worth starting by choosing 3-4 themes (let them be styled in art, colors, patterns, etc.) that you will stick to strictly.

1. A riot of colors

Eclectic style loves colors! If you choose white walls in your living room, hang pictures, photos, and graphics in colorful frames on them.

It is best to have a mish you have – what will be on them, let it describe your interests and what you like, but let the whole thing look like a controlled mess.

2. Stucco on the walls

Stucco is an inexpensive and quick way to change the walls in the living room effectively. You can buy them in all DIY stores for a dozen or so zlotys. 

Plaster stucco is exceptionally fashionable, and when attached to the wall, it is painted with it in one color. As a result, the interior becomes refined and elegant – it is worth breaking it with some intensely colorful accessories – in this case, these are colored frames.

3. A multitude of patterns

This corner in the living room is the quintessential eclectic style – patterned upholstery on the armchair, paintings on the wall, 1950s-style cabinet, 1960s porcelain, old herringbone parquet ( terrazzo would also work great ), and a metal lamp in an industrial style. 

4. Combining styles

Eclecticism combines many elements taken from the boho, vintage, and glamor styles in this living room with dining room. An old wooden table and chairs, a woven lamp, a clay vase, stucco work, enameled dishes, and rattan accessories create a coherent whole.

5. Vintage furniture and accessories

No eclectic living room can do without vintage furniture. Currently, chests of drawers, cabinets, and shelves straight from the Polish People’s Republic are extremely fashionable – the whole property is complemented by a modern glass table and a metal lamp.

If you are not a fan of furniture from the 60s and 70s, choose old porcelain or glass – one cup, vase, or candlestick placed on a shelf will give your interior a unique character.

6. Gold and glamor

Unlike the Hampton-style lounge, where bright colors and subdued patterns prevail, the eclectic style loves intense colors, gold, and fancy motifs.

In this living room, deep turquoise appears on the walls and the curtains and pillows. What’s more, it does not appear alone and in a duet with a beautiful red shade. The whole is decorated with gold – the mirror, lighting, and table are golden.