Kitchen Designs With Wooden Fronts

The kitchen with wooden fronts looks elegant and tasteful. The most popular are beech, oak, and ash wood fronts. Wooden kitchen fronts are a great solution, especially if the kitchen is open to the living room  – then wood is a perfect complement and extension of the living room. Wood is a highly versatile ( goes well with everything) and a very noble material – beech, oak, and ash are the most frequently chosen ones.

1. Wooden fronts and pastels

Wooden fronts go well with all pastel shades. In this kitchen with an island, the designers decided to put out mint – it appears on the wall and chairs by the island.

Black elements complement the whole – a fashionable cupboard suspended from the ceiling and kitchen appliances.

2. Wooden fronts and white

Lightwood is a perfect addition to white. In this kitchen, the walls are white (you can see fashionable tiles between the cabinets ), and the countertops and a ceramic sink.

The addition is black elements – fittings and kitchen appliances (gas stove and oven).

3. Rustic style kitchen

Wooden fronts are the best complement to a rustic-style kitchen. In this room, dark wood is combined with raw concrete and loft lighting.

An old wooden floor, a large enamel sink with a golden tap, and a carpet from the PRL style add an unusual atmosphere.

4. Japan-style kitchen

Japandi is a style in interior design that is a combination of Japanese simplicity and Scandinavian design.

One of the basic materials used in japan is wood – in this kitchen, the fronts are wooden, and the floor, chairs, and table.

5. Wooden fronts and steel

In this kitchen with an island, the warm and cozy wood material is combined with something as cool and raw as steel (cooker and extractor hood). Effect? Sensational! 

The interior is hot with a white, painted wooden floor and ceiling and numerous accessories – cast iron pots, porcelain cups, and an oil painting.

6. Wooden fronts and dark gray

Dark, graphite color is perfect for wooden fronts. Lightwood has been combined with a stone countertop, white wall, and a wooden floor (in a slightly lighter shade than the fronts).

It is worth paying attention to the handles – they are thin and very subtle, almost invisible.