Most people shop for living room furniture at IKEA, one of the largest furniture retailers in the world.

Following are IKEA living room design for your interiors

1. What should you think about while you’re getting started?

The stylistic direction is the first thing to think about. Ikea is appropriate for modern living rooms, such as scandi, loft, minimalism, and Provence. However, it will not work in an Art Deco or Baroque setting.

The following are some of the advantages of using Ikea in the gym:

  • The best price-to-design-to-quality ratio. Ikea furniture isn’t inexpensive. However, if you try to get counterparts from other furniture manufacturers, you will find that they are even more expensive.
  • They are keeping up with the times. Both classic and ultramodern solutions are available for purchase.
  • Modularity. The majority of the cabinet furniture is modular, which means it may be built in various sizes and any order.
  • A wide range of materials is available, from the low-cost LACK made of chipboard and paper to the high-end NORROKER built of solid wood.

2. Organized storage

Choose a storage system to begin your IKEA living room interior design. Its look is determined by the amount of available space and the items that must be housed. Choose modular walls if the living area demands a wardrobe for clothes, TV, books, and other small items. They blend a fashionable style with functionality and space.

OPHUS, BILLY, and BESTO are among the examples. Free-standing tall cabinets, wall units, locked cupboards, and glass cases are all part of the system.

  • The well-known KALLAX or the low-cost equivalent FRIDLEV will assist in replacing the TV stand and the organization of minor items. The filling is the most crucial factor in the appearance of the cell rack. Don’t forget to acquire baskets, doors, and drawers as well.

Tiny wall shelves – EKET, LAKK, BERGSHULT – are preferred in designing a small IKEA living room since they can be attached wherever. They are small, yet they can partially replace larger cabinets or racks.

3. What are the most acceptable options for upholstered furniture?

  • The sofa is the king of the living room! The store provides a vast selection of upholstered furniture, so you’ll have no trouble finding something that fits your needs in terms of size, color, and usefulness.
  • For a tiny living area, KLIPPAN is a cost-effective alternative. The 180 * 88 cm size will fit into even the smallest of spaces. It’s big enough for two persons.
  • GIMMARD and BRISSUND are cheap three-seater variants that convert to a bed. The transformation mechanism is an ordinary book, and there is a large storage compartment for bedding behind the seat. Straight and angular variants with a chaise longue are available.
  • Bright ASKESTA is a more modern and beautiful straight sofa bed. A click-blot transition mechanism and a spacious linen drawer are among the model’s features. Holmlund is a corner version with a dolphin mechanism and a laundry box under the ottoman.
  • If the preceding models’ coverings are fabric, GESSBERG and LIDHULT differ in terms of leather upholstery. Folding is the first, and static is the second.

The number of additional soft accessories you choose is determined by your particular preferences as well as the size of your living area. There is enough room in the large room for two armchairs; choose from the same line as the sofa or purposely different versions. STRANDMON, WEDBU, and POENG are the most popular.

Poufs can be found in the same series as a sofa or armchair or a completely different style: the attractive wicker HAMLEGULT will complement a Scandinavian room. In contrast, the subtle grey OMTENKSAM will complement a minimalistic design.

4. Which fabrics and curtains should you use?

Without warm fabrics, IKEA living room furniture would appear dull in the interior. Choose the lighter, fluttering ANNALISE curtains or LILLEGERD tulle for a standard living room where you do not plan to sleep every night.

Don’t forget about pillows to make your home look more stylish: ornamental models start at 49 rubles (TRILL). In this scenario, you can buy a ready-made model and put it together yourself using the base and pillowcase of your choice.

A blanket can be used to dress up a sofa, coffee table, or fireplace: choose from classic checkered ANNAMIA or knitted YIGABRITTA.

Carpets hold a unique place in the hearts of Ikea devotees: they can make a room feel warm and inviting! The series PERSISK, STOCKHOLM, VINDUM will work well in the living room.

5. What are the options for zoning?

The IKEA decor does not necessitate investigation; all ideas may be found on the website or presentation halls. The following are the three types of zoning:

  • Curtain Simple, inexpensive, and delicious! According to the manufacturers, it can separate the living room from the bedroom or study. Move the curtain away from the wall when the definition is no longer be required.

  • Sofa. Place a couch across to signal that one zone has ended and another has begun. Fortunately, the backdrops on Ikea models are well-designed.

  • Shelving is a term used to describe the storage of items. The well-known KALLAX is an excellent choice. Solves the storage problem while also sharing space.

6. The furniture and lights.

There should be loads of light in the living room! Focus on more light rather than the ceiling if you want to achieve hygge. Suitable decorative lighting includes:

  • Floor lamps are available (floor lamps). For decoration, use SCAFTET, LAUTERS, or KNIXHULT; for reading, use NUP or SKURUP.
  • A desk lamp is required. FADOU, MISTERGULD, OTSKEN, and EVEDAL are on the side tables and the work table.
  • Sconce. RANARP is stylish, ALENG is cozy, and NIMONE is humble.

In addition to lamps and textiles, there are many other decor options. Suitable for the living room:

  1. Paintings. Everyone will find something of their individual in the list PYETTERID, BURKSTA, FRIDENE.

2. Vases. FĂ–RENLIG, TONSETA, SALON look excellent, both empty and full. By the way, a filling can also be found in Ikea: for example, SMIKKA bouquets.

3. Watch. They can also become a bright accessory, especially when it comes to SNIDER or KUTTERSMUKK.

4. Candles. Scandinavian countries are obsessed with candles, so in Ikea, you can find your taste, color, and smell!