Husk-Shaped Mosaic Tile

The scale-shaped mosaic can be placed on the entire wall or be just a decorative element in a vertical or horizontal strip. The fish-scale mosaic appeared in interior trends last year but is only now experiencing its real boom. 

The most common is the one in blue shades – blue, navy blue, and turquoise. Dark green and white are also famous. You will find both a mosaic with a glossy, glazed surface and a matte-satin, perfectly smooth mosaic on the market.

1. Kitchen with a white mosaic

We start our review with the most toned-down mosaic in terms of color. White, glazed, highly glossy tiles look great with blue and gray kitchen fronts. The whole thing is modern and not recombined.

2. Bathroom with navy blue mosaic

In this bathroom, the fish scale mosaic only appeared on one wall in the shower. It has a beautiful, deep, navy blue color. In contrast, it is juxtaposed with large marble tiles and white wooden paneling.

The addition is golden elements – retro-style lighting, mirror frames, and fittings. It is a perfect solution for small bathrooms.

3. Mosaic all over the kitchen wall

In this island kitchen, a mosaic appeared all over the wall. It looks amazingly combined with white, wood, and black.

If you decide on such a solution, give up the remaining patterns in the room, let the mosaic play a leading role.

4. Mosaic on the wall with a mirror

A light blue mosaic is a good background for oval mirrors (one large round mirror, for example, in a golden frame, would also work well here ).

The rest of the bathroom is very subdued – white, wooden furniture and the same tiles on the floor and walls bring harmony to the interior.

5. Mosaic in the shower

The mosaic works great in the shower, especially the turquoise one! It was placed on all three walls and juxtaposed with wallpaper with a fruit pattern and white tiles with bricks. The whole thing looks very holiday-like.

6. Blue mosaic and wood in the kitchen

The blue mosaic fits beautifully with light, wooden fronts, a stone floor, and a carpet in the PRL style. The room is illuminated by a white tabletop, white walls, and golden accessories – handles and fittings.