Living room at sunset

It’s difficult to talk about monostils today. Already almost no one recreates pure classics or pure Provence in their home – rather, they mix elements, add details so that one of the directions dominates over the other. Nevertheless, we are used to distinguishing styles, and among a large list of different interior aesthetics, we can select the most “summer” ones – due to their characteristics and the atmosphere with which they are associated.

1. Boho

1. 01 Boho

1. 02 Boho

1. 03 Boho

1. 04 Boho

Bohemian style is very loose. It involves self-expression, bright colors, natural textiles, an abundant amount of decor and plants. Braided accessories are also welcome. Boho has several directions. You can go into ethnic boho, adding oriental accents, or in scandi-boho , enlivening light walls and minimalistic furnishings with accent decor, wicker details and greenery. Boho is associated with summer due to its colors, abundance of accessories and simple life.

2. Mediterranean

1. 01 Mediterranean

1. 02 Mediterranean

1. 03 Mediterranean

1. 04 Mediterranean

1. 05 Mediterranean

The Mediterranean style has developed from the features of several coastal countries. Basically, there are two directions: Greek and Italian. The first one is characterized by plastered textured walls, fresh shades (blue, blue, azure), a lot of light and general lightness. For the Italian direction –  beige colors , brickwork, but less brutal, wood. In general, this style is associated with warmth, coastal wind and spaciousness.

The style is easy to recreate in a city apartment, if you choose a neutral wall palette, add textures, light textiles (tulle on the windows is perfect) and dilute with unobtrusive decor, mosaics and bright accent tiles in the patchwork style. 

3. Ecostyle

3. 01 Ecostyle

3. 02 Ecostyle

They are used to singling out the eco-friendly style in a separate direction, although the features of environmental friendliness can be guessed in almost every modern interior today. They are simple: natural materials both in decoration and in furniture, a small amount of decor, visual space, features of rational resource consumption (after all, environmental friendliness is also a way of life). Warm colors, a significant amount of green plants, and wicker elements will make the interior more summer.

4. Country

4. 01 Country

4. 02 Country

4. 03 Country

4. 04 Country

Rustic style is very cozy. It is associated with summer time – after all, it is in the warm season that many more often spend time outside the city. Country style is characterized by rough natural materials, a lot of wood, natural prints like cages or botany. The color scheme should also be natural (and what else can there be in the “village”?) Moreover, the style is quite multifaceted. It can look more brutal with brick and stone elements, more romantic in light pastel colors, and bright and summery with more color.

Pure country in an apartment is unlikely to take root, in a country house – more likely. But to add a summer and warm atmosphere, it is enough to use bright textiles, choose decorative elements in a rustic style (paintings, vases with flowers), put a cozy armchair and a soft sofa.

5. Mid-century modern

5. 01 Mid-century modern

5. 02 Mid-century modern

5. 03 Mid-century modern

The style of the middle of the last century is characterized by natural materials (as, by the way, all styles in our selection), visual spaciousness, furniture with legs. Here you can use contrasting colors, choose wallpaper with geometric prints and abstract decor. But it is still desirable to make a light “background” for these accents.

It is convenient to add some Soviet furniture to the interior in this style in order to recreate the warmth associated with memories from childhood. 

6. Provence

6. 01 Provence

6. 02 Provence

6. 03 Provence

The atmosphere of the south of France – this is exactly the feeling that the Provence interior creates . In its pure form, it is rarely used today, it seems even too romantic, but its features can be brought into the interior to add summer warmth and freshness. Namely – textiles with floral prints, furniture with a time stamp (wood, metal), flowers, vintage decor, beams.