Christmas in traditional red, cozy white, fairy-tale decorations, colors of nature, or maybe all in shiny gold? This year, how will you decorate your home for Christmas? Christmas is a time that requires an exceptional setting. What decorations for the house or apartment should you choose? What colors should be combined to create festive decor?

Following are ideas for atmospheric decorations in 5 ways.

1. Christmas decorations – a classic in red

Red is a color that warms us up and is associated with love. It is a classic royal color that is always present in Christmas decorations and decorations on the festive table, for example, in Bethlehem star flowers.

Or maybe this year you will decide to enhance this color therapy and make red a leitmotif for Christmas decorations in your home or apartment? You can go crazy once a year! Bethlehem stars, plates decorated with Christmas decorations, including gifts, Christmas decorations, tablecloths, and even bedding. Everything seems to fit more together, and the house is getting warmer and more romantic.

Red can be combined classically with gold, white and green in Christmas decorations, but it also goes well with silver or navy blue.

2. White and cozy Christmas decorations for the home

The last snow outside the windows as if to remedy. How about wrapping your Christmas home in white as fluff Christmas decorations? Snow cutouts, paper rosettes, and stars suspended from the ceiling look beautiful, as well as flickering lights of Christmas tree chains, white porcelain, a cream version of the star of Bethlehem, impeccable tablecloths reign on the festive table. And on top of all this, a refreshing drop of red – there would be no real Christmas without it!

Greens, pearl gray, silver, and wooden ornaments also look beautiful with snow-white. You can place white candles in shiny lanterns and put a Christmas ornament of pine cones and green twigs on the table. The hall will be decorated with lanterns, and the handrails of the stairs will be decorated with paper baubles and lights. It will become magical at home!

3. Natural style Christmas decorations

Naturally, that is a lot of wood and light. Such holidays are familiar, a bit rural, but it does not mean that the house will not be elegant. You can create a cozy atmosphere thanks to simple Scandinavian-style decorations, natural fabrics, and Christmas decorations of twigs, cones, wood, or paper. Animal motifs, simple dishes, wicker wood baskets for the fireplace, candles made of natural wax are welcome. And the gifts? Packed in the gray paper, they look perfect in this environment.

4. Christmas decor – Christmas like from a fairy tale

The holidays are a magical time when fairy-tale characters seem to come to life. Surround yourself with mini-houses, dwarfs, nutcrackers, and let decorative angels fly around. Do not feel sorry for the lanterns; choose fun baubles that will decorate their rooms for Christmas with your children. Not everything has to hit the Christmas tree.

Windows, fireplaces, consoles, window sills are good places to arrange scenes like from Andersen. Get carried away by your fantasy to feel the magic of Christmas! 

5. Golden Christmas decorations

On Christmas Day, don’t feel sorry for gold, sequins, or glitter! You can combine all shades of gold in Christmas decorations. The noble metal is not one color at all. Let the warm colors that go to jars of honey blend with rose gold and cool tones similar to brass or platinum.

Be sure to put golden cutlery and accessories on the table. Gold looks elegant, not only with white. It looks exquisite with black, with powder pink – extremely feminine. It will also play beautifully with deep navy blue or emerald green. Let everything sparkle on the festive table: plates, cups, placemats, crystal glasses, etc. Also, don’t forget about flowers, cones, and Christmas tree branches. They are always welcome in the decorations of the Christmas table.

The brilliant contrast is raw wood and rich gold. Both sides benefit: gold emphasizes the nobility of wood, wood softens the glitter of gold. Plus accessories: gray paper packages, lanterns were pretending to be tree trunks, napkins tied with gray string. It isn’t easy to better reflect the atmosphere of winter.