The bedroom floor is the first thing you touch when getting out of bed. Let’s look at what the flooring should be like by touch, color, and characteristics and find the ideal interior material.

1. What to consider when choosing?

Before purchasing material for laying the floor in the bedroom, you should decide on the main selection criteria:

  • Style. Classic, for example, involves laying parquet from valuable wood species. And the modern one can quickly put up with imitation in the form of laminate or linoleum.
  • Environmental friendliness. In a sleeping room, this parameter is more relevant than in a kitchen or living room.
  • Tactility. Stepping barefoot on cold tiles in the morning is not just unpleasant but dangerous to health.
  • Ease of maintenance. It is worth considering in advance whether it will be easy to clean the floor covering and whether it will not accumulate dust between cleanings.
  • Laying method. Some coatings do not require perfect surface preparation; you can even apply them with your own hands. Others have special requirements for rough finishing and need a professional approach, which raises the cost of repairs.

2. The best types of flooring

There are many suitable options: we will analyze how they differ, what are the features, advantages, and disadvantages of each.


Perhaps the bedroom is one of the few in which you should not immediately sweep away the carpet. On the contrary, a covering with a pile will be very appropriate here.

Warmth, softness. Covering the floor with carpet is like laying a huge rug all over the room. Walking on such barefoot is extremely pleasant.Difficult care. A regular vacuum cleaner can handle bare dirt, but you will have to make an effort to remove the stain.
Soundproofing. It is impossible to stomp on the carpet – it means that one person will not wake up another, waking up early.Accumulation of dust and animal hair. This type of decoration is not for allergy sufferers – the primary indoor allergen literally “lives” in the villi.
Aesthetics. One of the few flooring that is stylish and cozy at the same time.
Wide range of. Types of carpets differ not only in color but also in texture.

Cork floor

Choosing the floor in the bedroom should not be limited to the classic options, which we will consider further. Please take a closer look at the unusual cork floor: especially since the benefits speak for themselves.

Eco-friendly. In the production, the regenerating bark of a tree is used (rather than cutting trees), the chips of which are glued together under a press without synthetic resins.Susceptible to deformation. The top layer can slip under the legs of furniture, sharp heels.
Elastic. The soft surface of the floor springs slightly, reducing the load on the spine when walking.They were demanding care. Like any natural floor covering, cork requires an additional protective coating, which must be renewed periodically.
Comfortable. The cork is pleasant to the touch, suitable for walking barefoot.You are not protected from the sun. The floor in a south-facing bedroom can discolor from exposure to UV light.
Hypoallergenic. Natural material does not cause allergic reactions.
Long-lasting. Serves 12-15 years on average.
Easy to clean. The cork surface does not attract dust, is easy to clean, and is not afraid of water.


One of the classic bedroom floorings is laminate. This material’s popularity is not coincidental.

Easy transportation. Unlike roll coverings, laminate packaging can be transported even in a car.Requires correct installation. To prevent the laminate from starting to creak or swell, the structure must be of high quality.
Variety of textures, patterns, colors. The choice of lamellas is practically unlimited.It was swollen from moisture. It is better not to choose it as a floor covering in bedrooms combined with bathrooms.
It increased wear resistance. Easily withstands loads from steps, furniture.Controversial environmental indicators. Laminate flooring is safe for indoor use, but the economy class can emit corrosive substances into the atmosphere.
Optimal price-performance ratio. No matter how the prices for laminate flooring may vary, it will be cheaper than solid wood flooring.


Classic parquet board is an exquisite choice for the bedroom floor, emphasizing the taste and status of the owners.

Environmental friendliness. The coating contains only natural materials.High price. You will have to pay from 54.60 USD for 1 square meter of durable coating.
Maintaining a microclimate. Natural wood absorbs excess moisture and releases it as the air dries, maintaining ideal humidity and temperature.Difficult care. From time to time, the surface needs to be coated with oil, wax, or varnish.
A variety of shades, textures, sizes. Parquet can be dark (oak, wenge, walnut), light (maple, beech), large or small.Low wear-resistant properties concerning scratches from furniture, heels.
The possibility of restoration. You can cycle individual boards up to 2 times and a solid array up to 7.
Long service life. Thanks to scraping, solid wood parquet can last up to 70 years, board – up to 20 years.


Anyone can cope with the technology of laying a rolled floor in the bedroom.

Hygiene. Due to the absence of joints, and it is easier to maintain cleanliness.They have limited styling options. While parquet can be laid along, across, diagonally, herringbone, linoleum can only be laid along or across.
A wide range of decorative designs. Different types of linoleum imitate wood, stone, tiles, concrete.Low level of environmental friendliness. Breathing in vapors from PVC flooring in the bedroom is not very helpful, especially at first, until the smell disappears.
Good price. Synthetic material will cost much less than analogs; natural linoleum is more expensive than artificial – but you can and should overpay for environmental friendliness in the bedroom.The likelihood of dents, cuts. Heavy furniture legs may leave marks on the floor.
Tactility. Linoleum is not as warm as carpet, but it is no less pleasant to walk on.

Wooden floor

An ordinary board will cost less than a parquet, although it looks the same: however, it will not be challenging to fit it into a modern interior (incredibly boho, scandi, province, country).

Variability of solutions. What will be the final finish depends only on you: cover with varnish, retaining the texture, paint in any color, draw patterns.Almost 100% chance of squeaks, cracks, fiber divergence.
Coziness. Wood is a warm material that can make any bedroom more comfortable.The impossibility of laying under a tree system underfloor heating.
Durability. Wood floors are easy to restore and will last for years with proper care.Laying work is a laborious process that requires skill.


Cold ceramics are an excellent choice for places like the bathroom or hallway, but what about the bedroom?

Extra strength. Ceramic flooring – a solution for the ages. Almost nothing is afraid, and it will last longer than laminate or wood.Additional costs for underfloor heating. Without a heating system, the space will turn out to be uncomfortable.
Large selection of colors, types of textures, patterns. For every taste and interior.Long, complicated styling process. It is preferable to delegate this task to skilled tilers.
Easy maintenance. It can be swept, vacuumed, washed by any means.Cost per square meter. Especially if you consider not only the material but also the price of floor preparation, specialist services.

Self-leveling floor

This exciting solution is recommended for those who want a floor for many years and are ready to pay for it.

The self-leveling floor is solid and durable. Wear-resistant and easy to clean (because of the lack of seams). Manufacturers have a large selection of self-leveling beds that differ in composition, color, service life.

The main disadvantage of this method is the difficulty of applying the finishing coat and the requirement for meticulous preparation. This implies a relatively high cost per square meter and a complex search for performers.

3. How to match the floor color?

To prevent the floor from looking alien, the shade should be combined with the rest of the decoration and objects in the room. There are three universal options:

  • Light.

White, sandy, gray – on the one hand, it looks easy and casual. On the other hand, it gets dirty quickly and does not suit all interior styles.

  • Medium.

The classic solution is a tree of medium saturation. Such a floor is non-marking, looks good with walls a few tones lighter.

  • Dark.

An impractical but effective way to decorate the floor. Not the best option for apartments with pets. Looks appropriate in a monochrome interior.

4. Can a warm floor be used?

Underfloor heating can completely replace heating in an apartment or house, but you should take into account the peculiarities of using this system:

  • heavy furniture (bed, wardrobe) should not be placed on the warm floor;
  • it is undesirable to lay carpet, natural wood covering over the heating system.

The advantages of underfloor heating are obvious: savings on heating, the ability to adjust the temperature in the bedroom, uniform heating.

  • Among the disadvantages are the high cost (electrical films, panels are more expensive than water panels), the complexity of installation and further repair (especially for screed floors), the impossibility of rearranging furniture in the room (the furniture plan must be set initially so that it does not put pressure on the heating system).

5. Beautiful design ideas

The first piece of advice concerns styling: in narrow bedrooms, the pattern is laid across. This technique visually expands the space. In squares, you can get an original effect by placing parquet or laminate lamellas diagonally.

The second thing you shouldn’t forget is the carpet. The rugs make the atmosphere more comfortable, homely while surpassing the rug in terms of practicality.

And the last option is the emphasis on the floor. A carpet with a bright pattern or an unusual painting of a wooden floor will help to attract attention – the main thing is that the reception looks harmonious in the interior.

When decorating a bedroom, remember: the floor material should be pleasant to the touch and only then wear-resistant, durable and practical.