Room For A Teenager

A teenager’s room is a place where a teenager must feel comfortable. It’s best if you listen to your child and arrange the room on its terms, smuggling only comfortable and functional solutions.

A youth room must first of all suit the preferences of a teenager. It should be kept in his favorite colors and based on his favorite motifs – after all, this is his space, and he will spend most of his time here.

Remember to focus on functionality and the exciting decor so that there is a place to study, relax, store the necessary things, books and clothes. Here are some suggestions for an interestingly arranged youth room for a teenager and a teenager.

1. A small youth room

Even a tiny youth room can be arranged to be comfortable and functional. What can help with this? It is worth considering the installation of cabinets and shelves up to the ceiling. The sliding bed, which will serve as a seat during the day, will also be perfect.

The size of the room can be optically increased by using the appropriate color tricks:

  • most of the walls should be light, 
  • if you decide to use a dark color, use it to paint only a part of the wall, e.g., a selected riser (this will optically increase the interior),
  • striped wallpaper will work great – the vertical ones optically widen, and the vertical ones extend the walls,
  • the floor should be darker than the walls.

2. A youth room for a girl

It happens that a teenager is so attached to baby pink that she does not want to grow out of it. In this case, apart from replacing a few pieces of furniture, the room does not require significant modifications.

White walls, wooden panels or parquet, and a metal bed are the perfect trio. Plus a few girly pictures or posters.

3. A youth room for a boy

Most of the youth rooms for boys are decorated in dark, subdued colors. The dominant colors are grays and blacks lightened with intense paint – red, green, yellow, or orange look great.

In a youth room for a boy, metal furniture will be perfect – a chair, desk, and cabinets, as well as decorative elements in the loft-style.

4. Furniture for a youth room

What furniture should be in a youth room? A bed, a desk, and several shelves and cabinets for storage. 


If the size of the room allows it, put on a large, comfortable bed  (after all, the life of a teenager is a lot of learning and socializing, your child needs to get enough sleep). A bed measuring 120 cm by 200 cm will be perfect. 


All you need is a worktop and a comfortable chair or swivel armchair. Above the desk, it is worth arranging a cork or magnetic board for all important notes. Drawers under the desk will also be helpful.

Storage furniture and wardrobe

Bookshelf and wardrobe. In addition, 2-3 cabinets for small items. Consider arranging the development right up to the ceiling – every place is worth its weight in gold.

5. Accessories for the youth room

Teenagers are divided into two groups – those who prefer minimalism and those who collect and surround themselves with many items. 


A lamp on a desk, a chandelier, and one standing lamp (or a wall lamp by the bed) are the minimum that should appear in a teenager’s room.

Pictures and posters

Most teenagers love to decorate walls. Pictures in thin frames or anti-frames will work great. They can also be attached with magnets or thumbtacks to a large whiteboard.

Wallpaper for a youth room

Wallpapers are back in favor. You can even find them in DIY stores – there are plenty of designs! Remember to wallpaper a maximum of two walls. Otherwise, the pattern will overwhelm the interior.