A kitchen with a living room

A kitchen with a living room is a great option not only for owners of small apartments. It will also work well in single-family houses and allow you to arrange a large dining room.

A kitchen-living room has many advantages. The essential thing is space and comfort of use. The factor that often decides about combining a kitchen with a living room is the area. The character and habits of the household members also play an essential role. 

1. A tiny kitchen in a block of flats with a living room

Arranging a small kitchen in a block of flats is a challenge. After all, the kitchen must be practical, and in a small space, it is challenging to combine all its functions.

How to arrange a small kitchen?  Start by planning out all the necessary utensils – every kitchen needs a fridge and hob, but not everyone uses a microwave or dishwasher. When arranging the interior, it is worth thinking outside the box – if your kitchen is tiny, give up a four-burner stove for a two-burner one – you will gain more space for a sink or a piece of worktop. 

Let kitchen cabinets reach the ceiling – every place is worth its weight in gold. Think about an additional pull-out worktop. If there is also a place for a table in a tiny kitchen in a block, let it be the one with a folding tabletop.

2. Kitchen with an island opens to the living room

This is one of the most frequently chosen solutions. A kitchen with an island has only advantages – the island is a worktop and a place to eat meals, and sometimes it also serves as a cooking or washing area.  

A kitchen with an island opens to the living room is an excellent solution for people who like to prepare meals together. It allows for complete integration with accompanying persons in the living room.

It is much easier to fit a table with chairs in open interiors – sometimes this is the only chance to find a dining room. 

3. Living room with kitchenette

A living room with a kitchenette is an ideal solution for small apartments. The standard living room size in a block of flats is about 20-22 m2, and a kitchen is about 8-10 m2 – after demolishing partition walls, we get a spacious space (usually much better lit), which can be arranged more efficiently and functionally. 

Why is it worth choosing a living room with a kitchenette? The main disadvantage of a separate kitchen is less spaciousness. Interiors, especially the small ones, can be overwhelming. They are less adjustable, and it is often difficult to find a corner for a table in them. 

Demolition of partition walls makes small kitchens, even though they do not increase their size, give the impression of spaciousness and increase the rooms’ arrangement

4. Loft kitchen with a living room

The loft-style is one of the most critical trends in interior design. It is characterized by cool, dark colors, elements of brick, wood, and metal.

An aloft kitchen combined with a living room is an excellent solution for minimalism and organized spaces lovers. The arrangement below uses matte black fronts, simple handles, and wooden tops. The interior is warmed by a rigid, white-painted floor and a brick wall. 

5. Kitchen with a living room – arrangements

We present three kitchen-living room arrangements – the first one is in a glamor style, the second one is in a modern style, and the third one is rustic.

Kitchen with a living room in a glamor style

The interior has three functions: a living room, a kitchen, and a dining room. It was based on three colors – white, gray, and black- perfectly complement each other. 

The space in the entire room has been used to the maximum – both the cabinets in the kitchen area and those in the dining room have been arranged up to the ceiling. Lighting is crucial in this interior (it always creates a mood) – a crystal chandelier, a lamp above the table, and modern lighting above the kitchen island.

Kitchen with a living room in a modern style

The duo of white and black is perfectly complemented by light wood, which warms this raw interior – the floor and some kitchen fronts are made of wood. 

The kitchen is only one row of cabinets with a worktop, but there is room for a roomy refrigerator and dishwasher.

Kitchen and living room in a rustic style

The rustic kitchen looks excellent in warm shades of brown and wood and whites and a total look version. In the arrangement in the photo below, the walls, kitchen fronts, curtains, and furniture in the living room are white. Additions are dark green plants and a few little things in a shade of pastel pink.