Christmas Decorations With House Flowers

Christmas plants are not only a Christmas tree and the star of Bethlehem. Ordinary potted plants can become them as soon as we decorate them ingeniously! Remember that Christmas decorations don’t have to be expensive at all. You can turn any home pot plant into a Christmas ornament in no time, and you don’t need a magic wand. All you want is a bit of creativity and a pinch of inspiration.

Take a look at the window sill and choose your favourite plant – the popular Phalaenopsis orchid, the blooming schlumbergera, snow-white cyclamen, peperomia, focuses … and any other ” housewarming ” orchid, without exception. Then, look for garden twigs, Christmas tree needles, a colourful bow, a Christmas chain, a figurine or a shiny Christmas ball. Use a new flower vase, old bowl or box. Sometimes all you need is a colourful pot cover, a gift box or a ribbon to conjure up the right mood. To work!

Potted plants: 5 ideas for Christmas decorations

The orchid 

It blooms with minor interruptions all year round, also in winter. It looks elegant in a festive outfit and can quickly become a Christmas decoration.

Take it gently out of the pot, don’t worry when some substrate comes off the roots. Gently move it and place it in a glass vase. Garnish with moss or raffia. In the same way, you can decorate other plants. 

Fig trees 

This tree is a popular household. They can be easily and quickly made an alternative to the Christmas tree.

Decorate the pot with cones and a woven star. You can also decorate the tree with hanging figurines, twinkling Christmas lights or a thick chain.


It also known as alpine violets, have their 5 minutes in winter. Fully flowering is second to none. Bielusieńkie flowers are associated with snow, unfortunately so rarely present at Christmas recently.

Plant a few specimens in a large bowl and add spruce needles that will fill the whole house with a festive aroma.


It has exceptionally decorative leaves that do not need any additional decorations.

Put the pot in the pot and the whole set in a paper box, add shiny baubles for contrast. This is enough to create a beautiful gift for a loved one. Instead of peperomia, you can use any other plant with decorative leaves – such as poinsettia, photonic or even zamiokulkas.


It is called the Christmas cactus for a reason, as it blooms for Christmas.

It’s a small plant, so put it in a tall casing. Emphasize the festive mood with a decorative homemade chain (or fluffy and shiny from the store) and wait patiently for beautiful flowers resembling stars.